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Fire in My Head
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Black Light Smoke Dec 06, 2018
Heat Flash /// Early sneak peak of my upcoming release on Nein Records /// Also debuting some new DIY video ideas /// #blacklightsmoke #NeinRecords #DeathDecayMagic #PostPunk #TechnoMusic #MinimalSynth
Black Light Smoke Nov 27, 2018
For episode 32 of the Death Decay Magic podcast series, MAN2.0 is back with another expert assault of techno, acid and minimal synth bangers. As part of the forces that are 44,100Hz Social Club and Nein Records, this gentleman is steeped in class as a serious techno music selector. Enjoy! #Techno #AcidHouse #DeathDecayMagic #minimalsynth #podcast #BlackLightSmoke #Industrial #EBM #ConsumeristTechno
Black Light Smoke Nov 23, 2018
In the studio with Black Light Smoke /// Check out my little tutorial on a technique I call "EQ Switching" /// If you want to give it a try I'd love to see what you come up with! #BLSeqswitching
Black Light Smoke Nov 23, 2018
Psyched to have made a mix for TRAM Planet Records' Tramcast. It's been great getting to know the techno heads here in Nashville. Thanks to Alex J Michalski for posting this. #techno #tramplanet #NashvilleElectronicMusic
Black Light Smoke Nov 14, 2018
Check out the latest episode from my podcast, Death Decay Magic no. 31 - Facsimile /// #minimalsynth #disco Facsimile (Tyler Jacobsen/ Roladex), as half the force behind Medical Records LLC (Seattle, Washington), is a purveyor of minimal synth, cosmic disco, wave (cold/new), dream/gaze pop, and futuristic music. DDM_031 is an excellent selection from that universe.
Black Light Smoke Nov 07, 2018
Live in Nashville /// dark and grainy kind of night /// projections by Tyler Jacobsen
Black Light Smoke Nov 05, 2018
Death Decay Magic /// #rolandtr #diy #lifehack #technomusic #synthesizers #synthpunk
Black Light Smoke Oct 16, 2018
Screws In My Head /// hardware rehearsal /// #nordlead #rolandTR8 #scissorandthread #blacklightsmoke #screwsinmyhead #techno #house #synth #synthesizer #synthwave
Black Light Smoke Oct 05, 2018
TBT /// Live at fabriclondon 2012 /// I was supposed to play a joint live set with Francis Harris that night - he had a family thing come up and next thing you know I'm playing at Fabric between Konrad Black and Mr.C. Recognize when you catch a break, and never forget who helped you get where you are. Life is crazy and short. #fabriclondon #liveset #ableton #kaosspad #rave #edm #DJlife #house #techno #blacklightsmoke #scissorandthread
Black Light Smoke Sep 29, 2018
Saturday night disco warm up ///
Black Light Smoke Sep 25, 2018
"Rainy Day" hardware version /// So much more fun this way /// #RoughCuts #ScissorAndThread #RolandTR8 #NordLead #OutOfTheBox #Acid #Techno #House
Black Light Smoke Aug 30, 2018
Black Light Smoke - FIREFLY /// Ether Vandross edit. Footage from video by Michel Mazza. Original featured in the movie The Bad Batch, along with Francis Harris /// Scissor and Thread Ana Lily Amirpour Léah Lazonick - Music #Firefly #DeathDecayMagic #EtherVandross
Black Light Smoke Aug 07, 2018
My Ether Vandross edit of Morning Comes feat. Léah Lazonick. Video by me - credit for the video footage to fabriclondon, Boiler Room and NYC at night. Also hear the track at Scissor and Thread Francis Harris
Black Light Smoke Jul 31, 2018
Death Decay Magic podcast series no. 30 presents Kevin Kendall's DJ mix of his own original house tracks: dusty, melodic, and they tell a story. Kevin is one of the few lonely voices of electronic music with me here in Nashville - so I'm always excited to showcase his work. All tracks and cover photo by Kevin Kendall. #DeathDecayMagic #BlackLightSmoke #DJMix #HouseMusic #DeepHouse
Black Light Smoke Jul 30, 2018
Black Light Smoke
Black Light Smoke Jul 30, 2018
INXS /// Need You Tonight /// Ether Vandross edit /// aka myself ///
Black Light Smoke Jul 29, 2018
CREEP /// edit by Ether Vandross (aka myself) /// find all my Radiohead edits at Death Decay Magic on soundcloud ///
Black Light Smoke Jul 24, 2018
Black Light Smoke Jul 10, 2018
DDM 029: Der Opium Queen (Berlin/Dublin) mixes up a journey of left-field burners - from a lush and spacey beginning all the way to a driving and trippy peak - keeping it earthy and unique the whole way.
Black Light Smoke Jun 20, 2018
Black Light Smoke - STEALING /// Exclusive from the Nein Records five year anniversary compilation, featuring some great artists /// congrats to Neil Parnell / Tronik Youth - here's to another five! ///
Black Light Smoke May 23, 2018
Death Decay Magic podcast series #28: Black Light Smoke's (Mostly) Old School House Mix /// plus a few original tracks and edits /// Enjoy ///
Black Light Smoke May 11, 2018
check out these new tracks from Kevin Buster aka Kevin Kendall. had fun doing a remix for this one. this guy has a sick sound. #housemusic #unique #notfestivalmusic #edmNashville
Black Light Smoke Mar 20, 2018
Death Decay Magic 027 /// Kirsty P brings another selection of deep, thoughtful electronic gems /// This one skews dark, tense and grimy, with surprising turns into the celestial /// She always brings it, this one is no exception /// #KirstyP #DeathDecayMagic #podcast #synthwave #coldwave #NoMoreTechHouseMixes Kirsty Pemberton
Black Light Smoke Mar 06, 2018
straight up jackin! /// #edit #remix #housemusic #jackshouse
Black Light Smoke Feb 13, 2018
a little peek behind the scenes in my new studio /// for hafendisko and my new EP Loving You!