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Ancient Transition
The Songs the Season Brings, Vols. 1-4
Colony of Bees
Seven Sisters
Beta Radio Aug 09, 2019
This one is called "work day"
Beta Radio Aug 06, 2019
📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 31, 2019
So, here is a band promo photo. We do them from time to time for the purposes of spreading our music throughout the universe. It's also beneficial in exclaiming to the world "We're here!" or "Listen to our music!" or even "How did he get inside that mirror?" #cameratricks Photo by @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 26, 2019
“Hey, take a photo while I’m down here so the internet thinks I can actually fix a broken garbage disposal!” #handyman
Beta Radio Jul 25, 2019
Sometimes we make funny faces. Sometimes we burn holes in the wall with our eyes. Photo: @amandaholloman #cheerup #itgetsbetter
Beta Radio Jul 19, 2019
📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 18, 2019
#TBT Fourth of July fireworks pre-show. @glofx
Beta Radio Jul 16, 2019
#teletuesday #telecastor 📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 09, 2019
Here's Brent going to a deep existential place to find the first chords for a new song (is he thinking about something from his childhood? Is he thinking about that time he found a dead bug in his belly button after camping all weekend?). 📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 04, 2019
📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jul 01, 2019
On mondays, I'll take all the encouragement I can get. #studio #drawings
Beta Radio Jun 27, 2019
You gotta celebrate the wins, so that's what this post is all about. Brent and I were invited to join The Recording Academy's 2019 class. We've been recording music in living rooms, closets and studios for over 10 years and through it all our only intention was to make music that we love. We're beyond honored. #wearemusic #grammys #therecordingacademy
Beta Radio Jun 26, 2019
Beta Radio
Beta Radio Jun 26, 2019
Our tour is over, now back to the studio. New music coming soon! 📷 @amandaholloman
Beta Radio Jun 21, 2019
Double vision. 📷 by Amanda Holloman
Beta Radio Jun 20, 2019
Minneapolis tonight and Indianapolis on Saturday - Come out!
Beta Radio Jun 14, 2019
These one of a kind handmade posters by @halfhazardpress are being made just for our Bloomington, IL show next Tuesday at @thehallowedhall! Every ticket purchase includes a poster... get your ticket through the link in bio and pick up your poster at the show!
Beta Radio Jun 11, 2019
We’re playing some shows this month in the Midwest and some are already sold out. Get your tickets so we can play for you! Tickets: 📷 by Amanda Holloman — June 18 - Bloomington, IL June 19 - Spring Green, WI June 20 - Minneapolis, MN June 22 - Indianapolis, IN
Beta Radio Jun 03, 2019
We’re doing some midwest acoustic shows in June - they’re already selling out, get your tickets here: Photo by: Jason Domingues Photography — June 18 - Bloomington, IL June 19 - Spring Green, WI June 20 - Minneapolis, MN June 22 - Indianapolis, IN
Beta Radio May 29, 2019
Photo by Amanda Millie Holloman Photography
Beta Radio May 28, 2019
If you’re in/near Bloomington, Illinois on June 18th, then come on out for a show at The Hallowed Hall, you won’t regret it (hopefully 🤞🏼) Tickets here:
Beta Radio May 22, 2019
A sped up moment in time, Part 2
Beta Radio May 21, 2019
Our new song Tongue Tied - Acoustic is the second track on Fresh Folk! Thanks Spotify for including our song on such a great playlist!
Beta Radio May 17, 2019
Song day! Here’s an acoustic version of Tongue Tied. Hope you ❤️ it. 👅🤞🏽
Beta Radio May 16, 2019
Check out this actual working robot that we invented. We believe it’s the next step in A.I. It’s name is M.R. C.L.A.M.S. (Microphone Robot Cyborgian Lifting Auditory Machine System). Biddings to purchase this proprietary technology is now open to all major engineering and tech firms. @spacex @microsoft @intel @askjeeves @altavista