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The Blue Swell
BeverlyB Jul 20, 2019
Feeling Refreshed! What do you do to reset? #refresh,#love,#inspirationalmusic,#healingmusic,#zenmusic,#relaxwithmymusic
BeverlyB Jul 19, 2019
Aloha sending you some Sunshine and Ocean 🌊 Vibes. Next month I will be with my piano 🎹 on the beach 🏖 creating Spontaneous Healing Music. #healing,#yogamusic,#healing Music,#zenmusic,#inspirationalmusic
BeverlyB Jul 18, 2019
**Self Respect ** 👉🏾Pride and Confidence in Oneself;a Feeling that One is Behaving with Honor and Dignity. This is where you will find your Freedom Dear One. *BeverlyB Kiss 💋 on the Cheek* #inspiration,#blackpride,#healingmusic,#inspirationalmusic,#BeverlyBHawaii,#relaxwithmymusic,#inspire#africandiaspora
BeverlyB Jul 17, 2019
You succeed by doing the opposite of what every one else is doing. I play well I kick a** on my piano I play percussion! Go ahead play your drum 🥁 not anyone else’s but your own Beat. Go!!! #liveyourdream,#lawofattraction,#blackwomenentrepeneurs,#inspiration
BeverlyB Jul 17, 2019
I have watched this movie twice and will purchase a copy. Some will get angry or finally "come home" while they watch it or some maybe in disbelief. How can it be possible that the real children of Israel are in Africa and the African Diaspora? Why did the slaves always sing about Israel, Zion when they were working in the cotton fields? Why did they find Hebrew writing on old church pews? Why are there people in West Africa that can trace their lineage back to Israel? Why are there black people in Israel that have been there for thousands of years? Why is the African section not included in the typical tours in Israel? Why? We are the people of the book.... Do your research.... Read the book the THIRTEENTH TRIBE by Arthur Koestler and Watch this movie get Educated!
BeverlyB Jul 17, 2019
Where are the "lost" Tribes of Israel? They are not lost at all :) Here is the tribe of Judah. Don't be fooled about the people you see in modern day Israel today. When you research where they descent from you will realize that they are the ones that actually converted to Judaism. WAKE UP!!!
BeverlyB Jul 17, 2019
Take a minute and let this healing vibe enter your heart ❤️ This is another spontaneous healing session downloaded from Heaven as you see me play. When I laugh or smile it means I am so absorbed in God it’s Ecstasy and you can Tap into that healing right now! Go ;) Be well and Sleep well. #healingmusic,#inspiration,#relaxwithmymusic,#africandiaspora,#blackwomenyoga,#Inspirationalmusic #love
BeverlyB Jul 16, 2019
If you have little ones, this is a great resource. Check out this amazing author Jeanine Mack. I myself always read to my children. They are avid readers today still. #Amazon
BeverlyB Jul 16, 2019
Say What!!! My 20 year Dreadlock 🍾 celebration 🎊 and my journey;) I am in my 20th year of growing dreadlocks. 💦 It has been quite the personal journey , I sometimes forget how long my hair actually really is until my husband says. “Babe your hair is down your ….. like all the way down your …. “ What I have learned about this hair journey is Patience. I have used no wax ,no starter locks. One day well twenty years ago this month I got tired of flying to Oahu where my sister lives. I lived on another island I had to travel by plane to get my hair done. I took out the extension and just began to twist. I get lots of compliments on my hair. Many think my hair is fake or that I have extensions. No it’s all real ;) baby! It took nurturing and patience. Lately I realize that the journey with my hair needs to be applied to other areas in my life because truth be told the principle is the same. It begins with a dream. I WANT LONG HAIR!!! I want more Money. I want a successful marriage, I want my music to influence more people. etc. You have to nurture, water, twist (maybe turn the other way change directions) Dear one it takes time. Believe me I am talking to my self as well. Where are you at in your dream? I am still twisting, watering, nurturing. #dreads,#dreadlocks,#inspiration,#love,#nurture,#musicheals,#africandiaspora
BeverlyB Jul 15, 2019
Whatever you put your Mind to will happen when the TIME is right! Keep Believing in your dreams, never Give up!! #believeinyourself,#blackwomen,#blackentrepeneurs,#buyblack,#inspiration,#musicheals,#melaninwomen
BeverlyB Jul 14, 2019
Coming at ya from the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii in AUGUST Relax with My Music with BeverlyB Healing MUSIC 🎹 piano/guitar Vibes by the OCEAN 🌊 Join the BMUSIC Tribe link in Bio #relaxwithmymusic,#Inspirationalmusic,#blackbusinesswomen,#africadiaspora,#inspiration
BeverlyB Jul 14, 2019
Whenever I need a reminder that all is not lost this has been my LIFE line my going to words of LOVE , LIFE ❤️ and COMPASSION. ISAIAH 54 1 "Sing, barren woman who has never had a child! Burst into song, shout for joy, you who have never been in labor! For the deserted wife will have more children than the woman who is living with her husband," says ADONAI. 2 Enlarge the space for your tent, extend the curtains of your dwelling; do not hold back, lengthen your cords, make your tent pegs firm. 3 For you will spread out to the right and the left, your descendants will possess the nations and inhabit the desolated cities. I sing this song on my SO REAL 💿 CD it’s called JERUSALEM link in Bio #love,#godislove,#africandiaspora,#inspiration
BeverlyB Jul 13, 2019
Open up your heart ❤️ DEEP breath in. #musicheals,#cajonconga,#meditation,#inspiration,#newday,#africandiaspora,#blackbusinesswomen,#Zenmusic #heartbeatmusic,#blackwomenentrepeneurs
BeverlyB Jul 12, 2019
A must watch if you are a descendant of the African Diaspora. If you are not then this is still vital Educate yourself people!!!
