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Behold... The Arctopus Aug 17, 2019
thanks to everyone who came and saw us on the west coast tour! special thanks to the 3 mysterious robots of Imperial Triumphant. get ready for yet another Behold the Arctopus tour, also with robots, in just a few weeks. from now on we only tour with bands comprised of robots. we leave you with a resummoning:
Behold... The Arctopus Aug 02, 2019
We’re on the road. And we discovered this new thing called instant gram. Has anyone heard of it? If you have, you can “follow” us and “heart” our picture.
Behold... The Arctopus Jul 21, 2019
Behold... The Arctopus Jul 10, 2019
COMING THIS FALL................ another Behold the Arctopus tour! this one will also be with DYSRHYTHMIA for the "Terminal Threshold" album release, which will be fresh, damp, and dewy with newness 10/1 - Rochester, NY - Bug Jar 10/2 - Toronto, ON - Garrison 10/3 - Ottawa, ON - House of TARG 10/4 - Montreal, QC - Le Ritz (early show) 10/5 - Portland, ME - Geno’s 10/7 - Boston, MA - Middle East 10/8 - TBA 10/9 - Brooklyn - Saint Vitus All of these except 10/8 will also be with Captured! By Robots. yes! question: What's the only thing that can satisfyingly follow 2 brain-destroying instrumental prog bands? answer: robots playing grindcore we will have the new Behold the Arctopus album recorded and finished before this tour, but the release probably wont happen until early 2020. come see us play all the new songs before the album is out! you won't know where the mistakes are!
Behold... The Arctopus Jul 08, 2019
this friday is the debut of PHONON! (Elliott Sharp, Weasel Walter, Álvaro Domene, Colin Marston) joining us will be the amazing: Chaser (members of Child Abuse, Nebadon/Angel of Retribution, ex-Cellular Chaos), and the mysterious: Ir (Mick Barr and Erik Malave) 12th of July at 8pm. $15. At Brooklyn Bazaar's Cellar Lounge (150 Greenpoint Avenue).
Behold... The Arctopus Jun 30, 2019
Long Island meets Queens: Colin Marston on the Heavy Hole podcast.
Behold... The Arctopus Jun 11, 2019
Behold the Arctopus will return to the west coast this August! Don't worry, this time we're bringing Mike Lerner on guitar. We're also bringing along our friends, the artistically unreasonable Imperial Triumphant! Get ready for it to smell like New York City. We will be playing a lot of new music from our forthcoming album (due out early next year) as well as some old stuff. West Coast Tour Dates: 8/2 - Portland, OR at Twilight 8/3 - Seattle, WA at Highline 8/4 - Chehalis, WA at McFiler's 8/6 - Eugene, OR at Old Nick’s 8/7 - Sacramento, CA at Blue Lamp 8/8 - San Francisco, CA at The Eagle 8/9 - Santa Cruz, CA at Catalyst Atrium 8/10 - San Diego, CA at Brick By Brick 8/11 - Los Angeles, CA at 5 Star Bar thanks to Nate Carson at Nanotear for booking:
Behold... The Arctopus May 19, 2019
Colin Marston solo show this Saturday, May 25 at Issue Project Room! this will be the album release show for Colin and Eliane's new piano/noise album: Colin Marston and Eliane Gazzard: "Parallels of Infinite Perspect" (out May 24 on Iluso Records): SHOW INFO: May 25th at Issue Project Room (With Mario Diaz De Leon and Lea Bertucci Colin will be performing first, doing a 4-channel live mix of a condensed version of the album "Parallels of Infinite Perspect," followed by a duet with Mario Diaz De Leon: "Parallels of Infinite Perspect" will be available for purchase at the show, as well as Colin and Eliane's other band's new album: GLYPTOGLOSSIO: "YOTTAANNUMS IN THE BYSS"
Behold... The Arctopus May 13, 2019
OUT NOW: GLYPTOGLOSSIO, "YOTTAANNUMS IN THE BYSS" "The rolls royce of avant-garde metal." Nandor Nevai, Eliane Gazzard, Colin Marston. - limited edition of 65 cds: first 25 cds are $15 plus shipping. price will increase after. - unlimited edition of infinite downloads: $1000. - trying to sell recordings in 2019 is funny.
Behold... The Arctopus May 03, 2019 coming in 2 weeks on cd and unaffordable download: "YOTTAANNUMS in the BYSS" the "highly" anticipated 2nd album from GLYPTOGLOSSIO (N. Nevai, Eliane Gazzard, Colin Marston). cyber-gnostik teknikal death
Behold... The Arctopus Apr 30, 2019
The show that almost didn't happen due to the Acheron closing! One of two concerts where all of Cognitive Emancipation was performed live as a trio. We played this show the day after recording these songs in the studio: the new Behold the Arctopus album is 98% written. let's all collectively enjoy the mystery of that last unknown 2%.
