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The Blue Swell
BeverlyB Mar 24, 2019
This guitar 🎸 Solo “just happened” when I recorded my CD 💿 So Real last year. This song is called ANILO Take it in and Relax for a minute :)
BeverlyB Mar 22, 2019
I know what a weird question to ask isn't it? With everyone engaged with themselves and by themselves. The constant question of am I liked am I hearted on IG or FB. Who unfollowed me? Most of us LIE when we are asked this question. How are you? Deep inside we want to scream but we have to safe face. So we answer: "I am fine" Pinocchio nose is growing. So I will ask the question again to myself as I set the example. How are you? Thanks for asking I am going through some inner heart stuff searching some things out. It's pretty painful to face myself and realize I still have childhood issues as Grown Up as I may look. I am working on my self daily to get better and make better decisions. Thanks for asking. Your turn "How are you my friend?" #selfhelp,#childhoodpain, #healingmusic,#happyplace, #inspirationalquotes, #zenmusic,#torah, #purim, #happy
BeverlyB Mar 21, 2019
I teach English to students in China 🇨🇳 Online. We end the class with 🎶 music. They grab their plastic harmonicas and little play guitars. This is NOT a music class it’s ENGLISH class!!! Yet this Amazing HARVEST just evolved because I began to end the lesson with my guitar and began to sing their lessons review ,now they join me. Seeing their smiles is MY HARVEST music LIVES. Be BOLD use your GIFT be creative. #inspiration,#musicheals,#yogamusic,#zenmusic,#worshipmusic,#inspiration,#livewithpurpose
BeverlyB Mar 21, 2019
Aloha I have partnered with Live Music Tutor and am now available world wide to teach your child piano or guitar. Lessons will book up quickly because I bring your 24 years of experience.
BeverlyB Mar 20, 2019
Friend this was one of the most Powerful Healing sessions I did on FB. Here is a short clip from that session. Look at yourself ,look at that burden and step out. Visualize it and Step out. Step out of your Burden one foot forward. You got this. Take both of your hands and say Gone! I am FREE FREE FREE #weightloss, #inspirationalmusic,#zenmusic,#massagemusic,#torah, #worshipmusic,#weightmanagement,#naturalweightloss, #healingfromabuse,#domesticviolence,#childabuse,#sleepmusic,#insomnia, #migraine,#naturalhealing
BeverlyB Mar 19, 2019
Go do some mirror work and look at your self and say. I BELIEVE in YOU!!! Spontaneous, Inspirational Drums to reset your Vibration your Sound, your Dream!!! #inspirationaldrums, #cajoncongabongos,#inspirationalmusic,#inspirationalmessages,
BeverlyB Mar 18, 2019
Keep your head up so you can see the Sunshine :) #inspirationalmusic, #spontaneousmusic, #jazzmusic, #zenmusic,#yogamusic,#relaxwithmymusic, #backgroundmusic,#musicforstressrelief,#happymonday, #worshipmusic,
BeverlyB Mar 18, 2019
Lovin’ Self, Lovin’ G ❤️ d, Lovin’ 25 years of marriage, Lovin’ my kids, Lovin’ Life Home 🏠 is Hawaii, Lovin’ that you are reading my post. 🙏🏽 Lovin’ Life=FREEDOM 🌈 ☀️ 🎶
BeverlyB Mar 17, 2019
Winter scene with Relaxing Piano 🎹 played by Relax with my Music aka BeverlyB ;) #winterscene,#Inspirationalmusic,#worshipmusic,#massagemusic,#zenmusic,#soakingmusic,#sleepmusic,#planetearth
BeverlyB Mar 17, 2019
One of the commitments that I made to myself was gym time ever week for one whole year! Well that was last year! I did it!!! What have you committed to do for a period of time? Today is a good day to recommit and start again! Special thanks to two amazing coaches who helped me to get back to sanity Angelina DeWeese , @officialmissrnb and my amazing ND Dr. Kristen @drkristencoles she just sits and listens and writes no interruptions!!!! You can't do it alone surround yourself with people that will make room and listen to your shhhhhhhh and then you go fertilize the world with your healing vibes oh yeah baby!!! I'm fertilizing the world!!!!
