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Acoustic, Vol. 2
Cult White Edition
Killing Time
Live At the Bayside Social Club
Shudder (Bonus Track Version)
The Walking Wounded (Gold Edition)
Sirens and Condolences
Bayside Aug 23, 2019
Check us out on the cover of Spotify's New Punk Tracks playlist and stream "Prayers" here:
Bayside Aug 21, 2019
What does everyone think of Prayers‽
Bayside Aug 20, 2019
New song “Prayers” out now:
Bayside Aug 20, 2019
Bayside Aug 20, 2019
New song “Prayers” out now:
Bayside Aug 20, 2019
New song “Prayers” out now:
Bayside Aug 20, 2019
We’re stoked to share a brand new song with everyone. Check out “Prayers”:
Bayside Jul 23, 2019
We are excited to announce probably the coolest shirt we’ve ever made. We put all of our dogs on a shirt. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA - Grab one at
Bayside Jul 11, 2019
Greensboro, NC 2005
Bayside Jun 26, 2019
Grab a rad Bayside Beach Towel now at - Limited to 150!
Bayside Jun 11, 2019
Bayside Jun 10, 2019’s everyone been?
Bayside Jun 07, 2019
Still having Game of Thrones withdrawals? Only a few of our Winter Is Coming shirts remain here: .
Bayside May 13, 2019
In honor of one of our favorite shows coming to an end, you can now pledge your allegiance to House Bayside. Only until Sunday
Bayside Apr 20, 2019
I know just how you feel.
Bayside Mar 13, 2019
‪Cincinnati - we’re playing Day 1 of Bunbury Festival on May 31st. Single day tickets go on sale this Friday at
Bayside Mar 01, 2019
Stream “It Don’t Exist” and “Mona Lisa” on Punk Unplugged.
Bayside Feb 26, 2019
“Sick Sick Sick”.
Bayside Feb 24, 2019
Which tracks do you want to be added to our This Is: Bayside playlist?
Bayside Feb 22, 2019
Bayside Feb 18, 2019
Stream us on Pandora:
Bayside Feb 15, 2019
Our acoustic tour was ranked #1 for top sellers this past month, from atVenu. Thank you to everyone who came out to a show and picked up merch.
Bayside Feb 13, 2019
Awesome “Demons” tattoo on Aryanna.
Bayside Feb 08, 2019
Thanks again to everyone who came out to our acoustic tour. Photo: Millershoots
Bayside Feb 08, 2019
Watch Part 2 of our interview with here: