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BedHead Apr 21, 2019
Thanks to all who came along to the Steamboat last night and today. What a fabulously happy and dancey bunch you were!
BedHead Apr 20, 2019
Ready to go at 10pm. Come and join us!
BedHead Apr 16, 2019
BedHead This Week.... Thursday...Greyfriars Club, Elgin Saturday....Steamboat, Lossie Sunday.......Steamboat, Lossie (4pm)
BedHead Mar 27, 2019
Please help our friends at the Greyfriars club replace their pool table.
BedHead Mar 21, 2019
BedHead this week.... Friday...Country Club, Bridge of Don Saturday....Nigg Bay Golf Club.
BedHead Mar 18, 2019
A variety of gig scenarios for last weekend. Friday we had a relatively genteel gig in the sgts mess at raf lossie. A full power and light do. Followed by a traditional Aberdeen pub gig on Saturday and finally a full blown St Patrick's day meltdown at O'donohues on Sunday night.
BedHead Mar 14, 2019
BedHead Mar 13, 2019
BedHead this week Friday...Sgts Mess, Lossie Saturday...Central Bar, Aberdeen Sunday...St Patrick's Day Mayhem, Odonoghues, Aberdeen, 10.30pm
BedHead Mar 10, 2019
BedHead Mar 01, 2019
BedHead This Week Friday and Saturday 22 Club, Aberdeen
BedHead Feb 20, 2019
BedHead this week...... Saturday....612 Club, Aberdeen Sunday....Midas, Elgin Monday...Scottish Wedding Awards, Hilton Doubletree, Glasgow.
BedHead Feb 13, 2019
BedHead This Week Wednesday...Outlook Club Dance Saturday.. O'donoghue's, Aberdeen
BedHead Feb 05, 2019
BedHead This Week Saturday..Seaforth Club, Elgin
BedHead Jan 31, 2019
BedHead this week. Saturday...The Pits, Buckie
BedHead Jan 27, 2019
Excellent night in the steamboat last night, despite the weather. We're doing it all again today at 4pm.
BedHead Jan 21, 2019
BedHead this week.. Saturday & Sunday The Steamboat, Lossie.
BedHead Jan 18, 2019
BedHead this week.... Friday...Turning Point party, Elgin. Saturday....Portland Club, Aberdeen
BedHead Jan 09, 2019
BedHead have 8 Saturdays left for 2019. If you want any, best get in quickly.
BedHead Jan 07, 2019
As you know, we've been nominated as wedding entertainment of the year at the Scottish wedding awards. We've been asked to supply testimonials from folk we've done weddings for and also from any charity gigs we've done. We'd like to ask any of our weddings from the past, along with anybody we've done charity gigs for to send testimonials to our email address at [email protected] In fact, any testimonial from anybody would be great. Thanks all.
BedHead Jan 02, 2019
BedHead are taking a break for the next two weeks to recover. However we are happy to play if required.
BedHead Dec 31, 2018
Happy Hogmanay!
BedHead Dec 31, 2018
BedHead Dec 30, 2018
BedHead Dec 28, 2018
BedHead Dec 26, 2018
Ready to go at Buckpool Golf Club.