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Ben Kweller at The Bowery Ballroom (November 8, 2019)
Venue: The Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Ben Kweller at Union Stage (November 9, 2019)
Venue: Union Stage (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Ben Kweller Aug 16, 2019
Come sing your hearts out with me at my last shows of 2019. 🤯🤯 Ticket link in buy-oh! I’m returning to my old stomping grounds to play a joint that’s near and dear to my soul ✨@boweryballroom✨ If you’re in the Tri-state area, I really hope you can make it. 😘 In DC I’m at @unionstage, and Nashville, we’re bringin’ it over to @thebasementeast! All shows are on a Friday or Saturday so you really have no excuse to stay home. 🤪 It’s been one hell of a decade y’all. Glad to close it out with @johndavidkent, @ryanjamesbrewer, @woosh_lee_sd, and @misterymatter (also the best visual artist in the game 👁👁👁😺) Comment if you’re coming? Ok ok, I’ll take some song requests too... See you on the trail! 🏆BK
Ben Kweller Aug 13, 2019
My dear friend Amy Cook has a gorgeous album on the way!!!! The first single is called "Wasted With the Choir" and it drops on Sep 27. Pre-order it nowwwwww! You will love it.
Ben Kweller Aug 05, 2019
There I am. Ready to kick some ass and melt some face. 🎨 by lil @judahkweller
Ben Kweller Aug 02, 2019
Ben Kweller Aug 02, 2019
The new song is sooooo fun! I can't wait for you to here it.
Ben Kweller Aug 02, 2019
Sup yallll!!!! I thought I'd check in on my Facebook friends. Who's still up on this thing?
Ben Kweller Aug 02, 2019
Back to school single nouveau “Carelesss” drops Friday August 30th. Pre-order it now on iTunes and Google Play for 99¢. 🤭 Lincoln Bayou. 🎩 It’s a wackadoole shredfest about being weird and not givin’ a flyp aboot it. Wave your freak flag hiiiigh peeps🏆 Produced by @dwightabaker and moi. Mastered by @howiethemaster #newmusicfriday #newmusic2019 #newmusicfridays #indierock #alternativerock #90sgrunge #zebratights #hotzombiechicks #backtoschool
Ben Kweller Jul 27, 2019
Maybe “Little Pink Stars”?
Ben Kweller Jul 26, 2019
I’m back to my oid self again!
Ben Kweller Jul 25, 2019
Tomorrow we return to Ft. Worth to play @shippingandreceivingbar! It's an outdoor show with @ebtheyounger batting first. 🤘⚾ #sunflowerseeds
Ben Kweller Jul 24, 2019
shred the gnar
Ben Kweller Jul 24, 2019
Ft. Worth FRIDAY! @shippingandreceivingbar. @ebtheyounger is opening the show. Prepare thineself for Marshall mayhem of a monstrous magnitude. 🤯⚡️
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Ben Kweller Jul 21, 2019
Sweet @misterymatter resting up for the big gig in Omaha tonight. 🏆
Ben Kweller Jul 19, 2019
”but a kid carries his Walkman on that long bus ride to Omaha”. I can’t wait for Sunday in Nebraska! @orcawelles is opening and they rule. Go to (Lincoln Bayou) for tix. 🦄🎸 Bring your crew out. Party thymes.🏆
Ben Kweller Jul 17, 2019
Ben Kweller Jun 29, 2019
So stoked to be playing Blues on the Green in Austin on July 17th!!!!!!!!!!!! ZILKER PARK Y'ALLLLL! Come out. Free show. bring your fam 'n' friends.
Ben Kweller Jun 29, 2019