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Dead Silence
Afraid of Heights
Billy Talent - 10th Anniversary Edition
Billy Talent - 10th Anniversary Rarities
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Billy Talent III (Special Edition)
Billy Talent III
666 Live
Billy Talent II
Billy Talent
Billy Talent Feb 05, 2019
The Dirty Nil
Billy Talent Jan 30, 2019
I am heading up to Prince Edward County this weekend to be part of The Drake Hotel Barn Burner! All money and proceeds raised go to Community Food Centres Canada. A fun event for a great cause. More info below! - Ben
Billy Talent Dec 20, 2018
As this year comes to an end we just wanted to take a second to say thank you. Thank you so much for being part of the TOronto TOgether show. It was one of the most magical, moving and memorable nights of our lives and one that we'll never forget. We are truly blessed to be part of a community filled with, not only the best artists and musicians in the world, but the most kind and compassionate and selfless and caring people we've ever met. Thank you for inspiring us and for filling peoples hearts when they needed it most. -B
Billy Talent Dec 08, 2018
A HUGE thank you to our amazing fans and Spotify for 100 million streams. That’s a wrap 2018! #2018ArtistWrapped
Billy Talent Dec 06, 2018
The very first tour of the US that we ever did was opening for The Buzzcocks in 2003. We were terrified. These were legends and seminal and integral in the punk rock world and our sound but we learned quite quickly that above and beyond all that, they were kind and generous and accepting of these 4 kids who were green and not well versed in the art of touring. It was a hard tour in a lot of ways as it's always hard going on before icons as the crowd wasn't really keen on giving the opening band a lot of love but we endured and learned a lot about the art of being the opening band. We took away so much from that tour and still reference it to this day. We had a ton of laughs and have a ton of stories and a ton of amazing memories and It's safe to say that we are forever indebted to them and wouldn't be the same band without that tour and their music. The only way for us to show our respect and to thank them was to cover one of their songs which we did years afterwards. We want to send our love and condolences to the band and to their families. Rest in peace Pete Shelley and thank you for being so kind to us and showing us the ropes and for the songs that we'll listen to forever.
Billy Talent Dec 01, 2018
Hey Guys, Our long-time photographer, Dustin Rabin, has some great shots of us and others that he’s selling online for one week only. If you’re interested, check them out here: #8x10sale
Billy Talent Nov 29, 2018
#tbt Winter is coming - courtesy of BTV!
Billy Talent Nov 27, 2018
We support MusiCounts and want to encourage you to give back this holiday season and put instruments into the hands of kids who need them most. For every donation made, MusiCounts will send a paper ornament and holiday card to a recipient of your choice! Happy holidays!
Billy Talent Nov 27, 2018
For the day 1 fans - enjoy the "Deep Cuts" playlist on Spotify!
Billy Talent Nov 25, 2018
LAST DAY! Today is your one last shot at getting FREE Shipping and a FREE Billy Talent Wristband from our store on all orders over $25. Go grab some of your favorites before the weekend's up!
Billy Talent Nov 24, 2018
ICYMI, you can get FREE Shipping and a FREE Billy Talent Wristband (pictured here) on all orders over $25! This deal is only good for this weekend, so get yours now!
Billy Talent Nov 23, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE! This weekend only, get FREE Shipping and a FREE Billy Talent Wristband for all orders over $25. Go get yours here!
Billy Talent Nov 22, 2018
#tbt Back to the "Afraid Of Heights" studio sessions! Got a favorite off the album?
Billy Talent Nov 21, 2018
Happy Birthday to most inspiring, strong, kind, compassionate fella in the world.
Billy Talent Nov 20, 2018
Listen to Billy Talent's "Deep Cuts" playlist - classics hand-picked by the band for you!
Billy Talent Nov 11, 2018
Today we remember all the men and women that gave everything so we can have something. Take a second to think of them. To thank them. Let us learn from the past so we don't make the same mistakes in the future.
Billy Talent Nov 09, 2018
Watch a behind the scenes video for the making of "1234" with Emigrate!
Billy Talent Oct 30, 2018
Want to wish our brother Ian a very happy birthday. Much love to the best guitar player out there. 📷 Tyler Branston
Billy Talent Oct 22, 2018
Check out the video for Emigrate’s song, “1234”, featuring Ben and Ian.
Billy Talent Oct 19, 2018
Just want to say thank you to Richard from Rammstein for asking me to part of his solo project Emigrate. 1234, is a banger and the first time I heard it I knew I wanted to sing on it. Turned out pretty bad ass I think! Listen loud.
Billy Talent Oct 18, 2018
Watch out for the vid premiere of the first track of the upcoming Emigrate album "A Million Degrees" #emigrate #amd #amilliondegrees #billytalent #1234
Billy Talent Oct 18, 2018
In celebration of Canada's landmark legislation making Cannabis completely legal in Canada; here is a collection of Marijuana themed tunes to rock as you blaze!
Billy Talent Oct 16, 2018
We are so pleased to be part of the 14th Annual Andy Kim Christmas Concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. It's gonna be a wonderful night with amazing artists for a great cause.
Billy Talent Oct 15, 2018
Huge thank you to Die Toten Hosen for having us this weekend. You guys are all class acts and the shows were amazing. Thank you.
Billy Talent Oct 15, 2018
Get going this week with our "All The Picks" playlist on Spotify! Over 60 tracks hand-picked by the band 🎸