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Granulart Compilation #04
Statement (incl. Birth of Frequency RMX) [feat. Birth of Frequency]
Granulart Compilation #02
Granulart Compilation #01
Woman By My Side EP
Birth of Frequency Dec 11, 2018
Very happy and honored to listen my Induction's remix on te latest Resident Advisor podcast from Lux <3
Birth of Frequency Dec 04, 2018
Memories from Cabaret Aleatoire
Birth of Frequency Nov 29, 2018
Tchak, tchak, tchak πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯
Birth of Frequency Nov 20, 2018
I made a playlist on Spotify. I'll try every week or two weeks too add some tracks following my mood. Techno, UK, electro, trip hop, hip hop, ambient and many more style.... All that I love πŸ•Ίβ€ πŸ“Έ my homie ZBK #birthoffrequency #playlist #weeklyplaylist #spotify #techno #uk #ambient #music #mood #lrn #zbk
Birth of Frequency Nov 19, 2018
Hi There. Here's the snippet of my forcoming remix for the newcomer Benabou! This time I tried to do something more deep and quiet. My definition at the moment of my "mood of the machines". Hope you'll like it!!!
Birth of Frequency Nov 13, 2018
Was a crazy night last friday Cabaret Aleatoire for Seconde Nature. Great vibe and powerful crowd. High level set from Peter Van Hoesen πŸš€β€
Birth of Frequency Nov 09, 2018
On my way to Marseille, Cabaret AlΓ©atoire tonite with Peter Van Hoesen. New album from Objekt in my ears. High level, wonderdul! Exited like a child πŸš€β€πŸ‘Ά
Birth of Frequency Nov 08, 2018
Cabaret Aleatoire asked me a playlist. Inside : ambient, UK, techno and many more stuff that I very very like at the moment... See you tomorrow nigh! Just one little mistake Peter Van Hoesen - Cygnus Attratus forcoming on Lavibe and one oversight Voiski - Simorgh In Persia's Sky forcoming on Dolly
Birth of Frequency Nov 02, 2018
Hunting board
Birth of Frequency Oct 25, 2018
Birth of Frequency Oct 20, 2018
Fabulous mix, recorded at Organik Festival last year, from my homie Voiski for our seventh LRN Series. Make some noise for this genius!!!!! Soundcloud : YouTube :
Birth of Frequency Oct 12, 2018
On my way to Lille Magazine Club tonight. Fresh stuff recorded!
Birth of Frequency Oct 08, 2018
Last friday with my man ZBK we were on Rinse France for our first LRN Series show. For those who want to listen or listen's!!!!!
Birth of Frequency Oct 04, 2018
Tomorrow evening with my homie ZBK will do our first LRN Series show on Rinse Fm, France! Catch us to 10:00 AM till 00:00 πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
Birth of Frequency Oct 01, 2018
Birth of Frequency Sep 24, 2018
Awesome vibe for my first all night long on the Concrete woodfloor! 7h of pure hapiness 😍😍😍
Birth of Frequency Sep 22, 2018
On my way to Paris, CONCRETE tonite with DVS1, Deniro and my homie Benales. Getting ready for my all night long on the woodfloor!!!! BAM BAM BAM!!!
Birth of Frequency Sep 18, 2018
In this Labyrinth week, this new LRN Series opus from ENA is perfect. The japanese producer made an incredible mix, stray out from the Tokyo streets. Close the eyes and you will be with Rick Deckard! πŸ—»YouTube : πŸ—»Soundcloud :
Birth of Frequency Sep 13, 2018
Marathon session... Gonna be great! True honor for me, to play all night long on the CONCRETE's woodfloor! Come early to trip with me on ambient, hip hop, house, techno, electro, UK...and many more music style <3
Birth of Frequency Sep 10, 2018
Saturday at Suicide Circus Berlin was a very great night. Lovely to seeing people dancing on many music style during set. The feeling was wonderful for me. And don't forget : make love, listen music and FUCK WARS!
Birth of Frequency Sep 08, 2018
On my way to Berlin, Suicide Circus Berlin tonite!
Birth of Frequency Sep 07, 2018
Hell yeah! 🀘🀘🀘
Birth of Frequency Sep 03, 2018
Thanks Exodia festival. It was a lot of fun! Next Stop : Suicide Circus Berlin on saturday Closing track : Skee Mask - Rev8617
Birth of Frequency Aug 31, 2018
On my way to Exodia festival... catch me from 00:00 till 02:00 🀘🀘🀘
Birth of Frequency Aug 28, 2018
LRN Series Time. That time we hosting Luigi Tozzi for a pure ambient /IDM mix, recorded at Freqs of Nature Festival. Dreamlike trip of 1h38. Perfect to chill before to go back to work! Youtube : Soundcloud :