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The Unsustainable Lifestyle
Beauty Pill Apr 17, 2019
Our cherry blossom piece seems to be even more popular this year. Thank you to everyone who has purchased it! However -- fair warning -- it's an exclusively seasonal thing and will shortly disappear for another year. If you want it, I recommend grabbing it now. Sorry, I don't make the rules. (Yes I do.)
Beauty Pill Apr 03, 2019
#songreasons series continues on Twitter. RE: dog with rabbit in mouth, unharmed: Just remembered this was a note my 7 year old neighbor Kira gave me after my dog Lucy died.
Beauty Pill Apr 03, 2019
The musical model for “Drapetomania!” was the Fat Albert Theme. Not kidding.
Beauty Pill Mar 30, 2019
‪If you’re going to visit the cherry blossoms this weekend, don’t be one of the rubes NOT listening to this exquisite soundtrack on headphones. Download it this morning!‬
Beauty Pill Mar 30, 2019
#songreasons series continues on Twitter
Beauty Pill Mar 28, 2019
People have been discussing the BP song “Dog With Rabbit In Mouth, Unharmed” on Twitter. I almost forgot that Brian Libby has documentary film of the Colin Stetson and Zeena Parkins session. You can observe Zeena’s organic, improvised magic here. You can also observe Joel Hamilton’s delicate rapport as producer. He understands her power and guides her only very gently. He mostly leaves her a dignified space to create. Very smart.
Beauty Pill Mar 27, 2019
Essential Tremors is a podcast with exquisite taste. Guests have included Colin Newman, Steve Reich, Ian MacKaye, Mimi Parker, Greg Saunier, and... me! The concept: Discuss three songs that changed your life. Newest guest is Guy Picciotto! You should subscribe to this fantastic podcast. Trust me.
Beauty Pill Mar 25, 2019
This is "Cherry Blossom Symphonette." For the last 3 years, I only ever make this track available during springtime. My aim is ubiquity. Everyone who visits the cherry blossoms should listen to this at least once on headphones. Get ahead of the wave.
Beauty Pill Mar 23, 2019
I started this series on Twitter called #songreasons. Basically answering questions about the content and process behind Beauty Pill songs. I try to do one song/day, depending on time availability and my mood. So far I have done Copyists The Idiot Heart Afrikaner Barista Exit Without Saving You, Yes You The Mule On The Plane I guess I’m building a searchable archive. Eventually I will do an entry for all the songs. Right now I’m doing it by requests and polling. This is how you can access it: If you want to learn background info for “Afrikaner Barista,” just do a Twitter search for #songreasons #afrikanerbarista. The thread should appear. Scroll up to the first post. There you have it.
Beauty Pill Mar 20, 2019
I always thought this title was an obvious play on words. EXIT WITHOUT SAVING. But maybe it’s not obvious? I seriously can’t tell. - c
Beauty Pill Mar 16, 2019
FYI On Twitter, I started a series of threads detailing Random Facts about a specific Beauty Pill song. This started casually and desultorily, but people seem to like it so I’m gonna continue. I’ve done “Goodnight For Real” and “Copyists.” All BP songs have stories behind them, in terms of content and process/creation. I’m only gonna do one song a day. And only if I feel like it/have spare time/have something worth reading/am not annoying people who follow BP on Twitter. cheers - c
Beauty Pill Feb 23, 2019
Btw, a fact about "Describes Things" I don't know if I've mentioned anywhere is that most of it was mixed on an API console with lots of analog outboard, but some was mixed with headphones on a laptop in a cafe. And I can't recall which mixes are which. And I don't care.
Beauty Pill Feb 15, 2019
It’s true.
Beauty Pill Feb 14, 2019
I hate Soundcloud, but I got some stuff archived there. "Valuable Experience" is an ambient piece we made for the score to the 2010 DC play "" Written and directed by Marcus Kid and produced by the Taffety Theatre Group. Streaming for a couple days and then back in the archives. The woman in the picture is beloved DC actor Kimberly Gilbert, who played the character LostBooks. The photo is of the final LostBooks soliloquy in the play.
Beauty Pill Jan 23, 2019
Beauty Pill Jan 14, 2019
Beauty Pill Jan 14, 2019
Recommend following BP on Instagram and twitter. (The BP Twitter is more informal/personal/political. It’s only about the band *sometimes.*)
Beauty Pill Jan 14, 2019
Working towards new projects. I don’t wanna be pushy, but I suggest you follow Beauty Pill on Instagram.
Beauty Pill Jan 10, 2019
Songs are important to me. For better and worse, I built my life around them. Songs are worth your attention. I have an essay series for this purpose. It’s called “One Song.” Today I wrote about Madonna’s oft-misunderstood “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” Enjoy. - c
Beauty Pill Jan 06, 2019
As you may have noticed, Beauty Pill “Describes Things As They Are” has disappeared from the marketplace. It’s not on Spotify anymore. You can’t find it in record stores anymore. You can’t get it on iTunes, or buy it on Amazon. It’s pretty much been erased. This is because we parted with Butterscotch Records. Suffice it to say we feel relieved to have escaped Allen Farmelo (Butterscotch is a one-person operation.) When someone you loathe owns and controls your music, it’s utterly depressing. We made no money and received no royalty statements from Butterscotch. In every way possible, it was the stark opposite of Dischord, who are consistently ethical and transparent. The good news is I now own the rights again to both “Describes Things” and “Cigarette Girl.” They will be reissued at some point. We may reissue them ourselves or, more likely, license them to the next label we sign with. Regardless: Don’t fret, they will be available again someday soon. In the meantime, if you bought the vinyl or CD, you have that. For the time being, “Describes Things” is available as a Bandcamp download. This is currently the only place to access this music. In other news, I have a new bandmate, Erin Nelson. Pretty excited about her. (Erin is now our Facebook profile.) We have new music and art projects in the works. I’ll talk more about that soon. Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring. Happy New Year! ❤️ - c
Beauty Pill Jan 06, 2019
Beauty Pill
Beauty Pill Nov 15, 2018
A little piece about Crystal City and the origin of Beauty Pill’s “Rideshare.” cheers
Beauty Pill Sep 27, 2018
Please raise your right hand Please conflate will with chance Blur your choices and your circumstance It’s on It’s on
Beauty Pill Sep 14, 2018
Our show tonight is nearly sold out. If you want to get tickets, act fast. See you soon!
Beauty Pill Sep 09, 2018
You might be tired of this song by now. I'll be honest: I am, a little bit too. But this is a fun little excerpt that reminds me it has a lot of little sensations packed inside. Join us Friday September 14th, DC!