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Ancient Transition
The Songs the Season Brings, Vols. 1-4
Colony of Bees
Seven Sisters
Beta Radio at Jammin' Java (March 19, 2019)
Venue: Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio at Joe's Pub (March 20, 2019)
Venue: Joe's Pub (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio at Red Room, Cafe 939, Berklee College of Music (March 22, 2019)
Venue: Red Room, Cafe 939, Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio at The Drake Hotel (March 25, 2019)
Venue: The Drake Hotel (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Beta Radio at The Ark (March 26, 2019)
Venue: The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio with Whitacre at Schubas Tavern (March 27, 2019)
Venue: Schubas Tavern (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio with Whitacre at The Basement (March 29, 2019)
Venue: The Basement (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
Beta Radio Feb 12, 2019
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: In addition to the golden pipes you hear on all the BR records, I’m also an expert when it comes to tickling the ivories, as you can clearly see here. So whenever you’re ready to record your next concert piano record, or comedy album, hit me up.
Beta Radio Feb 10, 2019
So tomorrow morning, when you're driving to work, or changing your baby's diaper, or eating some breakfast, or having your diaper changed, or getting an early start, or staying in bed, or flying in a plane, or riding on a train, or anything else you may be doing, here's something for you to listen to while you do it. Thanks Spotify for adding our song to Morning Acoustic.
Beta Radio Feb 04, 2019
We’re heading out on tour in March and we’d love for you to come! Get tickets here: March 19th - Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java March 20th - New York, NY - Joe's Pub at The Public March 22nd - Boston, MA - The Red Room @ Cafe 939 March 25th - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel March 26th - Ann Arbor, MI (free show!) - The Ark - Ann Arbor March 27th - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall + Schubas March 29th - Nashville, TN - The Basement Nashville March 30th - Decatur, GA - Eddie's Attic
Beta Radio Jan 29, 2019
Please enjoy this photo of us casually standing in front of a beautiful painting in the Toledo Museum of Art.
Beta Radio Jan 19, 2019
Heyo, we’re touring in March and tickets are on sale today, click the link to get yours! Looking forward to seeing you in two months.
Beta Radio Jan 16, 2019
We're excited to hit the road in March. See you guys soon!! Tickets on sale now!
Beta Radio Jan 06, 2019
Thanks Spotify for adding our song Wasted to the Fresh Folk playlist! This is one of my proudest songs, lyrically speaking, and grateful it’s being shared with folks.
Beta Radio Jan 06, 2019
Beta Radio Jan 02, 2019
Thanks Brian Tucker and StarNews!
Beta Radio Dec 22, 2018
Great NYC show last night at The Bowery Ballroom, only two shows left! 📷 Craig Averill Tickets:
Beta Radio Dec 21, 2018
We’ve got three shows left this year, with Good Old War and Allman Brown, come out if you’re close! 12/21 - New York, NY 12/22 - Cambridge, MA 12/23 - Philadelphia, PA Tickets here:
Beta Radio Dec 21, 2018
Three shows left this year! NYC, CAMBRIDGE MA and PHILLY, come out! Tickets ⬇️
Beta Radio Dec 17, 2018
For Beta Radio, music now a full-time job
Beta Radio Dec 14, 2018
The Great Sea Choir performed and arranged a version of our song, On The Frame, and it’s beautiful. Thanks to Heg and everyone involved, listen below!
Beta Radio Dec 11, 2018
We’re playing tonight in Nashville at The High Watt with Good Old War and Allman Brown. Tickets here!
Beta Radio Dec 07, 2018
Hey, thanks Spotify! 77.7 Million minutes of our music was played! The devil is gonna hate this. #777
Beta Radio Nov 30, 2018
Thanks Two Story Melody !!
Beta Radio Nov 29, 2018
Last day to get 20% off everything you buy from us! We forgot to do a cyber Monday thing so hopefully this makes up for it. Use the code “OOPS” in our store (link below) and as an added bonus, brent may give one special buyer a ziplock bag full of hair that was just cut from his head. #specialprize
Beta Radio Nov 28, 2018
Here is a photo of us looking sad and surprised because we totally forgot to do any special sale for Black Friday or Small Biz Saturday or Cyber Monday or Gimmie Your Money Tuesday or whatever other special sale days that might exist. BUT, there’s good news to share! From now until Tomorrow night you can get 20% off everything in our store by using the code “OOPS” - click below to get to the shop.
Beta Radio Nov 27, 2018
Had a technology hiccup so reposting — we meant to do some kind of cyber Monday something but forgot to set that up yesterday, so all day today through Thursday you can get 20% off everything that you buy from our store by using the code: OOPS. There’s brand new merch available in the form of our new record on vinyl, along with v-neck and crew t-shirts with new designs!
Beta Radio Oct 25, 2018
Thanks for having us Paste Music & Daytrotter!
Beta Radio Oct 25, 2018
We’re gonna be live on daytrotter in 40 min! Watch/listen here
Beta Radio Oct 24, 2018
Well alexrainbirdMusic, if you aren't a gentleman!
Beta Radio Oct 23, 2018
Here is a photo of us on stage at The State Room in Salt Lake City. By the end of the show, not a face was left unmelted I’m told. However, I was told this by Brent, who was also on stage with me. The lights were really bright, so I couldn’t clearly see anyone’s face, or their current state of melt for that matter. I’ll just trust that it was happening as Brent reported.
Beta Radio Oct 16, 2018
Whenever you take a trip what must have items do you bring along? We’re on tour now and we made a list of our most important touring essentials over at The Bluegrass Situation. Check it out and tell us if you think these things are really essential, or if we’re just being needy road divas.