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Of Breath and Bone
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Be'lakor Apr 13, 2019
Only 3 days left to grab CDs, beanies or patches from our official store before they're unavailable for *several* weeks! (shirts and hoodies will remain available). If you've been planning a purchase, jump in by April 16! The place to go is
Be'lakor Mar 21, 2019
Still making riffs. New music is really coming together. (This is the face of a man who agrees that the new music is really coming together).
Be'lakor Mar 09, 2019
Um... what? WARNING: These are NOT official merch items! Who knew bootlegged merch could be so bad? :p Should we be offended? Flattered? Amused? Oh well. What sorts of new merch should we *actually* make for our store?
Be'lakor Jan 13, 2019
TWO goodies for you guys! This new hand-drawn 'Of Breath and Bone' T-shirt is now available in our official store! To celebrate, for one week (until January 20) you can also head to our Bandcamp to get 50% off the dynamic vinyl re-master download for Of Breath and Bone - just enter the code "earcandy" for that deal. Links below! OBAB shirt: OBAB vinyl re-master with 50% off (code: "earcandy")
Be'lakor Jan 10, 2019
10 years on hey? Holy hell. Cheers to Metal Insider for giving a shout out to Stone's Reach, ranking it fourth in their 'top ten exceptional albums turning ten' list:
Be'lakor Dec 30, 2018
New merch provider sorted! Tees are available again in our store over at, so go spend all your Christmas cash! New designs coming soon too.
Be'lakor Dec 27, 2018
You guys rule. Looking forward to bringing you a new batch of ear-worms soon!
Be'lakor Dec 07, 2018
Well that's just nuts. 2018 on spotify... thanks for listening guys!
Be'lakor Nov 19, 2018
Jamming the newest song. Ten minutes of riffage.
Be'lakor Nov 13, 2018
What a nice cover of Husks! Thanks for this Costas! What do you think guys, should we do another all-acoustic track on album number 5?
Be'lakor Nov 08, 2018
For a short time, t-shirts and hoodies are SOLD OUT on our official webstore ( while we transition to a new supplier. Thanks for the patience guys! You can still grab CDs, beanies and other goodies direct from us at this store. More news soon.
Be'lakor Sep 10, 2018
Lovingly re hand-drawn to capture all the details, this Stone's Reach art is now available on a t-shirt! You know where to head to grab yours! (But in case you don't... the answer is our official store at ).
Be'lakor Aug 18, 2018
*IF* we toured to the 15 cities that listened to us the MOST on Spotify in the past 28 days, that tour, in order, would be: 1. Helsinki 2. Stockholm 3. Istanbul 4. Mexico City 5. Oslo 6. Santiago 7. London 8. Los Angeles 9. Montreal 10. Chicago 11. Paris 12. Gothenburg (Yes! MDM's home) 13. Hamburg 14. Dallas 15. Tampere Some proper frequent flyer points there.
Be'lakor Jul 19, 2018
So, by now, you guys probably know that our drummer Elliott has about twelve arms and eight legs, and drums in four bands. One of those bands is Future Corpse - and they have dropped a killer new album (their second), called "Culture Ruins Everything Around Me." It's a super creative 45 minutes of eclectic prog metal/post-hardcore. And how about that album art! You can listen, download and purchase it here: If you're based in Melbourne, you can also catch them at their album launch tomorrow night, Friday the 20th, at the Reverence Hotel
Be'lakor Jun 27, 2018
Glad to hear that the Stone's Reach limited edition vinyls have been landing at people's doorsteps this week! Thanks for all the photos, like this one from Rob! (@Sinn0x)
Be'lakor Jun 13, 2018
Less than 150 copies of the 500 Stone's Reach black/gold marble vinyls are left! Pre-orders end on June 22. All orders through the Napalm Records store:
Be'lakor May 14, 2018
Hands up if you got our recent newsletter?? We are so old school that we still like email. You can sign up at our official site: The top 10 countries for email opens were: 1. U.S. 2. Germany 3. Australia 4. Canada 5. UK 6. Pakistan 7. Netherlands 8. France 9. Switzerland 10. Sweden
Be'lakor May 07, 2018
Several years after the initial pressing sold out, we are happy to say that Napalm Records has pressed a limited-to-500 run of Stone’s Reach on vinyl, this time in golden black marble! Pre-orders are currently being taken! (Release date June 22). All orders through the Napalm store:
Be'lakor Mar 26, 2018
Steve had a chat with A&p-REACTS over the weekend, discussing song writing, Vessels, touring and (not our suggestion!) turning Countless Skies into Australia's national anthem... among other things! Video here:
Be'lakor Mar 23, 2018
riffs riffs riffs riffs riffs
Be'lakor Mar 15, 2018
...And here is the second new shirt design that went onto our store a few days ago! This one inspired by "Luma."
Be'lakor Mar 12, 2018
It's new merch time! Two brand new shirts are now available at our webstore, including this design, inspired by the story told in 'The Smoke of Many Fires.' Keep an eye out for heaps more designs across 2018 as we continue to work on the new album!
Be'lakor Mar 04, 2018
Reddit users will understand that this is a bittersweet moment for us!
Be'lakor Jan 29, 2018
When someone covers Husks and then adds a beautiful, epic solo onto the end... the feels!
Be'lakor Jan 15, 2018
Gotta love a good reaction video. Cheers to 'A&P Reacts' for having a listen to Countless Skies!