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Peace of Mind
Rhythm & Reason
Bhi Bhiman Jul 30, 2019
From a few years ago when I got to record this #LeonardCohen classic w/ Judy Collins for her album, Strangers Again. She’s a truly gifted singer and a very generous person as well. I hit some of the highest notes I've ever hit on this track. Enjoy!
Bhi Bhiman Jul 26, 2019
Happy bday to the #GOAT Mick Jagger
Bhi Bhiman Jul 25, 2019
Trip to Costco got weird...
Bhi Bhiman Jul 25, 2019
Trip to @costco got weird...
Bhi Bhiman Jul 25, 2019
Today's hearing got me thinking about my interview w/ filmmaker Jack Bryan. His documentary Active Measures is eye-opening to say the least. Hear our talk on Ep. 6 of Peace of Mind (available on all pod platforms).
Bhi Bhiman Jul 20, 2019
Happy birthday Chris Cornell. You are so missed.
Bhi Bhiman Jul 19, 2019
“Masanga” by Jean-Bosco Mwenda a legendary pioneer of the #Congolese #acousticguitar style from the 1950s. His influence can still be heard throughout Central and Eastern #Africa. This is definitely one of my go-to warmups. What’s yours?
Bhi Bhiman Jul 16, 2019
Performing at Lincoln Center as part of Swimming in Dark Waters w/ Rhiannon Giddens & Layla McCalla. One of the coolest rooms I’ve played for sure.
Bhi Bhiman Jul 12, 2019
I've had this Ibanez Artstar guitar since I was around ten years old. It was my first real guitar. I call him "Old Whitey". And it has been a workhorse for me basically my entire life. From jamming in my bedroom as a kid, to having binders thrown at me by my high school jazz band teacher Mr. Brophy, countless house parties and shows w/ my old band Hippie Grenade, to touring all over the place. But it became sentimental and the road is no place for sentimentality. The road beats shit up. So I had to retire "Old Whitey" from the road. He now lives in my home studio The La Boratory. It needed some TLC so I took it to Mark and Reuben at Old Style Guitar Shop and they fixed it up. I've used it on a lot of recordings. It still sounds great. #Ibanez guitars are definitely way underrated.
Bhi Bhiman Jul 11, 2019
A few years ago I sang "Lean on Me" w/ Keegan-Michael Key. One of coolest, most talented, funny dudes in the game. Can't wait to see (hear?) his performance in Lion King! I am a huge Lion King nerd. I used to go to Best Buy when I was a kid and play the LK Sega game for like 2 hours at a time. That's geekdom. #LionKing2019
Bhi Bhiman Jul 10, 2019
Had a great time on the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast w/ Anna and Shereen. We talked about my childhood in STL, growing up w/ immigrant parents, and of course Peace of Mind. Find it wherever you listen to podcasts.
Bhi Bhiman Jul 09, 2019
I've had this Blueridge for like 9 years now. Its basically a Gibson J45 knockoff. I did some upgrades — new bridge pins, saddle and tuners. I went for a less expensive guitar b/c I didn't want to worry if I smashed it against a brick wall on a backstage spiral staircase in Sweden...which happened. And many other unexpected incidents. But it is a really good slope shoulder Gibson type guitar at a good price. To the guitarists out there, what are some of your favorite knockoff or budget guitars? Blueridge Guitars
Bhi Bhiman Jun 25, 2019
Thank you to Bill Bentley for this amazing album review! If you don't know Bill, he's a legend. A&R, publicist, journalist etc. Gary Clark Jr. tells a great story about meeting Bill when he was 15 in Austin. Bill gave him some VHS tapes of Monterey Pop and the rest is history.
Bhi Bhiman Jun 20, 2019
new episode of Peace of Mind pod coming soon...
Bhi Bhiman Jun 09, 2019
Working some post-production magic w/ Charlie Harding of Switched on Pop — AKA Charlatan, AKA the hardest working man in podcasts. 🔥
Bhi Bhiman Jun 08, 2019
Man, there was no one like Dr. John. He was a great pianist and songwriter but also a very cool guitar player. And The Night Tripper. What a persona that was. Glad I caught him live once. Check out Walk on Guilded Splinters.
Bhi Bhiman May 28, 2019
Today I'm thinking of Lt. Roslyn Schulte who was a United States Air Force officer killed in action in Afghanistan 10 years ago. She was the first female US Air Force graduate to be killed by enemy action and was posthumously awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Valor. Her brother Todd, another true patriot in my opinion, shared her story on Ep. 8 of Peace of Mind. I went to high school in STL w/ both Todd and Roz and remember hearing the devastating news. It inspired a line from my song GIANT, about some of the women I admire most. "She’s a legend In my old hometown Her story grows and grows Each time the sun goes down” #memorialday
Bhi Bhiman May 17, 2019
1st international trip! #Toronto
Bhi Bhiman May 14, 2019
A little late on this but wanted to shout out all the incredible moms who appeared on Peace of Mind this past season. Journalist & author Amy Westervelt, producer Katie Ross, activist & professor Dr. Nimmi Gowrinathan, artist & activist Paola Mendoza, Dr. Shanthi Kumar, attorney & advocate Rabia Chaudry, journalist Salem Solomon, and retired Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell.
Bhi Bhiman May 08, 2019
Performing at this special event in Toronto on 5/18 - free w/ RSVP!
Bhi Bhiman May 06, 2019
I'll be in Portland and Seattle this week + Toronto 5/18 for a special event to commemorate 10 years since the end of the war in Sri Lanka. Tix & RSVP below.
Bhi Bhiman Apr 26, 2019
Happy 5th birthday to my Bennie Boo. This was from her 1st.
Bhi Bhiman Apr 20, 2019
Thank you #NYC! Headed to Boston - 7pm at City Winery.
Bhi Bhiman Apr 19, 2019
NYC can’t wait to see you tonight. Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 - 7PM.
Bhi Bhiman Apr 18, 2019
Tonight in DC!