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Phantom Studies
Mixmag Presents Ben Klock
Time Warp DE Time Warp DE 2019
Venue: Maimarkthalle (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
DGTL Amsterdam DGTL Amsterdam 2019
Venue: Ndsm Docklands (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Great Wall Festival Great Wall Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Beijing, China) Find tickets
Venue: Allgäu Airport - Shelter (Memmingen, Germany) Find tickets
Pollerwiesen festival Pollerwiesen festival 2019
Venue: Revierpark Wischlingen (Dortmund, Germany) Find tickets
Off Week Festival Off Week Festival 2019
Venue: Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Ben Klock at La Belle Electrique (June 28, 2019)
Venue: La Belle Electrique (Grenoble, France) Find tickets
Sea You Festival Beach Republic Sea You Festival Beach Republic 2019
Venue: Sea You Festival (Freiburg, Germany) Find tickets
SWF SWF 2019
Venue: Havenpark (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Ben Klock Jan 22, 2019
Listen back to my DJ set recorded live at PHOTON during ADE 2018!
Ben Klock Jan 11, 2019
's cover photo
Ben Klock Dec 06, 2018
Klockworks 23 by Stef Mendesidis is out in one week! Listen more:
Ben Klock Nov 26, 2018
One of my sets from Circoloco at DC10 this summer:
Ben Klock Nov 26, 2018
's cover photo
Ben Klock Oct 30, 2018
Thanks to everyone you came on a trip with us at the PHOTON night in Sofia! It felt really special!
Ben Klock Oct 23, 2018
Massive thanks to everyone who attended our PHOTON show at ADE!
Ben Klock Oct 18, 2018
's cover photo
Ben Klock Sep 28, 2018
September big fun!
Ben Klock Sep 05, 2018
I hope you're ready! Klockworks 22 by The Advent out today!
Ben Klock Aug 12, 2018
DGTL Barcelona was incredible! Amazing energy from day to night! Shout out to Nocow
Ben Klock Aug 02, 2018
That's how a nice festival feels like..!
Ben Klock Jul 12, 2018
Catch me live here on my Facebook page tonight 2:30am (CET) as I stream from the Exit Festival!
Ben Klock Jul 01, 2018
Amazing vibes at Awakenings Day 1
Ben Klock Jun 21, 2018
's cover photo
Ben Klock Jun 07, 2018
Ben Klock May 12, 2018
Bassiani stay strong! Support from Berlin! ✊🏻
Ben Klock May 11, 2018
Unfortunately I'm still not well enough to travel. I was hoping until the last minute that it would be ok but I also have to cancel Milano tonight :( We are working on a replacement date. I know many people were looking forward to tonight's gig and I was too, but I promise I will make up for it next time at Dude club!
Ben Klock May 09, 2018
To the peeps out in Stockholm and Amsterdam: I hate canceling shows and usually I push through, but unfortunately I had to cancel Tillsammans today and Shelter tomorrow. I've become ill and I'm feeling too weak to travel and play. I'm really sorry. We're looking for replacement dates very soon now. For Shelter Rødhåd will jump in and I'm sure you will have an amazing party tomorrow!
Ben Klock May 03, 2018
Ben Klock Apr 24, 2018
It's our first PHOTON outside of Europe this weekend. What could be better than the city of New York for that!
Ben Klock Apr 16, 2018
Caprices Festival in the groove
Ben Klock Apr 10, 2018
A moment in Time Warp...
Ben Klock Apr 08, 2018
Danke Time Warp! 🙏🏻
Ben Klock Apr 06, 2018
I'll be live streaming my set from Time Warp on Arte at 8 am CET Sunday morning!