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Belly Aug 25, 2019
Thinking you a bad bitch Really, you just doing bad bitch Fronted on me when I ain't had shit Until I came up like a savvvagggggeeeeeeeee
Belly Aug 24, 2019
the beauty about timeless music, is you can never be too late..
Belly Aug 24, 2019
sometimes you have to kill the person you were to make room for the person you’re about to become
Belly Aug 23, 2019
No cure for the insecure, But you can share my soul with me since you’re missing yours
Belly Aug 15, 2019
Long live Nipsey. Happy Birthday King 🏁
Belly Aug 12, 2019
imagine me giving a fuck about a list, when I can wash anybody on it 😴
Belly Jul 30, 2019
where dreams come true #XO
Belly Jul 13, 2019
Can’t wait to leave earth SpaceX 📸 : @robnspace
Belly Jul 10, 2019
Swedish Officials: #JusticeForRocky Demand that Rocky Be Released from Swedish Officials - Sign the Petition!
Belly Jul 06, 2019
Toronto ✈️
Belly Jul 03, 2019
Belly Jul 01, 2019
My brxother Nav brought me out in LA 🌴
Belly Jun 29, 2019
Belly Jun 21, 2019
Congratulations Mama! @annadaas my biggest inspiration || she just earned her Masters degree in Women’s Studies ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Belly Jun 20, 2019
it’s ok to wish for something if you’re actually gonna work to get it
Belly Jun 18, 2019
Give me my flowers while I can still smell em 🌱 🍃 ||| big shout out to Paradiso + my dog Fields & @sami_bundlez 💨
Belly Jun 16, 2019
Came all the way to Sweden to support our brother @salxo and watch his amazing speech at @brilliantmindssthlm . You killed the stage and made us proud beyond words big bro 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Belly Jun 16, 2019
Name this group 🤟🏽 #XO
Belly Jun 14, 2019
y’all don’t got the drip 💧 🎥 @salxo
Belly Jun 13, 2019
Merch always available at #XO
Belly Jun 11, 2019
Bitches know, told a ho, "It's different strokes for different folks" Came up out the north, we was playin' with a different snow
Belly Jun 09, 2019
Belly Jun 08, 2019
pursuit of happiness 💚 #XO
Belly Jun 04, 2019
“Oh, we gon' reach a billi' first I told my wife the spiritual shit really work, Alhamdulillah” 🤲🏽 - Congratulations Mr. Shawn Carter, the 🐐 in real life.
Belly Jun 03, 2019
Still remember this day like it was yesterday.. free my brother Juelz Santana & RIP Nip Tha Great || the marathon continues 📸: @ceoslow 🏁💙🏁