BeverlyB Mar 16, 2019
“We are the People” This is dedicated to all the world wide musicians who have the Gift of Healing and are being used literally as instruments to create healing atmospheres in homes and around the world 🌎. We are the people that deserve more respect ✊ for what is created through us. It seems many listen to our music but don’t consider that we also have families and dreams and all this costs money. I am speaking up for all of us. I myself support other artists and I am an artist myself. Why? Because I know... and Now you know. ~BeverlyB~
BeverlyB Mar 15, 2019
Love ❤️ is Color Blind. Gratitude HUG. Teach Children 👉🏾Change the 🌎 Let me Explain this picture. Graduation Day 👩‍🎓 after we spend three weeks with Pure Love kids in 🇺🇬 Uganda teaching music. Our son is the one on the LEFT with the glasses. The boy on the right is his friend and one of my music students in Uganda. For more information about my Uganda Music Project look 👀 me up FB BeverlyB Music School @makulamusicproject #loveiscolorblind,#lovechildren, #inspire, #teachchildren,
BeverlyB Mar 15, 2019
BeverlyB Mar 14, 2019
The person that taught me how to play drums is also the one that violated me 40+ years ago. I told my mom last year I want to play the cajon. She bought me one and it shipped from Spain by way of England (Heidi Joubert Cajon) Never really owned one and played once in my life. I knew that I would have to sit on that cajon legs spread open and allow for the beat to come from that place of pain. I knew this was going to break me or rebuild me.I recorded three CD's last year the first one is called FREE and it is nothing but spontaneous percussion. I hope this encourages you no matter what happened to you. Freedom is only ONE STEP away. Step Forward :) love BeverlyB *KIss on the Cheek* #healing,#inspirationalquotes,#musicheals,
BeverlyB Mar 14, 2019
“Just Come” another Spontaneous Song. It’s about being REAL with yourself First. I saw all these knots as I was playing my piano 🎹 In people’s lives that represents STRESS. So Today tell yourself “Just Come “Let’s Have a Talk —— How are you? Once you can be honest with yourself then your conversations and your prayers will be more real. Just Come... #positiveselftalk,#inspirationalmusic,#Yogamusic,#healingmusic,#worship,#befree,#loveyourself,#loveyourselffirst
BeverlyB Mar 13, 2019
Another spontaneous song I accompany myself on Cajon and Conga. Just close your eyes listen to the drums to reset your heart and ease that pain or listen to the piano to take you to that healing place. Whatever you need to do to find your healing go for it. relaxationmusic,#soakingmusic,#yogamusic,#inspirationalmusic,#instrumentalmusic,#smoothpianomusic,#healingmusic,#jasonupton,#rickpino,#worship,#zenmusic,#frequencyvibrations,#michaeltyrrellmusic,#motivationvideos,#womenmusicians,#sleepmusic,#musictosleep,#musictosleepto
BeverlyB Mar 13, 2019
One of the proudest and fulfilling moments in my life. I dreamed BIG for so many years. Teaching piano and guitar in Africa. I developed a three week program, Self funded and changed the lives of over 20 kids who never touched a piano or guitar. Dream BIG Let’s Go! It’s your turn! #liveyourdream,#musicteacher,#musicheals,#musichealsthesoul
BeverlyB Mar 12, 2019
Heavenly Jazz
BeverlyB Mar 11, 2019
Relax with My Music 🎵
BeverlyB Mar 10, 2019
Another Clip from a FB Live. I play my 37 year old Classical Guitar over you. I am not performing for you but playing over you. Allowing the music, the sound to penetrate your cells, your life even your household vibration will be reset. I have played this solo so many times that it instantly puts me into a happy place in my Being and I know it will send good vibrations and frequency to you wherever you need it. * Kiss on the Cheek* #inspirationalguitar,#healingmusic,#frequency,#rejuvenate,#Restore,#resetyourlife
BeverlyB Mar 09, 2019
Back home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 I used to be fixated and would draw ⛰ mountains,ocean,sunshine ☀️ and a sailboat ⛵️. I would do it at home and during school. As I now am more familiar with the Law of Attraction I realize I was drawing my future. Hawaii has been home for 27 years and I don’t have to travel far to see these things. ☀️ 🏔 🌊 What about you and childhood drawings? I have a special folder for our kids because they have already made drawings of their future without realizing it. #lawofattraction,#asamanthinketh,#Yogamusic #zenmusic,#worshipmusic,#inspirationalquotes,#healingmusic
BeverlyB Mar 08, 2019
Inside your body lives an Orchestra of Sounds. Healing Music 🎶 can penetrate deeply to reset disrupted frequencies in your cells and help your Orchestra to play a Magnificent Symphony inside your body. My Healing Gift in Music came after I Forgave someone who took the life of my foster child. It took many years and many tears. There is Music and there is Healing Music which comes with Specific Frequency and Intention. #musicheals,#healingfrequencies,#inspirationalmusic,#forgiveness
BeverlyB Mar 07, 2019
What is your Story? I was asked that question years ago. I am asking you now. The world needs to hear 👂 from you. Go ahead no matter what your Gift is. Today is a good day ;) #inspired, #inspirationalmusic, #relaxwithmymusic
BeverlyB Mar 06, 2019
Aloha 🌈ONE ☝️ Minute of Relaxing, Soaking,Praying,Meditation,Stillness. Whatever your thing is. Listen and Calm down those cells in your body with Healing music.Stay DIS ease Free. #inspirationalmusic,#zenmusic,#healingmusic,#worshipmusic,#massagemusic,#instrumentalmusic
BeverlyB Mar 06, 2019
I AM the mom of two adopted children menopause (just keeping it real) hit me very young. Our boy came at 4 months I bought his clothes SIZES bigger believing he would be adopted and wear them. It took three years. He will be 16 next week. Make sure your dream DOES NOT FIT 👖👗your LIMITED reality. Dream BIG!!! #dreambig,#Inspirationalmusic,#instrumentalpiano,#Zenmusic #yogamusic,#worshipmusic