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Ben Rector Aug 12, 2019
How is everyone's Monday going?
Ben Rector Aug 02, 2019
Back to writing after some West Coast golf. It was a memorable week but I’m glad to be home. I’m ready to sit down at the piano and chase some ideas. Pictured: Team Hats™️, me trying to use the slope of a par three and failing and my friend Joel and I accidentally matching head to toe.
Ben Rector Jul 30, 2019
Team Hats™️. Bandon is really great.
Ben Rector Jul 28, 2019
Today is my lovely, lovely wife’s birthday. She’s my favorite person and the longer we are together, the more I’m glad she’s my partner. I love you a lot Hillary. Also pictured: Jane ‘smiling’.
Ben Rector Jul 25, 2019
Two years ago today, Jane was born. She is so wonderful I can barely stand it and I’m so glad she’s in the world. This is from the donut shop this morning, where she consistently requests ‘a pink donut’.
Ben Rector Jul 19, 2019
Ben Rector Jul 16, 2019
4 generations in one picture celebrating my Gramma’s 90th birthday. Jackson is wonderful and family is a unique and beautiful thing.
Ben Rector Jul 15, 2019
If you believe in your dreams and work hard, it’s possible that one day you too can wear the Pharrell Arby's hat while holding a huge cutout of your own face and also a cutout of a Beef n’ Cheddar. Thanks so much to Arby's Foundation for having us!
Ben Rector Jul 10, 2019
For everybody who asked, here's where each song on 'Magic: Live From The USA' was recorded. If your city didn't get picked, it's because I hated playing there (I'm joking, this tour was really enjoyable). Thanks again for making it so great. See you again sometime soon.
Ben Rector Jul 02, 2019
Had a really wonderful time at Pursell Farms this weekend. Thanks so much to them and Brice Butler for putting on a wonderful event and including me in it. This is potentially the coolest I have ever/will ever look playing golf. 📷: Eric Michael Savage
Ben Rector Jul 01, 2019
My friend Aaron Sterling made a podcast called ‘Sterloid Talks!’ and invited me on it. He’s a big deal in the music world (if you have ears, you’ve heard his drumming, it’s literally everywhere). It was a really unique interview and I had a blast doing it. If you’re a musician or are interested in that stuff, it’s a more in depth look at creative process/writing/production than I’ve done before, and Aaron is a genuinely funny and brilliant guy
Ben Rector Jun 22, 2019
Happy Birthday to 'Magic'! I can't believe it's been a year. In that time we've traversed the US (several times), released 'MPLS Magic', and 'Magic: Live From The USA'. I couldn't be happier to have shared this chapter with you and I'm really grateful for it.
Ben Rector Jun 21, 2019
'Magic: Live From the USA' is out today. A massive thank you to the band and crew, and also you guys, for making this tour so special. Literally couldn't have done it without you
Ben Rector Jun 20, 2019
TOMORROW, PEOPLE. 'MAGIC: Live From The USA' COMES OUT TOMORROW. I'm v, v stoked. Pre save, pre order, pre whatever you want, but maybe set aside some time to listen to it
Ben Rector Jun 17, 2019
The live version of ‘Duo’ SLAMS, thanks to @jaredkneale, Kevin MacIntire, Nate Dugger and Andy Sheridan. Listen to that shuffle! Listen to the bass licks! SHEESH. Full record is out this Friday.
Ben Rector Jun 17, 2019
Ten years with my best friend. She’s the best. This is the face I generally make when I feel like we are taking too many pictures.
Ben Rector Jun 14, 2019
"Duo (Live)" Out Today. One week 'till the full live album comes out!!
Ben Rector Jun 13, 2019
Ben Rector Jun 12, 2019
A month or two ago I got to go to a fitting at the Ping Tour headquarters. I’ve been playing the clubs from that fitting since then and they are really, really wonderful (sidenote, outside of making wonderful gear, it turns out the people at Ping are wonderful as well). A few people on Twitter have asked about a #WITB, so I figured I’d oblige. If you aren’t into golf, cruise right on by this. Ping G410 PLUS 9 degree Mitsubishi Tensei White 70TX 44.75” Ping G410 19 degree hybrid Same shaft as the driver (I think) Ping i210 irons 4-UW Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue Plus 1/4”, about 1 degree upright Ping Glide 54 and 60 degree wedges An old SeeMore Putter Company putter The grips on everything are Golf Pride Grips mid size multi compound. Shoutout to Ping Tour for the clubs and to golf for being endlessly entertaining and difficult.
Ben Rector Jun 10, 2019
Had a wonderful time at the BMW Charity Pro-Am presented by SYNNEX Corporation. While #teamcameo (Grant Hirschman and I) didn’t win, we may have had the best time. Grant is a genuinely gifted golfer and a wonderful guy. It gave me an appreciation for a little bit of what professional golfers experience and how, a lot like music, something that can seem glamorous from far away is actually a grind. Huge respect for everyone on the Tour.
Ben Rector Jun 07, 2019
'MAGIC: Live from the USA' is available for pre-save and pre-order today! Listen to the first track, our rendition of the Shania Twain classic "You're Still The One" now. Those of you who pre-save early on Spotify might even get a special merch discount code (WINK WINK)
Ben Rector Jun 07, 2019
Our rendition of the Shania Twain classic 'You're Still The One' comes out tomorrow (or tonight at roughly 11pm CT if you are into that).
Ben Rector Jun 05, 2019
Magic: The Tour was really special. Special enough that we started recording each show and put together what is, I think, a very special live record. 'MAGIC: Live From The USA' comes out 6/21!
Ben Rector May 21, 2019
No. 4 at Pinehurst Resort is a great course. Gil Hanse, the redesign is incredible and also wow, pretty hard. Wonderful course and a wonderful day. Pumped to check out Number 2 tomorrow!
Ben Rector May 17, 2019
Did we make a little too much tour merch? Yes. Do you now get v good deals on v good shirts? Yes.