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Arabian Nights
A Bit of Light
The Japan Syndrome
The China Syndrome
Low-Speed Detonation
CSI: Appenzell
Bit-Tuner Jun 20, 2019
's cover photo
Bit-Tuner Jun 08, 2019
Looking forward to play at Rhizom Festival 2019🌚
Bit-Tuner May 27, 2019
Some time ago, i did a remix for Nuitunit. Finally it's released on bandcamp. Check it out & play it loud🏁
Bit-Tuner Feb 26, 2019
🍾Catch us live🔛This or next week🌪
Bit-Tuner Feb 15, 2019
🌪D.R.A.M.A.🖤Out now🔥
Bit-Tuner Jan 30, 2019
Thanks to all the supporters, voters, listeners and GDS.FM for this award! See you soon💛
Bit-Tuner Jan 09, 2019
🔥Arabian Nights is nominated for Best EP 2018! You can give a vote on the GDS.FM Website. Thanks💛
Bit-Tuner Jan 07, 2019
Bit-Tuner Nov 06, 2018
Dusty winds chasing staccato beats in the gleaming heat of Cairo. Pressurized into a continuous full hour live set, recorded live at Bend Sinister. Play it loud & join me on this trip!
Bit-Tuner Oct 10, 2018
🐣Still available💛 @OUS
Bit-Tuner Oct 03, 2018
👂1h27min58s of self-produced material (old & new), mixed and recorded live at Radio Bollwerk. Pump it up🔊
Bit-Tuner Sep 26, 2018
Oui, merci!
Bit-Tuner Sep 12, 2018
🕶️Take your time and have a listen👂
Bit-Tuner Sep 07, 2018
Happy Release Day! 🔥 These 40 minutes were recorded as a live performance based on field recordings & tapes from Cairo. Recorded live at Helsinkiklub, Zürich. All tracks written + performed by Marcel Gschwend Mastered by Adi Flück @ Central Dubs Graphic Design by Mathias Forbach / FICHTRE 🕵️‍♀️ Out now! Get your copy here (cassette and digital download)--> 💛
Bit-Tuner Aug 29, 2018
Photo by Tobi Siebrecht (
Bit-Tuner Aug 22, 2018
❄️Cold as ice (in the summer) Another new track with Andro A. Elhawy🎹, recorded at 100Copies Music in Cairo🌇🌡️
Bit-Tuner Aug 13, 2018
📢Out now! New collab with Andro A. Elhawy🎹, recorded at 100Copies Music in Cairo. Yalla!🎶✨
Bit-Tuner Aug 06, 2018
🚨Out now! New track with Islam Chipsy🎹, recorded at 100Copies Music in Cairo. Yalla!🔥
Bit-Tuner Jul 07, 2018
🥁🎻👂🏼1 Song für den Sommer🎤🌞🔊
Bit-Tuner Jul 01, 2018
🍭See you tonight for a late dj set in Montreux💜🔛🔊
Bit-Tuner Apr 28, 2018
Live at Kaserne Basel *Musik* Photo by Armin Büttner
Bit-Tuner May 30, 2018
Live at Baleinev Festival 2018 Photo by Damien Carnal
Bit-Tuner Apr 22, 2018
Merci Dachstock Reitschule & Kaserne Basel *Musik* for this 2 great nights with DJ KRUSH. It was a blast🔈
Bit-Tuner Apr 04, 2018