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Billie Myers Jul 23, 2018
This popped up today on FB .. caught a little off guard , I listened with fresh ears and I was reminded why it’s still one of my personal favs ... thank you to @deeadam & @timfrasor @janedobbins for bringing it to life ..:
Billie Myers Jun 05, 2018
Lol.. blast from a much younger past!
Billie Myers Apr 08, 2018
Dear religious right ...When the man upstairs paints a rainbow of love over Miami Gay Pride ... it’s safe to say that ‘Trumps all’ just sayin’ xxxx
Billie Myers Feb 06, 2018
Ok kids if your offended by profanity - don’t get upset - please don’t this video ... this. Is priceless
Billie Myers Jan 01, 2018
Oh bless her!! Have to admit this is pretty similar to me and Siri!
Billie Myers Dec 25, 2017
Happy Christmas!! Hope everyone celebrating has a wonderful day!
Billie Myers Dec 24, 2017
Now there's real Christmas spirit!
Billie Myers Dec 21, 2017
From the heartbreak of Kiss The Rain to something far more Wonderful. Here's hoping your holiday season is as wonderful as you! 🎄🎅🏻💌😘
Billie Myers Dec 16, 2017
What's yours?
Billie Myers Dec 15, 2017
I could do with a neck rub myself 😂😂
Billie Myers Dec 13, 2017
Still one of my most favourite Christmas ads ever!! Love the Spice Girls!
Billie Myers Dec 12, 2017
About sums it up!!
Billie Myers Dec 11, 2017
I can totally get behind her Christmas wish!
Billie Myers Dec 10, 2017
Definitely worth sharing this vital information!
Billie Myers Dec 06, 2017
“The Silence Breakers”...Huge respect to all those who have shared their stories with the world. Such courage , such bravery.
Billie Myers Dec 04, 2017
Oh god this is me! Anyone else?
Billie Myers Nov 29, 2017
I like this way of looking at life's bumps in the road. How about you?
Billie Myers Nov 29, 2017
Gently, gently....
Billie Myers Nov 28, 2017
Having a tough day? Here's four puppies on a swing to make it a little better. You're welcome...
Billie Myers Nov 27, 2017
How much more beautiful would the world be if everyone followed this rule!
Billie Myers Nov 24, 2017
Couldn't agree more..
Billie Myers Nov 04, 2017
Such a heartbreaking story, but one that is too often heard. Take the time this weekend to reach out to someone you care about. You never know what they might be going through and you could just save a life
Billie Myers Nov 01, 2017
Fingers crossed!
Billie Myers Oct 30, 2017
This is making me laugh far more than it should!
Billie Myers Oct 24, 2017
Not always the easiest advice to follow, but very true!