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Bill Withers Oct 01, 2018
VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Bill Withers – ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’
Bill Withers Jul 06, 2018
Bill Withers Jul 04, 2018
Happy birthday to Bill Withers! Which of his songs will you listen to on this lovely day?
Bill Withers Jun 29, 2018
Crank up the volume and get the summer party started with the Now That's Music! Summer Fun playlist featuring “Lovely Day.” Add the playlist to your Apple Music library today:
Bill Withers Apr 23, 2018
Released this week in 1973, Bill Withers’ ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’ featured stirring concert renditions of favorites from his first two albums, including “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Lean On Me,” “Grandma’s Hands” and “Use Me,” plus the powerful anti-war song “I Can’t Write Left Handed.”
Bill Withers Mar 19, 2018
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Jan 22, 2018
Did you ever see Bill Withers in concert?
Bill Withers Nov 06, 2017
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Sep 05, 2017
Forty-five years later, Bill Withers is still right: we all need somebody to lean on. This 1974 appearance on ‘Soul Train’ features one of his most iconic tunes:
Bill Withers Jul 08, 2017
“I'm a stickler for saying something the simplest possible way with some elements of poetry. Simple is memorable.” -Bill Withers, whose simple, memorable “Lean On Me” topped the Billboard Hot 100 45 years ago today.
Bill Withers Jul 04, 2017
Happy birthday to Bill Withers! What’s your favorite song of his?
Bill Withers May 12, 2017
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Mar 20, 2017
Happy International Day of Happiness! Hear your favorite feel-good hits in this playlist:
Bill Withers Feb 21, 2017
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Bill Withers Feb 15, 2017
So saddened by the passing of Al Jarreau. Didn't see him a lot but each time I did was special. I loved him. I hope he knew that. Sweet, Sweet Man and a great Artist. Rest in the arms of God old buddy.
Bill Withers Dec 29, 2016
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Nov 11, 2016
Listen now to a playlist by U.S. Army Veteran Nathan Kalwicki, featuring Bill Withers' "Lean on Me."
Bill Withers Oct 26, 2016
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Oct 18, 2016
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Oct 06, 2016
Legacy Recordings
Bill Withers Aug 04, 2016
Check out this 1981 recording and compare it to today's political discourse!
Bill Withers Jul 05, 2016
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Bill Withers Jul 03, 2016
Thank you Joy Reid for sending early birthday wishes!
Bill Withers Jun 27, 2016
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Bill Withers Jun 14, 2016
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