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Black Lab Aug 15, 2019
hi everyone, i sent out this email last week, and thought i would post it here as well – kind of a 'what the hell is going on?' thing. Check it out here: miss you all!
Black Lab Jun 07, 2019
it’s always flattering and strangely moving when people cover our songs. check out these guys from russia, putting an otherworldly spin on ‘gravity.’ bewildering...
Black Lab May 16, 2019
hey peeps, i'm wanting to play a show in albuquerque the middle of the next month and am wondering what the best venue would be for a solo acoustic show. any suggestions? (why am i playing a show in albuquerque? it's complicated... i guess i just really like the way it's spelled). lemme know! thanks
Black Lab May 09, 2019
that time some local film students made a video for us. #TBT not bad!
Black Lab Feb 20, 2019
good morning, world...
Black Lab Feb 07, 2019
'This Night,' from our album Passion Leaves a Trace, featured in the trailer for season 6 of FX's The Shield.
Black Lab Feb 06, 2019
thinking of you all...
Black Lab Feb 04, 2019
good morning, black lab army. how have you been? ♥️
Black Lab Dec 20, 2018
i'm not sure if i posted this before, but it's always good for a laugh... me, michael, geoff & bryan messing around in the cold san francisco night, 1998. have a great holiday season, everyone — hope to see you in the new year! #TBT
Black Lab Nov 16, 2018
who knew?? 20 years of Your Body Above Me...
Black Lab Nov 08, 2018
Ohhhh, how I want to go back to London. And Dublin. And Atlanta... arghhhhh! #TBT
Black Lab Oct 04, 2018
Black Lab Sep 20, 2018
man i loved that night... #TBT black lab :: live acoustic at the mercury lounge get the download here: or the DVD/2CD set here:
Black Lab Aug 07, 2018
Interview w Andy about his solo album. Check it!
Black Lab Aug 06, 2018
just needed to hear it, nicole. thank you!
Black Lab Jul 04, 2018
I ♥️ LA
Black Lab Jul 02, 2018
hey everyone! collaborate with andy by shooting some footage of the coolest parts of your town and sending it to him for his new video for 'my town,' the next single from his solo album. rock!
Black Lab Jun 21, 2018
here's geoff's excellent interview with dave bianco, whose memory we're celebrating today. he produced and engineered 'your body above me,' and was an all around excellent dude. RIP.
Black Lab Jun 13, 2018
look what i just got! get yours and cd’s of andy’s killer new solo album at
Black Lab Jun 06, 2018
really digging andy's new solo record. hope you get a chance to hear it and buy it! <3 here's where: - iTunes - BandCamp (Physical CDs here) Spotify ?si=47qbshH9TdC9coasByhpMA - amazon
Black Lab Jun 03, 2018
pretty good time for a thursday nite in livingston.
Black Lab Jun 01, 2018
thanks karen
Black Lab May 31, 2018
do you remember when andy made the track for this and sent it to me and i got drunk and wrote and sang the whole thing that night? it was the first time that happened, but not the last. #TBT
Black Lab May 30, 2018
hey everyone, i'm super stoked about the new Andy Ellis solo record and hope everyone will check it out -- go like his facebook page and get CDs or stream the record at andy wrote this up for black lab fans and i wanted to post it here: Dear Black Lab Family, The best 18 years of my life have been spent as a member of Black Lab. It’s been an absolute privilege having you support the music Paul and I have made. It is solely because of you we have been able to grow as artists and make music together this long, and because of you Paul and I have no plans to stop making Black Lab music any time soon! Recently I was overtaken by a new inspiration, a calling to step up; it was music that had to come out, sounds I had to discover, songs I had to write, words I needed to say and ultimately sing; and now after years of sweat and soul-searching, the whole thing has finally come together - a solo album I can say I’m truly proud of! So I’m humbly asking that you to take a listen and come on this journey with me; check out the music, send me an email on my website telling me who you are or come hang out on my social media; maybe even share my videos while I go through the process of trying to get this album out across the world; maybe even buy a song or a CD or a poster. It is a rare gift to have people support your art at all much less support it for two decades, so for all of you I am truly grateful. Thank you and hope to see you around. Andy
Black Lab May 29, 2018
hey everyone, the day is here. andy has released his new electro-pop solo album and it sounds incredible, and NOW this excellent lyric/music video for my favorite song off the album, "wasteland." check it out, get the album at his bandcamp page, and glory in the wall of sound!!