BeverlyB Jul 12, 2019
I am sitting in front of my computer counting down. I have watched all the documentaries by @hebrews_to_negroes You need to Educate yourself Dear One. Even as a Black Business owner you need to know so that we as a people can move forward and overcome. Those that are not descendants of the African Diaspora you need to know as well!!! It is TIME 🤜🏾 ❤️🌍#africandiaspora,#blackbusiness,#relaxwithmymusic,#ghana,
BeverlyB Jul 10, 2019
I Am (part 2) Dear one you can know who you are, just ask your DNA , it was not ERASED. My mom named me Beverly BEA. Suddenly one day I noticed my name BEA in a youtube presentation by a well informed West African sister. What!!!! I found out that my mom named me KWABENADA , which is a variation of BEA. This is my Day name according to Akan tradition. I am Ewe/Ashanti but we are all considered Akan. I told my mom and she now calls me by my African day name lovingly, Miss KWABENADA. Even my mom’s DNA went to work on my behalf. You see friend I was so intrigued because the name Kwabenada means that an African baby was born on a TUESDAY. Could it be???? I looked up my day of Birth and birth year on Google to see what day that was. WHAT!!!! I went to my Birth Certificate. I was born on TUESDAY. My mom named me Tuesday without “knowing” it. I sat and wept. My DNA is alive and telling my SHEstory. I suddenly connected with musicians from Ghana, yes from my tribe Eve/Ashanti. Remember now I live in HAWAII!!! One more side note I need to bring out if you have read this far. (Thanks) :) I love Israel and have visited BUT one thing you need to know is that there is an African quarters in Jerusalem that does not get included in the traditional tours. I need for you to know that WE(Africans) were there FIRST and are still there. I need for you to question everything that you see and then the answers will come. Do your research , sit still and ask questions. Many many questions. If you want to do deeper healing, Join the Bmusic Tribe. I have an ancient Gift that I was given through music. I am from the tribe of LEVI ( LEVITES) the musicians/scribes etc. link in BIO. BeverlyB aka Miss KWABENADA I AM EVE!!!! Who are you? #knowwhoyouare,#africandiaspora,#ghana,#400years,#love,#africa,#original,#pure,#healer,#relaxwithmymusic
BeverlyB Jul 10, 2019
I AM (Part 1 ) Dear one it is time you ask the question WHO AM I ? I will teach you how to get answers. In my conversations with women and especially women of color I get responses such as. “How can I know who I AM ?” “We came on the slave ships and everything was stolen from us.” “Our history has been erased , I would not know where to begin to look. “ Dear one I am going to share with you today that this is not really true. It is something we were led to believe, that we have no identity. You have to ask yourself the right question. WHO AM I? Those words will go to work on your behalf. People will come into your life that have information. You will receive phone calls, emails or “stumble” upon Youtubers, Facebookers, Instagrammers etc. that know who they are and have been instructed to teach us and believe me they are committed to their HEAVENLY assignment. Let me tell you my story so that you can find out who you are. Now this can be for anyone , you don’t have to necessarily be a descendant of slaves but this is the primary focus of this post because it is TIME. I asked the question a little while ago. “WHO AM I?” I was led to return to my DNA results from 7 + years ago. I never noticed that it stated two words. Ewe and Ashanti. What does that mean? I looked it up. I just FOUND the TRIBE I AM from in West Africa. I highlighted all the countries that I visited while I was in the loins of my ancestors and that were part of my DNA results. What I noticed is that these countries were exactly the countries described by well informed West Africans and those educating us in the African Diaspora. They described our journey from Israel. Yes I said ISRAEL!!!! More and more information began to build up , there were days I just sat and quietly wept during my quiet me time. The journey began in Israel/Jordan and “ended” in Ghana West African and continued on the Slave ships to the Americas (South America) Dear one you can know who you are, just ask your DNA , it was not ERASED. My mom named me Beverly BEA. Suddenly one day.... continued in part 2 #inspiration,#africandiaspora,#whoami, #love,#womenofcolor
BeverlyB Jul 10, 2019
This post made me think!!! I know what I do and I know the results. But....... Who else needs to know!!!
