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Flight Patterns
Birds of Paradise May 25, 2019
Check out this awesome video from the set at Earth Frequency Festival this year! Big thanks to Amir Weiss (Transformational Eye) for capturing the moment, and putting together this sweet video. The song featured in the video is something i've been working on, and is not released yet. Also, humble gratitude to the amazing dancers that shared the stage! Bek Kelly, Sarah Moulton , and Shelly Bee ! It was great to be back in Australia, love you all so much. Thank you all for having me out again. It really makes me happy to share my music with you all.
Birds of Paradise Feb 11, 2019
Birds of Paradise Feb 05, 2019
This Saturday!
Birds of Paradise Jan 31, 2019
Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise Jan 24, 2019
2 weeks away until our Australian summer adventures begin. Looking forward to reconnecting with the amazing land and family, and sharing some new material. 🤙🤙 # Earth Frequency Festival # Where The Wild Things Are Music & Arts Festival
Birds of Paradise Jan 07, 2019
The 100th release for Merkaba Music. A stunning comp of 40 songs that spans most of the labels vibes and diversity. New Birds of Paradise tune plus 39 other amazing songs by artists like Kalya Scintilla, STAUNCH, Ganga Giri, Mystral, Tribone, SeaMoon, Mandala Affect, and heaps more.
Birds of Paradise Sep 13, 2018
Earth Frequency Festival just released this bill for 2019, and it is looking good! Looking forward to getting down there and blastin with all y'all freeqs.
Birds of Paradise Jul 06, 2018
New Kaya Project remix album out now. Tons of great artists including a remix from Birds of Paradise. 🤩
Birds of Paradise Jul 03, 2018
Salt lake city tomorrow night! Will be landing in tomorrow to share some new music featuring some live medicine hip hop collaborations with Aum Prakash. Then Boulder, CO. on the 5th! Below is the event link for that one. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and new, and blasting these awesome songs.
Birds of Paradise Jun 28, 2018
Check out this interview about the upcoming show with Aum Prakash in Colorado. Thanks Yash Akasha! Looking forward to jamming with you all July 5th :D
Birds of Paradise May 22, 2018
Birds of Paradise will be filling in for Hedflux this weekend at Final Fridays event in Denver. Enter the page, and follow their instructions for a chance to win free tickets!
Birds of Paradise May 20, 2018
Due to questionable weather, the We Present: Ode 4 Earth w/ Emalkay, Ivy lab, Dimond Saints show will be moving to an indoor venue. They are hosting a very limited 75 cap, 15$ event at the boom room. If you bought tickets, they are giving you the first opportunity at snagging one up. Check your email. Time slots and other things are gonna be moved around.
Birds of Paradise Apr 14, 2018
Excited to be playing Ode 4 Earth in Philadelphia at the One Art Community Center this year. High culture, workshops, fire spinning, all the extras! Tickets are moving quickly though, grab yours asap and see you May 19th! -->
Birds of Paradise Feb 07, 2018
Greetings my friends. Torin here, reaching out to let you all know I've recently launched my new website for Ascended Mastering. Have a look at the site for information on both Stereo and Stem Mastering services, and please feel free to connect with any questions you may have or to begin work on a project. My primary goal is to cultivate long term relations built on trust and confidence around the shared vision of incredible sounding music 🔥 I'm officially open for business and taking on new clients, I look forward to working with you.
Birds of Paradise Jan 26, 2018
BIRDS OF PARADISE - Eternal Recurrence (Official Music Video) by Julius Horsthuis 2018
Birds of Paradise Jan 25, 2018
Yesterday Julius Horsthuis was interviewed by Discovery Channel for Daily Planet about our music video. It contains some interesting information about fractals and his workflow!
Birds of Paradise Jan 23, 2018
Birds of Paradise Jan 18, 2018
We are excited to present this beautiful audio-visual journey with you all. This amazing fractal world is created by the talented Julius Horsthuis, and set to an edit of our new song 'Eternal Recurrence'. Big thanks to Julius, absolutely loving it.
Birds of Paradise Jan 07, 2018
Cacao Convergence Guatemala, happening next week! Looking forward to returning to this magical cacao land to learn, enjoy cacao, and dance.
Birds of Paradise Dec 21, 2017
Re:Fresh Thursdays Tomorrow! ~Nevada City~ This Thursday w Birds of Paradise, Psy-Fi & more Next Thursday w CloZee , sAuce, YoHm & Adam Rhythmstar
Birds of Paradise Dec 20, 2017
Nevada City, This Thursday! Headed down for some fun Solstice get down.
Birds of Paradise Dec 06, 2017
Enter to win 2 free tickets. Click on the Cosmic Convergence Festival link below.
Birds of Paradise Dec 04, 2017
Less than a month to Cosmic Convergence Festival. Looking forward to getting to the lake, and back to the sun.
Birds of Paradise Nov 01, 2017
Returning again to Cacao Convergence in Guatemala. Looking forward to full cacao submersion with cacao ceremonies, music, and fun stuff on a 1000 acre cacao farm.
Birds of Paradise Aug 17, 2017
FREE MUSIC! @TheUntz has partnered with SUBPAC to release a monthly premiere track for it's FEEL SUBPAC program. We gave them an exclusive track called "Secrets of the Banyan Tree" and it's a Free Download here: #FEELBASS