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West Kirby County Primary (Bonus Track Version)
A Bad Wind Blows in my Heart
If ... (Bonus Track Version)
Bill Ryder-Jones at Whelan's (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Whelan's (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones at Paradiso Kleine Zaal (February 26, 2019)
Venue: Paradiso Kleine Zaal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones and Bill at Point Ephémère (February 27, 2019)
Venue: Point Ephémère (Paris, France) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones at Bogen F (March 1, 2019)
Venue: Bogen F (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones at Kantine am Berghain (March 3, 2019)
Venue: Kantine am Berghain (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones at Nochtwache (March 4, 2019) (CANCELLED)
Venue: Nochtwache (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones at Bogen F (April 11, 2019)
Venue: Bogen F (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 14, 2019
New tees for tour. YAWN. Be online in 2 weeks time too. In black and white.
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 08, 2019
We've had to move the Zurich date to 11th April, I'm really sorry if this knackers up anyone's plans
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 06, 2019
Sadly due to circumstances beyond my control we're having to pull the Hamburg show. Im sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it......for a multitude of reasons. Also now playing a piano and cello set in berlin. Bill x
Bill Ryder-Jones Feb 01, 2019
First of a few festival shows this summer.
Bill Ryder-Jones Jan 29, 2019
Bill Ryder-Jones Jan 23, 2019
Ok let's all stop messing about and pick up the remaining tickets to my tour. It's basically gonna be the same as seeing me last year but I've shifted a few pounds and Liam has a new guitar.
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 30, 2018
I know im not the most strong and stable of people but I do have an issue with the press glamourising people like myself with issues and the struggles that ensue. David Cavanagh, who wrote the piece on me in Q Magazine passed away this week and I was genuinely moved by his tact and beautiful words. I'd say it's my favourite article written about me and my life. He was, in the day we spent together, an understanding and accepting man with a love of wordplay, in that sense the world would have benefited from another 20 years of his life. I am saddened but buoyed by our time together.
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 21, 2018
'Not my words, the words of The Guardian'
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 18, 2018
Grand Central Hall, Liverpool
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 12, 2018
Got these made up for tomorrow. Selling them at the venue. Also an interview with the BEEB
Bill Ryder-Jones Dec 04, 2018
Going out on tour in europe with the band in feb/ march 2018 before brexit. Might be the last euro tour due to extra costs. 😭 Tickets on sale tomorrow am
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 19, 2018
Got a 5 page piece in this months Q Magazine. Not online so go and buy it!!
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 13, 2018
Homecoming show not far away now. Ticket link in comments.
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 05, 2018
No 32 ...PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT AND BUY MY RECORD SHITMUNCHERS (God love his choice of words-ellie)
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 05, 2018
Album of the day on BBC Radio 6 Music today.
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 04, 2018
Would actually like to thank Spotify for their long term support of my music and especially today for the coverage.
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 02, 2018
My new record Yawn comes out today. You can buy it and listen to it here I'm not stupid. I'm aware it's not an enjoyable listen. It almost certainly won't be something you stick on before you go out. But I needed to make it, and in all honesty this whole thing is about me after all. If it isn't for you, then we can still be friends and I'm sure I'll return with something you prefer. I am however very proud that somehow I've navigated my life to a point where someone gave me money to make this record and thinks I have sommat worth saying, even dressed in this way. I've actively tried to achieve something here, and whether I've pulled it off or not I'm not quite sure, but I hope you'll understand why it was important for me to try and push myself in some way. All my love, Bill
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 02, 2018
Bill Ryder-Jones Nov 01, 2018
My album is out tomorrow so here i am, cap in hand asking you please please please buy my dignity....i mean super deluxe mega LP extra yawn Vinyl copy.
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 30, 2018
Here's the new single here featuring my fucked up teeth
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 26, 2018
Happy to announce that Brooke Bentham, Los Bitchos and MMODE will be joining me in feb. for tix
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 25, 2018
On the front page of Bido Lito! mag in liverpool this month. Article below.
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 24, 2018
Instores incoming. Info for Resident Brighton below.
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 16, 2018
Pleased to announce an extra date on the tour. Hitting the north east at Sage Gateshead on 14th Feb. Tickets on sale now
Bill Ryder-Jones Oct 09, 2018
Belter thanks to Gillian at Domino Recording Company and also thanks to BBC Radio 6 Music. It means alot x