Behold... The Arctopus Nov 14, 2018
Colin and Jason 2018 Summer recording session
Behold... The Arctopus Nov 14, 2018
ok here are answers to some question you may or may not have asked: yes, we are still a band. yes, mike lerner is still playing guitar in the band. yes, jason bauers is still playing drums in the band. yes, our tours of the east with Defeated Sanity, and of the west coast with no one were fantastic. yes, Defeated Sanity is the world's best band. yes, mike lerner unfortunately fell ill and was only able to play 1 of the 13 shows. yes, we still played all the rest of the shows with no guitar because that's how much we love music and love you. yes, mike is feeling much better now. yes, we have new music written (6 songs so far). yes, we've already recorded half a new album. yes, we plan on releasing a new record in 2019. yes, our newest material will continue to "ruin music" and make people upset all over the world. ok, stop asking me so many questions! the bandcamp merch page has been updated with 2 shirt designs from the tour: the timely "Make America Shred Again" World Tour of America shirt: and a redo of the Horrorscension album cover shirt, this time without stonehenge getting involved. white only, very good print: i also updated quantities of the last few remaining skullgrid and tech shirts, and dvds: here's a good video of the Arctopus duo (sans Lerner) playing brand new, new and old songs in Portland Oregon. yes, all these songs have guitar parts.
Behold... The Arctopus May 28, 2018
Los Angeles! The gods can be kind, but they can also be cruel!!! We need a show on Friday, June 1st. Acceptable venues include - Freeway underpass - Backyard BBQ - Hot, stinky basement - Graduation ceremony/prom - Megachurch - Disneyland - Or any other suggestion... If you have a lead, please reach out to Nate and Colin [email protected] [email protected] We still have the following confirmed shows too! 6/2 Ventura, CA (Garage) 6/3 Oakland, CA (Elbo Room Jack London, Oakland --not the San Francisco location) 6/6 Seattle, WA (Highline) 6/7 Portland, OR (Twilight) 6/8 Sacramento, CA (Blue Lamp) 6/9 San Diego, CA (Brick By Brick) Thank you!
Behold... The Arctopus May 09, 2018
On May 23rd (two weeks from today), we join Defeated Sanity, Scaphism, and Aeviterne (with members of Flourishing, Castevet, and Artificial Brain) at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. See you soon.
Behold... The Arctopus Apr 24, 2018
Vernal winds have shifted westward... 6/1 Los Angeles, CA (TBD) 6/2 Ventura, CA (Garage) 6/3 Oakland, CA (Elbo Room Jack London, Oakland --not the San Francisco location) 6/6 Seattle, WA (Highline) 6/7 Portland, OR (Twilight) 6/8 Sacramento, CA (Blue Lamp) 6/9 San Diego, CA (Brick By Brick)
Behold... The Arctopus Jan 05, 2018
Updated Poster! Note the Pittsburgh venue change.
Behold... The Arctopus Jan 04, 2018
We will be joining our friends Defeated Sanity in battle this May as we bring to you new, old and ancient songs. 5/18 - Pittsburgh, PA The Smiling Moose <-------Venue Change! 5/19 - Cleveland, OH Now That's Class 5/20 - Rochester, NY Bug Jar 5/21 - Boston, MA Middle East 5/22 - Providence, RI Alchemy 5/23 - Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus Bar See you soon.
Behold... The Arctopus Sep 19, 2017
The air chills... the unheard sounds coagulate... the northeast remembers... MMXVIII... a time when sanity may face its greatest defeat...
Behold... The Arctopus Nov 09, 2016
GRAB ‘EM BY THE ‘PUS AND MAKE AMERICA SHRED AGAIN! Ditch the turds on tv and get “Cognitive Emancipation” now! Available for CD Pre Order (ships early December) and Digital Download on Bandcamp! Also available, the last bits of merch and all our back catalog. Warmageddon NOW!
Behold... The Arctopus Sep 30, 2016
News: The air is crisp. The winds are shifting, and the stars are rotating. "Cognitive Emancipation" is coming... Until then, take in the breeze with our fellow Colin, Eliane, and Nondor
Behold... The Arctopus Sep 30, 2016
Behold... The Arctopus's cover photo
Behold... The Arctopus Sep 30, 2016
Behold... The Arctopus
Behold... The Arctopus Jul 12, 2016
We have a new drummer, Jason Bauers, and a new album to be released this year! ...and this will be our only show for quite some time: July 19 @ The Well (moved from the Acheron which is unfortunately closing) Behold The Arctopus (first show with new drummer! new music no one wants to hear! annoyingly short set!) The Gate (tuba/upright electric bass/drums free and composed splatter doom) Dripping Ancience (Mick Barr and Mike Pride banjo and percussion) Vosnod (Eliane Gazzard's oppressively soothing ambience)
Behold... The Arctopus Mar 11, 2015
a message from Weasel Walter: HEY. i put out a new solo album today called "Fragments". It features previously unreleased recordings of compositions dating back from 1999 to present. 70 minutes of brutal prog in for people who dig the The Flying Luttenbachers' "Systems Emerge" and "Incarceration" albums, as well as "Horroscension" by Behold... The Arctopus. It's nuts and there's a lot of notes, painstakingly selected as you might surmise. If you buy the download, you get the 9 page PDF file with extensive liner notes and you help me keep the electricity on one more day. thanks