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Midwest Modesty
The Dawn of My Death
Before Their Eyes
Before Their Eyes Jul 23, 2019
Circa 2006
Before Their Eyes Jun 29, 2019
City In A Snow Globe xx
Before Their Eyes Jun 28, 2019
Today we released CITY IN A SNOW GLOBE - completely re-recorded from the ground up 12 years later. Hopefully this takes you back. How did you first hear of us? What was the first song? Do you want us to re-record some more old tracks 2019 style? Spread the word, you can stream it on all digital outlets. Love you guys.
Before Their Eyes Jun 05, 2019
"City In A Snow Globe" out June 28th Pre-Save it now so you don't forget:
Before Their Eyes Apr 14, 2019
Did anyone ever hear this song from Nick's side project 5 year ago or so? Probably could have been a BTE song? Enjoy.
Before Their Eyes Apr 13, 2019
City in a snow globe is coming up next. Who’s down for that?
Before Their Eyes Apr 13, 2019
Why 6 Is Afraid of 7 Re-recorded 12 years later. Enjoy - tag a friend & share to someone who would enjoy this. Also available on all streaming platforms.
Before Their Eyes Apr 13, 2019
Why 6 Is Afraid of 7 (re-recorded) OUT NOW EVERYWHERE. Enjoy.
Before Their Eyes Mar 20, 2019
Why 6 Is Afraid Of 7 coming April 12, 2019 One of the first songs we wrote as a band. It was really fun to re-track this one a couple months ago. Really proud of how this turned out, you guys will love it and it will really bring you back to that 2007 era but with a 2019 feel. Be sure to follow us on Spotify & all socials so you know right when this drops.
Before Their Eyes Feb 01, 2019
First song out in 4 years. Sing To Me (Acoustic). Enjoy the nostalgic sounds. Out on all streaming platforms now. Let us know what you think.
Before Their Eyes Jan 15, 2019
Sing to me acoustic out Feb 1 Spotify pre-save:
Before Their Eyes Jan 09, 2019
Recording vocals on some songs tomorrow. Getting something for you to hear ASAP. Oh... hi everyone :)
Before Their Eyes Oct 28, 2018
10 years old today. 💀
Before Their Eyes Jun 01, 2018
Tonight I got to meet Derek Hess - he created our first album cover. Pretty awesome to get a pic with the original and him 11 years later in our hometown Findlay.
Before Their Eyes May 18, 2018
Happy 11th birthday.
Before Their Eyes Oct 26, 2017
Who’s still listening?? ... we have something for you soon
Before Their Eyes May 15, 2017
10 years ago today this album came out and it changed my life and everyone else in BTE. Thank you for supporting it. We have a cool announcement surrounding this 10 year! Special thanks to Rise Records & Craig for believing in us when no one did.
Before Their Eyes Apr 13, 2017
We have a ton of throwback BTE merchandise here:
Before Their Eyes Apr 07, 2017
This is an Ohio band that is incredible. Check out Leav/e/arth - awesome female fronted ROCK. NEW ALBUM OUT NOW.
Before Their Eyes Mar 28, 2017
Just printed these today. Now shipping. Support by getting one at
Before Their Eyes Mar 26, 2017
We should enter the Vans Warped Tour battle of the bands and play our first album for the 10 year.
Before Their Eyes Mar 25, 2017
We have a limited edition t-shirt for sale in our online store. Only available the next couple weeks. Support us as we gear up for our next album.
Before Their Eyes Mar 14, 2017
Before Their Eyes's cover photo
Before Their Eyes Mar 14, 2017
Before Their Eyes
Before Their Eyes Mar 06, 2017
Thanks for listening to us. 40k+ strong monthly listeners. Some news is on the way shortly :)