BeverlyB Jul 09, 2019
My coach and friend. Listened to all my .... created space and 💥 BAM. My head was on right Three CD 💿 projects. #listen, #healing,#musicheals,#funkydivas,#healyourself
BeverlyB Jul 08, 2019
Happy 😃 Monday Another Spontaneous Musical Creation downloaded from Heaven as I play by Faith knowing the Creator of all has my back. You want a song? Link in Bio Join the tribe. Music that is Pure Heals it penetrates and the Vibration can reset and restore you. #healing,#musicheals,#inspiration,
BeverlyB Jul 08, 2019
It’s time we are heard loud and clear! So many of our accomplishment, inventions have not been heard or stolen. I support this 💯 as a Sister of beautiful brown color 😉 and Entrepreneur!
BeverlyB Jul 07, 2019
This is my Virtual Classroom in China 🇨🇳. While many are sleeping I am giggin’ as an ESL teacher and lovin’it Now the reason for this post is how do kids express themselves when they cannot hug you. They make pictures or come to class with their 🧸 stuffed animals. What is the lesson here? Love ❤️ has no boundaries to find a way to express itself. Oh and yes I hid their faces on purposes. Of course every lesson ends with me singing 🎤 their lesson with my guitar 🎸 and they play air guitar bring harmonicas etc. If you want more info about gigging as a teacher in China DM me.
BeverlyB Jul 07, 2019
Did you know that you can “order” your own personal song from me. A spontaneous song that will be downloaded from Heaven just for you. I know sounds weird right? This is what I have been doing for many years and there have been many testimonies of people having encounters with my music. It will help you relax, will help you sleep. In stressful situation excuse yourself run into the bathroom and listen just to reset your vibration and you regroup. My music plays while we are sleeping in our bedroom. All of it is spontaneous it is not a performance. Once I play your song I don't even remember what I played. Yes I know weird for some but this is Ancient Healing Vibrations much better than swallowing white pills with side effects. Link in BIO. Join the BMusic Tribe #selfheaing#highvibration #energyworker #universehasyourback #spiritualhealing #frequency#soulguidance #soulgrowth #highvibration #frequency #thirdeyetribe #higherconscious #spirituallyawake #affirmation #blackwomenbusiness #youcanhealyourself#buyblackmovement #blackownedunity #blacklivesmatter#panafricanism#supportblackbusiness #alwaysmoveforward #inspiration #love #motivationpost #findyourpurpose#bekindtoyourself,#elevate #bekindtoyourself
BeverlyB Jul 06, 2019
Check this out. Heavenly relaxation!
BeverlyB Jul 05, 2019
Dear one, This is part two of You can Heal yourself. Have you noticed that as soon as you hold a baby you begin to rock back and forward? It’s just something that is natural isn’t it? Now hold that baby yes YOU. Love her. Now it is time for you to rock yourself to comfort, to healing, to self nurturing. Just swing back and forward with me. Once you start doing that your body responds. Go ahead you got this. Join me on Patreon and become part of the healing community BMUSIC Tribe that I am building. It is there where I can support you individually and play specific songs for you that are just for you and your healing journey. Check the link in the Bio or just DM me. #selfheaing#highvibration #energyworker #universehasyourback #spiritualhealing #frequency#soulguidance #soulgrowth #highvibration #frequency #thirdeyetribe #higherconscious #spirituallyawake #affirmation #blackwomenbusiness #youcanhealyourself#buyblackmovement #blackownedunity #blacklivesmatter#panafricanism#supportblackbusiness #alwaysmoveforward #inspiration #love #motivationpost #findyourpurpose#bekindtoyourself,#elevate #bekindtoyourself