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Rhythm & Reason
Bhi Bhiman Dec 11, 2018
Opening up the print version of the WSJ article today. Been working on this for a long time so it’s great to get some recognition! But, as anyone with kids can attest, they can bring your ass back down to earth quick! Bennie gets mad when I have to go play a show, and now she won’t let me have a single moment of glory!
Bhi Bhiman Dec 08, 2018
Awesome writeup in the The Wall Street Journal today! Read it online here + in print Monday! And please subscribe if u haven’t yet! ➡️ 🙏🏾
Bhi Bhiman Dec 08, 2018
Announcing some of the incredible guests #PeaceOfMind — like author Dave Eggers. Listen + subscribe 👉🏾 👇🏾
Bhi Bhiman Dec 04, 2018
Edit mode. Can’t wait for you guys to hear Peace of Mind...the album and the podcast. Subscribe ➡️
Bhi Bhiman Nov 29, 2018
Last night was awesome. I got to sing on 2 classic Warren Zevon songs, "Lawyers, Guns & Money" and "Werewolves of London". Tons of great talent on the bill to support a great environmental organization, Plastic Pollution Coalition. This is Jackson Browne and Judd Apatow who ran the show last night. 🙏🏾
Bhi Bhiman Nov 26, 2018
's cover photo
Bhi Bhiman Nov 24, 2018
Peace of Mind is my new album...but I'm releasing it as a #podcast. Listen + subscribe now 👉🏽
Bhi Bhiman Nov 23, 2018
Something’s coming...hit FOLLOW so you don’t miss it. #newproject
Bhi Bhiman Oct 10, 2018
This Friday in LA! Hope to see you there. TIX:
Bhi Bhiman Oct 07, 2018
There are still tickets left for this show tomorrow presented by Inara George! Show starts at 4pm at the The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. There are a ton of great songwriters on the bill and I'm gonna play a new song I wrote for the show.
Bhi Bhiman Sep 01, 2018
Almost to the date 4 years ago, joining my idols Soundgarden on stage. Chris asked me what song I wanted to play, and I chose one of my favorites, Superunknown. He handed me his guitar and it was the loudest stage I have ever experienced. Like, AC⚡DC loud. I sang harmony with him on the "Alive in the superunknown!" parts. We had played Hunger Strike a bunch on his solo tour, but this was the only time I got to play with the band, and my childhood hero Kim Thayil. Chris was one of my greatest champions. Miss him. He did a lot of good while he was here.
Bhi Bhiman Aug 15, 2018
I'm #backinblack tonight at Hotel Cafe in LA. We hit at 9:30. Hope to see you guys there! TIX ➡️
Bhi Bhiman Aug 11, 2018
#sneakpeek from the new album. If you’re in LA come by Hotel Cafe this Tues 8/14 @ 9PM. TIX ➡️
Bhi Bhiman Aug 03, 2018
I'm playing Hotel Café in Los Angeles on Tues 8/14 @ 9PM. TIX →
Bhi Bhiman Jul 28, 2018
LA show coming up! August 14 at The Hotel Cafe. Last time I played there Tom Morello showed up! (thanks Boots Riley). TIX
Bhi Bhiman Jul 27, 2018
Happy birthday to Mick Jagger! He is certainly on top of rock & roll Mt. Rushmore. So many great Stones songs but I chose Brown Sugar. This actually highlights Keef, but what the hell
Bhi Bhiman Jul 26, 2018
Get to play a couple songs w/ the Watkins Family Hour at Largo in LA - Thurs 7/26. Brushing up on this one...
Bhi Bhiman Jul 22, 2018
Just wanted to play some songs from my favorite songwriters who've inspired me. Here’s “The Wind” by Cat Stevens (as much as IG would allow).
Bhi Bhiman Jul 13, 2018
Tune into The Frame on KPCC today at 3:30 + 7pm PST - I’m talking about my new song + upcoming album:
Bhi Bhiman Jul 06, 2018
Here's the story behind "Beyond the Border"... This song was originally recorded in a very uptempo, electronic rock arrangement. When rehearsing for a show at Carnegie Hall a few months ago, my friend and keyboardist, Akie Bermiss (Lake Street Dive) and I started messing around with this stripped down arrangement. It worked as a solemn ballad, and really emphasized the story I was telling. And it ended up being the highlight of the show. It struck people in the audience that night. And I liked it so much we performed it live at Paste the following day. Since then, I’ve wondered what to do with it. “Beyond the Border” is a song about an undocumented Latino immigrant who has twice been displaced. Once from Central America, and once again when ripped from their loved ones who they must leave behind in the United States. And that is the case with the subjects of the photos you see in the video (thanks to some amazing and brave photojournalists). The first half of the video features the early wave of European immigrants to America, who, like their modern counterparts, were also fleeing persecution and despair. With the recent stories coming from the border, and the ongoing humanitarian crises in Myanmar, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan (to name a few), I wanted to put the music to picture, and juxtapose the reactions when dealing with Europeans and people from below the Tropic of Cancer. As a dad, I can only imagine what I would do if I was raising a child in the midst of war, persecution and famine. Or making the very brave journey across an inhospitable ocean or desert with them in search of asylum or opportunity. Or finally reaching our destination only to be ripped apart. If I can open people up to a better understanding of other people and cultures, and see them not as an issue, or a statistic, but as human beings who want to live in peace, work hard and raise their children, then I will have done a good job.
Bhi Bhiman Jul 05, 2018
Very proud of this video. I hope it touches some hearts. I hope it can even change some hearts. Thx to PASTE for the premiere. Watch the full video here:
Bhi Bhiman Jul 03, 2018
New song + video! Comes out Thursday, 7/5. Can’t wait to share it with you guys!
Bhi Bhiman Jun 02, 2018
My album “BHIMAN” is now available on vinyl for the 1st time ever! Get it at Special thx to Gold Rush Vinyl.
Bhi Bhiman May 26, 2018
BHIMAN #vinyl is all pressed up! Coming soon to BHIMAN.COM
Bhi Bhiman May 24, 2018
#tbt Trinidad, age 10 maybe, getting a traditional Tamil gingelly oil (sesame) bath with my brother and Uncle. Trinidad is an amazing country. Haven't been back since I was a kid, but definitely want to go again. Not shown is the gingelly oil mouth rinse, which is gnarly and I do not recommend for the uninitiated.