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Phantom Brickworks
Hand Cranked
A Mineral Love
The Serious EP
The Green EP
Silver Wilkinson
Mind Bokeh
Ambivalence Avenue
The Apple and the Tooth
Vignetting the Compost
Bibio Nov 22, 2018
Some copies left of this special bundle. The book that accompanies a limited number of copies of Phantom Brickworks IV & V is a collection of photographs taken by Bibio at several atmospheric locations around the UK. Shop at the Bibio Bleepstore
Bibio Nov 14, 2018
New video to accompany the new Phantom Brickworks release. Available now on the Bibio Bleepstore.
Bibio Nov 11, 2018
One of the shots from the limited edition photobook that is available with the new Phantom Brickworks release. Shop on the Bibio Bleepstore.
Bibio Nov 09, 2018
New music from Bibio ‘PHANTOM BRICKWORKS (IV & V)’ out now. Special editions of the EP come with a 52 page photobook featuring photography by Bibio. Limited to 200 copies. Available in Bibio Bleepstore.
Bibio Nov 08, 2018
New Bibio out tomorrow. Limited Edition bundle with photobook available exclusively through the Bibio Bleepstore.
Bibio Oct 31, 2018
Phantom Brickworks IV & V out on 9th November. Preorder on the Bibio Bleepstore.
Bibio Oct 30, 2018
Out 9th November. 12” Vinyl. Special Edition of vinyl and photobook available to preorder from the Bibio Bleep store.
Bibio Oct 30, 2018
Two more excursions into the ‘PHANTOM BRICKWORKS’ universe land 9 November. One year on from release, parts ‘IV’ and ‘V’ sees Bibio return to the dreamlike environments evoked in the original ‘PHANTOM BRICKWORKS’. Presented on limited edition 12”, the EP is available through stores and on streaming from 9 November. Bibio will also release a special bundle through his store, accompanied by a 52 page photo-book of his photographic work.
Bibio Oct 30, 2018
's cover photo
Bibio Oct 23, 2018
Bibio Oct 05, 2018
No Bounds Festival in Sheffield will be screening Bibio’s Phantom Brickworks film next week. Register here:
Bibio Sep 24, 2018
Backstage of the Phantom Brickworks A/V premiere at the Truman Brewery in East London, 02/11/2017.
Bibio Sep 03, 2018
Ynyslas Dunes
Bibio Aug 06, 2018
's cover photo
Bibio Aug 06, 2018
's cover photo
Bibio Aug 06, 2018
Don’t forget to watch the new video for Ivy Charcoal
Bibio Aug 01, 2018
Ivy Charcoal, taken from Phantom Brickworks: New Phantom Brickworks music coming soon. Video directed by Bibio. Digital and analogue video footage by Bibio. 8mm film footage by Michael Robinson. Editing and post-production by Bibio. Additional post-production by Sam Davis.
Bibio Jul 14, 2018
Bibio Jul 06, 2018
Bibio Jun 21, 2018
Bibio Jun 09, 2018
These new tee shirts designed by Bibio and Timothy Donaldson are selling quickly! Available exclusively from the Bibio Bleep store.