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The Blue Swell
BeverlyB May 21, 2019
BeverlyB May 21, 2019
Ancient Vibrations Healing 🎵 Music
BeverlyB May 21, 2019
Yes and Yes Love that sound!!!!
BeverlyB May 20, 2019
Can music heal your body? What do you think give me your answer. I will give you my experience as a Healing Musician. Music is sound ,it is vibration and it has a frequency. Not all music heals, some music is solely for entertainment purposes. Not all music is set for the right frequency and it is important to be careful what you listen to. Music can influence your thoughts because it is nothing but a vibration and a frequency. When I play my piano it is unrehearsed. I pray and open myself up to the Universe, to YHVH and ask for help. Once my hands are on the piano if there is no dialogue between myself and Adonai Elohim there will be no songs. I am putting myself in a vulnerable place because there is no Entertainment no forethought of what I will play I am surrendering to the will of our Creator. Therefore music is able to heal your body it was used in Ancient Days and it is sad that it has been replaced by white pills with side effects.
BeverlyB May 20, 2019
BeverlyB May 20, 2019
Dr Mumbi got my attention when she began to speak about Sound. I am a musician that reset her instruments to the Pure Frequency of the Bible. Pure Sound heals the body. She got my attention so glad I found this amazing lady.
BeverlyB May 18, 2019
Relaxing Guitar 🎸
BeverlyB May 18, 2019
Relax it’s Friday you got through the week. You can still see because you are reading and watching my video. ;)
BeverlyB May 17, 2019
The heart beat of Africa gets changed when we all adjust our MIND SET. We cannot continue to dance to the beat of others. For example... Why does Facebook immediately ask me if I want to include a donation button just because I mentioned the name AFRICA? I began a music program in Uganda for teens. I refuse to call it a MISSIONS trip . I go to EMPOWER with my acquired wisdom as an artist and as a music educator. This is what needs to change, it is the Mind Set. The HEART BEAT of our Motherland needs to begin to BEAT on her own . Our heartbeat needs to beat independently from our FOSTER parents. We need to look within ourselves and begin to allow for our hearts to heal. The land will respond to our frequency because we all are nothing but Sound. Let’s begin to communicate that way. Just like the baby hears her mother’s voice so we must listen to the heart of Mother Africa. We align ourselves with her frequency , her heart beat. We create a beautiful orchestra of POSITIVE sound. The sound of Honesty, Understanding and Love. Nothing can penetrate this Unity absolutely nothing can my friend. Nothing! ~Love BeverlyB~
BeverlyB May 16, 2019
I remember thinking 🤔 asking our CREATOR when will Africa be great again?This can’t go on forever. We are getting our answers. Unite don’t Fight!
BeverlyB May 15, 2019
Relaxing music, Helps you sleep, Helps your baby sleep. You can place the volume on low in the background in your house. The music brings instead calmness in stress full situations. Put this Music Mix on Replay and let me know how it helped you.
BeverlyB May 14, 2019
Please subscribe to my Youtube channel. Here is my playlist of over 6 hours of calming relaxing piano with beautiful scenery.
BeverlyB May 13, 2019
BeverlyB May 13, 2019
Don’t Give Up Whatever they said Don’t Give Up Whatever they wrote Don’t Give Up Whatever they broadcasted They? who are They? People who project their failures upon you! Don’t Give Up Don’t Give Up Don’t Give Up! It’s Time to Refuel your Dream with HOPE Together we can Africa!
BeverlyB May 12, 2019
To all you Mothers and women who Mother other children. Happy Mommy Day. So thankful I can still call my mom and send her flowers she is 83 years young.
BeverlyB May 11, 2019
My VISION is to teach children music in all of Africa. I returned in 2016 for the third time to Uganda this time to teach the amazing kids of Pure Love and I officially began Makula Music Project. This time I came with roll up pianos and all of my music books that I had in stock and my little guitar. You can help me by continuing to SHARE and Purchase my music thanks!
BeverlyB May 11, 2019
Tribe of LEVI in Ghana! Wake up my Beloved, this is our time.
BeverlyB May 11, 2019
Lovin this. Just found this amazing fam that went back home from the USA 🇺🇸 to Africa they live in Ghana 🇬🇭 now. Check out their YouTube channel it is super inspiring on all levels.
BeverlyB May 10, 2019
This year 2019 marks 400 years of slavery. We in the Diaspora were taken away from you many of us now are a little lighter in our beautiful brown skin because our Queen Mothers were violated. TOGETHER we move forward in Forgiveness not hatred. You need healing AFRICA because we were RIPPED away from you. We need healing AFRICA because our identity was stolen. We are the first ones that really know what IDENTITY THEFT really is. We are now waking up thanks to the promises of YHVH. We are learning what country we are originally from thanks to DNA testing. We are learning who our ancestors were thanks to the many newspapers that now are online and archived especially from Surinam. We are putting the puzzle together conversing together in person and on social media. We are finding our ancestors by name and we are putting the puzzle together. We are learning who we are through prayer and spiritual awakening and asking our family questions about some African traditions that still are not lost in our families. These are exciting times….. BeverlyB Descendant from GHANA Ashanti/Ewe we are originally from Israel.
BeverlyB May 08, 2019
Whatever is blocking your dreams gently move it out of the way. It may be your own boycotting thoughts, limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward. Believe me I am first speaking to myself.
BeverlyB May 08, 2019
Time to wake up! We have been sleeping for 400 years.
BeverlyB May 08, 2019
This is the real size of Africa. It has been distorted on maps in the school systems. This is why Africa thinks it needs to ask for help because of this lie that has been fed to the world. Just Google it and go search it out for yourself.
BeverlyB May 06, 2019
I present myself to you as a mom who had to forgive another mom that took the life of a foster child that I took care of and loved deeply. I know the journey of forgiveness. I know that anger that comes with having been sexually abused as a child. I know the fear of domestic violence as I saw my mom live it for 40 years! I am not presenting myself to you as an artist that wants attention to be heard or seen. I present myself as an artist that stretches out her hand and says: " Dear one it is possible to HEAL your heart and Forgive." I reach out with my music because that is how my GIFT came after I Forgave, my music received an intesity from HEAVEN that I cannot explain. Come on this amazing journey with me. Love BeverlyB
BeverlyB May 05, 2019
Soothing and Calming Piano with the sound of the ocean.
BeverlyB May 04, 2019
This is very true. I always say that the sand in your Oyster was placed there for a purpose. You are a beautiful Pearl with amazing potential!