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Billy Talent Jun 14, 2019
Today is a two for one! Thanks Sean Sams for playing this with yourself. #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent Jun 14, 2019
In the control room at The Factory in Vancouver recording the bridge to Try Honesty on drums. #TBT
Billy Talent Jun 11, 2019
Game 5… Who’s ready?
Billy Talent May 29, 2019
Billy Talent
Billy Talent May 23, 2019
Always an honour to sing a Canadian classic with a Canadian Legend The Jim Cuddy Band. Thank you CBC Music. BlueRodeo
Billy Talent May 21, 2019
Today Toronto, Canada and the entire rock and roll world lost a true legend and icon but today I lost a dear friend. Bookie was the kindest soul I ever met and a power point in my universe. There will never be another and I’ll miss ya forever. See ya down the road Cookie face. - Ben
Billy Talent May 17, 2019
Having trouble deciding which of our songs to cover? Why not do them all! Thanks Alex Hook for this 53 song mash up 🤘 If you have a Billy Talent cover you want us to see tag it with #btfantasticfriday! Watch the full video here:
Billy Talent May 16, 2019
Last summer a photographer from Frankfurt/Germany named Per Schorn per schorn fotografie asked us to be part of The Photo Booth Project. The idea was each band member gets 4 pictures taken and the whole band has 4 pictures taken together. Just like a classic photo booth. Every shot gets used. It was up to us how we wanted to act in front of the camera. Here are a few pictures from that day. Check out to see all the other bad ass bands that have been involved. Truly some amazing pictures.
Billy Talent May 10, 2019
Love how their voices sound for this song. Follow leturheartsing on YouTube! #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent May 09, 2019
This is an old video of Ian playing This Suffering on acoustic for us for the first time. #tbt #thissuffering
Billy Talent May 06, 2019
Little known fact. The accordion was first patented on this day May 6th, in 1829. A meager 190 years ago today. So happy #WorldAccordionDay everyone! In honor of the squeezebox we would like to take a moment to recognize this fantastic cover of #ThisSuffering by Accordion.Simon on a Hohner Music. Watch the full video here 👉
Billy Talent May 04, 2019
Here’s an incredible cover of #FallenLeaves on bass by Arkadiy Kolenda #btfantasticfriday Watch the full video here:
Billy Talent May 01, 2019
Pretty awesome that the WDR Funkhausorchester Köln performed #Surrender in Cologne Philharmonic Hall. Check out the whole performance:
Billy Talent Apr 26, 2019
Check out this awesome guitar cover of Devil on my Shoulder by Alex Schmeia See the full video at #DevilOnMyShoulder #btfantasticfriday
Billy Talent Apr 25, 2019
Laying down bed tracks for Worker Bees. #TBT
Billy Talent Apr 18, 2019
Mixing "This Suffering" with CLA in 2005. #TBT
Billy Talent Apr 17, 2019
Back in 2003 the four of us accomplished the dream. We released our first major label record and had been doing a ton of touring in Canada. We got the call to be main support in the US for the #buzzcocks. We jumped in the van and did our first tour of America opening for one of the most legendary punk bands on the planet. We learned a ton from those guys. Today would have been Pete Shelley’s birthday. We were sad to hear of his passing late last year. Happy Birthday Pete! We will always have your music. We hope you’re playing music wherever you are in the universe. #peteshelley
Billy Talent Apr 12, 2019
Thank you to the guitarwrist for this opportunity!
Billy Talent Apr 12, 2019
Here is an amazing piano cover of #CureForTheEnemy by IMystii. Go follow her on youtube. She has some other incredible covers and she doesn't use sheet music. Played by ear! #BTFANtasticFriday
Billy Talent Apr 11, 2019
Let’s do this! Go Leafs Go! Toronto Maple Leafs
Billy Talent Apr 10, 2019
Just sharing a little skate video that Ryan Sheckler made back in 2007.
Billy Talent Apr 05, 2019
We see a ton of really great covers coming from you guys. We want to start recognizing these and sharing them with you all... here’s the first one! #VikingDeathMarch #BTFANtasticFriday
Billy Talent Apr 04, 2019
Remembering that time we played Festival d'été de Québec and we got a big surprise the following day. #TBT
Billy Talent Mar 28, 2019
Jonny laying down Voices of Violence at The Factory in Vancouver, 2003. #tbt
Billy Talent Mar 21, 2019
Remembering when Ian lost his hat. #tbt