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Guillotine Drama
Guilotine Drama
Sound of the Apocalypse
Black Bonzo
Black Bonzo Apr 26, 2016
Is there any interest in old BB merchendise? We have found some t-shirts, pins and badges. Give us a shout if you're interested. Rock on!!
Black Bonzo Oct 26, 2015
Here's the B-side of the Gin Lady single. Krauty and groovy!
Black Bonzo Oct 26, 2015
Check out the new Gin Lady single! For those of you who're into groovy and rootsy rock n roll👍
Black Bonzo Oct 01, 2014
Black Bonzo Apr 20, 2014
A fantastic tune written by Magnus that deserves to be played often and very loud! cheers!
Black Bonzo Jul 01, 2013
liste to the new Gin Lady album at Spotify and Itunes!
Black Bonzo Jun 06, 2013
What's the best Black Bonzo track in your opinion?
Black Bonzo Jun 06, 2013
Black Bonzo's cover photo
Black Bonzo Jun 02, 2013
A big thank you to all of you who keep uploading these things!
Black Bonzo May 27, 2013
the whole second singel now on spotify!
Black Bonzo May 24, 2013
Black Bonzo May 09, 2013
I think this guy deserves a big fat thumbs up for covering our song war machine!
Black Bonzo May 03, 2013
Dont miss out on this one!
Black Bonzo May 01, 2013
And of course Spotify!
Black Bonzo May 01, 2013
Make sure that you have a listen at the new single from GIN LADY! Now on iTunes
Black Bonzo Apr 12, 2013
Some news from Gin Lady!
Black Bonzo Apr 11, 2013
This one is taken in our old rehearsal room by Henrik Wiklund i believe?
Black Bonzo Apr 11, 2013
Promo Pic for Sound of the Apocalypse 2007 Foto: Hjalmar Hägglund
Black Bonzo Apr 09, 2013
The first singel from Gin Lady's upcoming release mothers ruin!
Black Bonzo Mar 23, 2013
A live performance of this jolly old tune cought on camera.
Black Bonzo Mar 13, 2013
Some of you might be interested to know that Gin Lady is done recording and mixing their upcomming release MOTHERS RUIN. A double album containing 17 kick ass tracks. It will be availeble on Vinyl!!! Nice huh? So be sure to check that out, release date not set but sometime in may. over & out!
Black Bonzo Mar 11, 2013
1004 likes! Nice to see that people still care even though black bonzo is no more, cheers everybody! =)