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Beats Antique Nov 16, 2018
Who's coming with us to Mexico for Bassnectar's festival Deja Voom? Get wild ►
Beats Antique Nov 15, 2018
Dirtwire's new album “Road Goes All Night” is out now! 💥⚡️💥 Download & Stream ►
Beats Antique Nov 13, 2018
The many faces of Tommy 😉 We love you brutha! (If you want to make him a Birthday card, we dropped these sick face crops in the comments 😉😂) #HallmarkMoments #SidecarTommy #Legendary
Beats Antique Oct 31, 2018
“I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey” 👹 SOLD OUT show in Santa Cruz tonight! 🎃✨💀 📸 Jonathan Popp Freelance Photography
Beats Antique Oct 30, 2018
Santa Cruz! Join us at Catalyst TONIGHT for Halloween 🎃 We have new music & performances for you 👹💃🏻 Get tickets 🎟
Beats Antique Oct 26, 2018
Ready to have some fun at Music Box in San Diego tonight ☀️🎩 📸 Benjamin Howell Photography
Beats Antique Oct 18, 2018
“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” -from Dracula 13 days until Halloween 🎃
Beats Antique Oct 09, 2018
Somewhere, out there, dancing in a dream ☁️💙 📸 Benjamin Howell Photography #BeatsAntique #ZoeJakes
Beats Antique Sep 19, 2018
We are in St. Louis tonight at Old Rock House 🤘 ❤️ If you’re in the area, come and vibe with us ✨ Putting some love out there to you all today 💕 Stay in it! Tickets 🎟 📸 Shaun Hollingsworth
Beats Antique Sep 18, 2018
We'll be getting down at The Old Rock House in St. Louis this Wednesday! Will we see you there? 🎪✨ Get tickets ▶︎
Beats Antique Sep 14, 2018
Are you ready, Grand Junction?! 🎪 We will be at Mesa Theater this evening & we can't wait to see you! ✨ Get tickets ▶︎
Beats Antique Sep 11, 2018
Be not afraid to climb, to transform, to push your limits. Reach out, your dreams are there, waiting for you to grab a hold of them. ▶︎ Zoe Jakes 📸Backstage Flash
Beats Antique Sep 10, 2018
Soooo looking forward to getting down at Deja Voom 🎶🌟😎
Beats Antique Sep 09, 2018
Hey beats peeps :) Looking for a Japanese Opera singer or Folk Singer to collaborate on a project ASAP. Please let us know if you have any connections. Thanks
Beats Antique Sep 08, 2018
Hey Madison, Wisconsin - FREE show tonight!!! Say whaaat?! We take the stage at the Majestic Theater @ 9PM. Can't wait to groove on King Street 🤘✨ ▶︎▶︎
Beats Antique Sep 08, 2018
Sooo ready to go back to Resonance Music & Arts Festival ✨ See you Thurday 9/20 on the Main Stage 🤘
Beats Antique Aug 31, 2018
It's Friday, who's ready to level up?? 🍄🌟🔥
Beats Antique Aug 22, 2018
Roll call for the Burners of the Man 🔥 Beats Antique and @dirtwire will be performing DJ sets only Mon - Wed with fresh new tunes in the dust with ya ! Get yer early week dance in with us 🙂 love you wild burners !!!! See you on the playa! ‭ BEATS ANTIQUE DJ SETS MON night - EGO TRIP - 12am at 9:15 & Esplanade TUES - Opulent Temple - 11:45 10 & Esplanade TUES Night - CAMP Question Mark - 2am - at 2 & ELEKTRO DIRTWIRE DJ SETS TUES Night - PlayAlchemist - 3AM at 10 & G WED - Burners without Boarders - 5pm - at 4:45 & Esplanade WED Night - Dustfish - 2am - at 9:30 & Esplanade WED Night - Camp Mystic - 4am - at 2 & G #beatsantique #dirtwire #burningman2018 #burningman
Beats Antique Aug 16, 2018
We are still in AWE from playing such a magnificent amphitheater on a full blood moon eclipse, in the middle of summer, with some of our favorite people in the world 😊Thank you so much to all of the amazing artists, performers and crew that made this beautiful show happen 🙏 💖David, Tommy and Zoe Get Tickets to our upcoming shows:
Beats Antique Aug 08, 2018
Oooooh yeah baby. We're going back to Resonance Music & Arts Festival next month. The full lineup is pretty killer 🙌🌿 Tickets ▶︎
Beats Antique Aug 08, 2018
Thank you Summer Meltdown Festival for the love 💖 Such an amazing time! ✨ 📸Anthony Ponce De Leon 📸Jason Charme Photography
Beats Antique Aug 04, 2018
Happy bday to the one and only - Sylvain Carton Music all the way from Paris France 🇫🇷:) also known as @pickylittlecowboy but that’s another story 🤠 We are very grateful to have this special humanoid in our band and part of this crazy ride for so many years ! 🙌♥️🙌
Beats Antique Aug 04, 2018
🛸💫🌝Deja Vooooom This February 🇲🇽 en Mexico Get tickets ➡️
Beats Antique Aug 04, 2018
We're going to Mexico! ☀️ 💖 Tickets on-sale now ➡️
Beats Antique Aug 04, 2018
New singer for “3 sisters” what you think ?