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Billy Talent Aug 13, 2019
To all the musicians out there! We’re happy to announce that we will be putting up some of our gear up for sale on We have a lot of great stuff with a lot of history up on the site including equipment that we have toured with over the years and used in rehearsal and recording as well. If you are interested in checking out what we have then go to our store at
Billy Talent Aug 09, 2019
We’re thrilled to take part in Artists for Sudan, a coming together of some of Canada’s best artists in reimagining U2’s classic “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to raise awareness of the current crisis in Sudan. The country rests on a precipice of democracy and dictatorship. Let’s use the power of music to help the people of Sudan towards freedom. Listen /download on your favorite digital platform: All proceeds raised through downloads and streams will be donated to Human Rights Watch Canada.
Billy Talent Aug 08, 2019
Killing time after sound check. #TBT #waitforit
Billy Talent Jul 23, 2019
Happy B Day to the one that keeps it all together. The back bone of the band. Love you so much brother. Ps you’re 44 not 45
Billy Talent Jul 22, 2019
It was one year ago today that our city was changed forever. Today we remember the victims, the first responders, the friends and families, our local communities and our city. Holding you all close to hearts. #DanforthStrong #TorontoStrong
Billy Talent Jul 20, 2019
Here is a bad ass cover of Fallen Leaves by Vicky Fates (drummer). Awesome job Vicky!!! #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent Jul 18, 2019
Footage from a massive show we did in Poland a long time ago. Crowd was amazing. #tbt
Billy Talent Jul 11, 2019
#TBT. Here is some footage of our video shoot for Surprise Surprise. Everything was shot at the Canadian War Plane Museum in Hamilton. footage shot by MODERN HOBO
Billy Talent Jul 05, 2019
Ian and Jonny laying down bed tracks for "Runnin' Across the Tracks" at Armoury Studios #fbf #flashbackfriday
Billy Talent Jul 01, 2019
Happy Canada Day!!! Here are some pics of a rainy Canada Day show we did in Quebec a couple years ago. Enjoy each other. Be safe. 📷: Dustin Rabin Photography #HappyCanadaDay #festivaldetedequebec
Billy Talent Jun 28, 2019
"Aaron recording "Crooked Minds" from Dead Silence @armourystudios. #TBT
Billy Talent Jun 26, 2019
Hey friends, War Child Canada has been operating in Sudan for fifteen years, supporting children and their families on the frontline of the conflict in Darfur. For over a decade they've been providing children with clean water to drink so they do not get sick, families with the tools and skills necessary to earn a living -- so they can lift themselves out of poverty and ensure their children have food to eat, and programs that train mediators to reduce tensions amongst communities and build bridges between rival factions. Please donate if you can, any donation amount is helpful.
Billy Talent Jun 23, 2019
A beautiful day for a parade! #PrideToronto2019 #Pride
Billy Talent Jun 14, 2019
Today is a two for one! Thanks Sean Sams for playing this with yourself. #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent Jun 14, 2019
In the control room at The Factory in Vancouver recording the bridge to Try Honesty on drums. #TBT
Billy Talent Jun 11, 2019
Game 5… Who’s ready?
Billy Talent May 29, 2019
Billy Talent
Billy Talent May 23, 2019
Always an honour to sing a Canadian classic with a Canadian Legend The Jim Cuddy Band. Thank you CBC Music. BlueRodeo
Billy Talent May 21, 2019
Today Toronto, Canada and the entire rock and roll world lost a true legend and icon but today I lost a dear friend. Bookie was the kindest soul I ever met and a power point in my universe. There will never be another and I’ll miss ya forever. See ya down the road Cookie face. - Ben
Billy Talent May 17, 2019
Having trouble deciding which of our songs to cover? Why not do them all! Thanks Alex Hook for this 53 song mash up 🤘 If you have a Billy Talent cover you want us to see tag it with #btfantasticfriday! Watch the full video here:
Billy Talent May 16, 2019
Last summer a photographer from Frankfurt/Germany named Per Schorn per schorn fotografie asked us to be part of The Photo Booth Project. The idea was each band member gets 4 pictures taken and the whole band has 4 pictures taken together. Just like a classic photo booth. Every shot gets used. It was up to us how we wanted to act in front of the camera. Here are a few pictures from that day. Check out to see all the other bad ass bands that have been involved. Truly some amazing pictures.
Billy Talent May 10, 2019
Love how their voices sound for this song. Follow leturheartsing on YouTube! #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent May 09, 2019
This is an old video of Ian playing This Suffering on acoustic for us for the first time. #tbt #thissuffering
Billy Talent May 06, 2019
Little known fact. The accordion was first patented on this day May 6th, in 1829. A meager 190 years ago today. So happy #WorldAccordionDay everyone! In honor of the squeezebox we would like to take a moment to recognize this fantastic cover of #ThisSuffering by Accordion.Simon on a Hohner Music. Watch the full video here 👉
Billy Talent May 04, 2019
Here’s an incredible cover of #FallenLeaves on bass by Arkadiy Kolenda #btfantasticfriday Watch the full video here: