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Morning Stanzas
Benzos Sep 21, 2017
#tbt Benzos: sold out show at the original Knitting Factory, April 1, 2007.
Benzos Oct 13, 2016
#tbt 2007. Benzos live performance and interview on Fuse.
Benzos Jul 21, 2016
#tbt 2007, Branches album press photo (photographer: Steph Cinelli Celaya)
Benzos Jul 21, 2016
#tbt Our 2004 interview with the legendary music tastemaker/DJ/encyclopedia Matthew Pinfield and an acoustic performance of "You're Forever An Hourglass" on NY's 92.3 K-Rock. Matt was an early supporter of Benzos and it was fitting that he also hosted what would end up being our final performance in 2008 during CMJ (not counting our reunion show in /12). Big thanks to our homie Allison Hagendorf for planting the seed!
Benzos Dec 29, 2013
Steve uncovered this in storage the other day. Thought we'd share it here as it was one of musical highlights. This was back in '04 when we were a 6-piece, too. The photos were from a photo shoot we did in Brooklyn at our manager's friend's house.
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"Everybody's hurting just like me. And you know it's never-ending. Nothing's like what it seems. Watch the masses gather to be seen. And so we'll see soon after, nothing is in between."
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"Let it fall..."
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"We're building the future's confidence. You've got to leave town, leave now. We're breeding the future's confidants. It envelopes all you see now, bring it down."
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"You'll say you wait for me. Be here when I return. This work I lay into is work I've used to help me lose."
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"Everything you see, is everything I do. It spirals down to you."
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"We are glass houses and yet you're pushing"
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
"Do you find that you stare and waste your mourning stanzas there" (we changed the spelling so our album title wasn't so depressing).
Benzos Apr 26, 2013
Happy Friday (and happy birthday to me). Here's a video for our tune "Bella" that we used as projections for our reunion gig. More coming from the rest of that set.
Benzos Jan 19, 2013
Get a glimpse of what you missed at our reunion show from this awesome photos taken by Couirey Eckmayer for QRO Magazine here.
Benzos Dec 03, 2012
We've got 7 posters (11x17) left from our reunion gig last week. If anyone's interested in purchasing, message us. They're $10. Image attached.
Benzos Nov 30, 2012
If anyone who attended our gig the other night happened to film any portion of it, we'd love to see it. Just email [email protected] with whatever you have. Maybe we can try and piece together the full gig with everyone's footage. So far we have "It's Amiable" and the improv section of "...Hourglass."
Benzos Nov 29, 2012
Oh, and I screwed up. I know I said we would have the reunion show recorded and make it available for free download, but in the rush of it all, I completely forgot to arrange that with the soundman. My bad. We DO have some cool photos and video clips from the night. We'll post once ready. - Christian
Benzos Nov 29, 2012
Thanks to everyone who made last night possible, both behind the scenes and out in front. By far the best Benzos show ever, but that has more to do with such a loving and supportive crowd.
Benzos Nov 21, 2012
Just got a sneak peek at the custom visuals (new clips by Raffi Asdourian and old clips by Adam Neustadter) that we'll be projecting over us at our one-time reunion show a week from today at NYC's Mercury Lounge. Mind bending, to say the least. Looks like I may not need to eat shrem before the gig like I was planning to ;)
Benzos Nov 16, 2012
Time Out NY has previewed our upcoming show.
Benzos Nov 15, 2012
Want to win free tickets to our reunion gig? Go here:
Benzos Nov 09, 2012
"I will wait till it’s my time, I will wait till you’re watching I will wait till your eyes are on me."
Benzos Oct 26, 2012
Gonna lift this status from Dinowalrus, as it's really helpful: Since Facebook has changed how it works, only the 10% of you are seeing what we post. Want to keep up with what we're doing? To keep on RECEIVING OUR POSTS you have to OPEN OUR PAGE, move the mouse near the "Like" button on the gear symbol. Click on it and select "ADD TO THE INTEREST LISTS." By doing so, you will keep on reading our posts in your feed. Thanks!
Benzos Oct 26, 2012
Tickets for Benzos (reunion), Happy People, and Dinowalrus at Mercury Lounge (NYC) on 11.28 are officially on sale. Make sure you're there!
Benzos Oct 25, 2012
Couldn't wait till tomorrow to announce our reunion gig. For any Benzos supporters scattered around the world, we'll be recording this performance to make available to all of you.