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Ben Rector Apr 22, 2019
Ben Rector Apr 22, 2019
Omaha, you were very warm and very tightly packed. Thanks for making the final show feel like a victory lap. I hope I get back out your way soon.
Ben Rector Apr 22, 2019
Denver. Last night was a great, great time and you were a wonderful audience. See you again next time.
Ben Rector Apr 22, 2019
Salt Lake City, there were a lot of you. You exceeded my expectations and made it a really memorable evening. Thanks for coming and see you soon!
Ben Rector Apr 22, 2019
Favorite Denver show I’ve ever played. Thanks so much for coming. Can’t believe the tour is almost over. 📷 : Jordon Conner
Ben Rector Apr 19, 2019
Salt Lake was, in a word, lit. Also, it’s hard to tell in the first picture but I am doing a cool jump and my feet are 2-3 inches off the ground at a minimum. Denver tonight! 📷: Jordon Conner
Ben Rector Apr 19, 2019
My spirit animal is this car.
Ben Rector Apr 18, 2019
Seattle, in what must be the tallest theater ever constructed. You guys made us feel right at home even though we don’t get out here all that much. I’ll do my best not to stay away so long next time. Thanks for coming.
Ben Rector Apr 17, 2019
Portland, I don’t play out there that much but you made me wish I did last night. Thanks for making it a wonderful show.
Ben Rector Apr 17, 2019
This guy is the best. I would not be excited to do this.
Ben Rector Apr 16, 2019
San Francisco at the legendary Fillmore. One of my favorite crowds and days of the whole tour. See you again soon and thanks for making it great.
Ben Rector Apr 16, 2019
No smoking at the Roseland Theater.
Ben Rector Apr 16, 2019
Apologies for not letting you guys know earlier. We just found out.
Ben Rector Apr 15, 2019
Anaheim, thank you for keeping an open mind and coming to the show. Shout out to these four people who painted their own party shirts.
Ben Rector Apr 15, 2019
Maybe the greatest moment and comeback in sports history. I never thought we’d see it happen and I’ll always remember where I was. Shoutout to the bus TVs for inexplicably cutting off right after the putt? Congrats 🐅.
Ben Rector Apr 15, 2019
Los Angeles, I am behind on the videos, apologies. But you were really great even though my voice was not feeling great. Thanks for helping us push through and making us feel at home.
Ben Rector Apr 12, 2019
Cypress Point is breathtaking. This putt was to close out the 36th hole of the day in the windiest weather I have ever golfed in (a steady 25-30 during the second round with gusts strong enough to knock you off balance and roll the ball around the green). It felt like a marathon and a battle in the best way. I did not break the course record, but did hit the ball really well and had one of the most enjoyable and memorable days yet.
Ben Rector Apr 10, 2019
Phoenix, you brought the heat on a Monday night. (It was legitimately 96 degrees outside). Thanks for coming!
Ben Rector Apr 09, 2019
Had so, so much fun getting fitted/getting to hang out at PING Golf headquarters. They are my favorite golf brand and I had as much fun as when I was a kid doing things. The people there were incredibly kind and generous with their time and it’s an experience I’ll remember for a long time. Man what a day.
Ben Rector Apr 08, 2019
San Antonio: did I trip down the stairs in the balcony into the railing? Yes. Did my in ear pack fall into a guy’s beer right after that and die? Also yes. Does my hip/ribs hurt today pretty bad? Yes. Were you a wonderful crowd? Also yes. Thanks for the memories.
Ben Rector Apr 08, 2019
Day off golf on what is easily the most beautiful day of the year. Butterfield Trail Golf Club was a wonderful surprise in El Paso, a Fazio that felt a lot more like Pete Dye. Phoenix we are coming for you tomorrow.
Ben Rector Apr 06, 2019
👏🏼Tulsa 👏🏼Okla 👏🏼homa. What a perfect way to kick off the last run of the tour. Thanks for being an ideal crowd.
Ben Rector Apr 05, 2019
‘Let’s head to the West Coast. Ready...break.’ (not at all what I said when this photo was taken but an accurate caption for the next two weeks with the people in this photo)
Ben Rector Apr 03, 2019
If you thought I wouldn’t run up to the cheap seats during the show wearing a hat I borrowed from a concert goer you thought wrong. 📷: Jordon Conner
Ben Rector Apr 02, 2019
Today I met my arch nemesis.