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Anthony Parasole and Benjamin Damage at The Loft, Razzmatazz (December 14, 2018)
Venue: The Loft, Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Benjamin Damage Dec 03, 2018
My live set from Sónar Festival in Barcelona earlier this year is now up on SoundCloud
Benjamin Damage Nov 17, 2018
Really excited to be playing Sonar Bogata tonight. The show will be broadcast live at 10-11PM (3-4AM UK, 4-5AM CET)
Benjamin Damage Oct 13, 2018
Thanks to the beautiful, warm crowd that came yesterday. It was a great vibe and Kini did a very nice early set. The sound system was impressive and it was amazing to see such a vibrant techno scene here in India. I really enjoyed the brief time we had but I’m very disappointed that the police shut us down at 1.30am instead of the 5am we had planned. It’s sad the police still occasionally decide to shut the city down early because of bullshit politics. Unfortunately this was one of those nights. I feel bad for the crowd, the organisers and to the DJs Folic State and Dotdat who were due to play later. It was still a very special night and I’m really looking forward to the last stop with Red Bull Music in Bangalore tomorrow. Photos: Ali Bharmal
Benjamin Damage Sep 27, 2018
San Francisco, I'm playing live this Friday at F8 1192 Folsom for Parameter's 4 year anniversary! Tickets:
Benjamin Damage Sep 25, 2018
THURSDAY 9/27 catch me playing at UNION in Los Angeles. Tickets on sale at
Benjamin Damage Sep 17, 2018
Very excited to be back for more wonderful adventures in India, this time armed with my full hardware live set 🇮🇳 Red Bull Music
Benjamin Damage Sep 14, 2018
For N American bookings: [email protected]
Benjamin Damage Aug 07, 2018
I feel very lucky to be alive. Had a terrible high speed accident travelling to Bestival in the back of my friend’s car, but fortunately we all escaped with only minor injuries. Thanks to all the wonderful medics at Bestival who passed me fit enough to do the gig. Still in a lot of pain but very happy we’re all here.
Benjamin Damage Jul 13, 2018
Excited that this is seeing the light of day today! My new EP 'Malfunction' on R&S Records Get it here:
Benjamin Damage Jun 21, 2018
Tonight at 21:30 CET (20:30 GMT) you can watch the replay of my live set at Sónar Festival right here. #sonar2018
Benjamin Damage Jun 15, 2018
Soundcheck done, playing SonarPub at 00.40 tonight!
Benjamin Damage Jun 05, 2018
Very excited for my new R&S record "Malfunction / Binary" - coming out on 13th July You can stream the first track "Malfunction" here (click soundcloud) Looking forward to playing this and a lot other new music live at Sonar by Night, Friday 15th June
Benjamin Damage Jun 05, 2018
Benjamin Damage
Benjamin Damage May 03, 2018 Live hardware recording for Sounds of Sónar
Benjamin Damage Mar 17, 2018
Soundcheck at Berghain
Benjamin Damage Feb 28, 2018
Picked out a few 90s R&S classics to get in the mood for Friday's party, our first label night of the year
Benjamin Damage Feb 23, 2018
Very excited to play live at the R&S showcase at Oval Space with techno founder Juan Atkins and the mighty Paula Temple March 2nd
Benjamin Damage Feb 15, 2018
Benjamin Damage Jan 23, 2018
Very honoured to be back at Sónar Festival, I will play my all new hardware live set on the Sonar by Night main stage
Benjamin Damage Jan 17, 2018
New live setup
Benjamin Damage Jan 09, 2018
Yamaha GX-1, the best and most expensive polysynth of all time. 36 different voice cards, each essentially a full monosynth with all discrete components, 3 keyboards, bass pedals, sound system, programmer, patch memory and built-in analogue drum machine. Very few exist in fully working condition.
Benjamin Damage Dec 20, 2017
My DJ Mag / Coma live stream is up on Youtube
Benjamin Damage Dec 14, 2017
Now the dust has settled I’d like to say something about the Printworks London PLAYdifferently show on Sunday. Up until Sunday I’d had a great week - I played on Thursday in London for the DJ mag / Coma live stream, a secret underground party in Stockholm on Friday and at the truly special BLITZ Music Club in Munich on Saturday, which went on until nearly 8am. On Sunday morning I had to leave pretty much straight from the club to catch the British Airways flight from Munich, scheduled to arrive in London at 14:00. The departure time kept moving forward due to snow related delays: 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, eventually departing 3 1/2 hours late. I agreed with the promoter to swap sets with Rebekah and for Room 2 to be extended by an hour so that I would be able to play. As we got near London the pilot announced that due to further snow delays at Heathrow it was not possible to land anywhere in London and we were being diverted to Leeds. This was a huge shock and disappointment to me. I was looking forward to this show for months and really excited to play there. After landing in Leeds we were forced to wait a further 3.5 hours before we could even depart the plane due to lack of ground staff. We were then told all hotels were full and we had to make our own way back to London, which meant getting an almost 4 hour Uber ride. I feel awful about not being able to play, and I’m sure Richie Hawtin and Chris Liebing do too. All options were looked at, but ultimately there was absolutely no possible way to get there. This is the first show I have ever missed and I’m really sad about it. Printworks is an incredible venue and I’m sorry for everyone who was disappointed we could not make it. I hope all who went still had a great time and many thanks to all the wonderful DJs who extended their sets.
Benjamin Damage Nov 23, 2017
Back in Berlin this Saturday for Oscillate's 3rd birthday at ://about blank