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Bat For Lashes Aug 21, 2019
Tomorrow in London! Natasha will be DJing at the Lost Girls Dance Party after the sold out Rough Trade performance! 💋The Party starts at 8.30pm and tickets are available here:
Bat For Lashes Aug 20, 2019
‪Natasha played some of the new songs from Lost Girls live and stripped back from Maida Vale in London, for BBC Radio 6 Music you can listen back at 1hr 31 to the session including ‘Kids In the Dark’ and new single ‘The Hunger at the link, we hope you enjoy 😊 Xx
Bat For Lashes Aug 20, 2019
Natasha will be taking part in a @deepermovies event at Moth Club in London, the evening will start with a playback of some of the songs from Lost Girls, followed by a 30 minute Q and A between Natasha and Deeper Into Movies founder Stephen T Hanley discussing music, directing, and their mutual love of 80’s vampires. Followed by a screening of ever cool 80’s Classic ‘The Lost Boys’ featuring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland 💔. The event is on August 27th, 7pm - 10.45 and tickets are available from here:
Bat For Lashes Aug 19, 2019
Hey everyone! ✨ I am very pleased to announce that I will be performing live from Maida Vale in London for BBC Radio 6 Music this morning! Tune into Mary Anne Hobbs’ show at midday. Also - you can now listen to another track from ‘Lost Girls’ which is released soon, ‘Jasmine’ here 🧛‍♀️
Bat For Lashes Aug 16, 2019
You can now get tickets for the Lost Girls Dance Party here
Bat For Lashes Aug 15, 2019
LOST GIRLS DANCE PARTY! 🔥 Dear Lost Girls and Boys I’m throwing a party at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch basement ‘Miranda’ after the sold out Rough Trade East performance in London on the 22nd August, I’ll be DJing some of my favourite Lost Girls inspired tunes, and will be joined by the DJ’s 👊🏻Tickets are super limited so snap them up at the link below 💋💋💋 📸 Rachael Pony Cassells
Bat For Lashes Aug 13, 2019
I spent yesterday signing copies of ‘Lost Girls’ to go out into the world! There are only a few signed copies left now but you can order the remaining ones at the link! N xx
Bat For Lashes Aug 07, 2019
Thank you for all your amazing comments on the songs from ‘Lost Girls’ so far, can’t wait to get the rest of the album out! Bat kisses, N xx 🥀
Bat For Lashes Aug 06, 2019
‪You can now watch the video for the new single ‘The Hunger’. If you have ordered ‘Lost Girls’ on iTunes you’ll get the track straight away, and you can pre order on coloured vinyl, cassette, limited edition boxset and CD. ✨🌚🌄
Bat For Lashes Aug 05, 2019
We are very pleased to present the next single taken from ‘Lost Girls’ you can now listen to ‘The Hunger’ and watch the video directed by Natasha at the link. X ☀🔥🐇🔥☀
Bat For Lashes Aug 04, 2019
Bat For Lashes Aug 03, 2019
Are you ready, lightwitches?... 🌄🐇
Bat For Lashes Aug 02, 2019
“The Hunger” Coming 05/08
Bat For Lashes Aug 01, 2019
Let the healing begin... ☀️🌪☀️
Bat For Lashes Jul 31, 2019
Bat For Lashes Jul 30, 2019
“Take a trip...” 🌃05/08
Bat For Lashes Jul 30, 2019
Natasha will be premiering songs from ‘Lost Girls’ live on the 22nd August, remaining tickets and very limited ‘Sunset Edition’ vinyl here:
Bat For Lashes Jul 29, 2019
Dear friends, We are very pleased to announce that Natasha will be premiering a short selection of new songs from “Lost Girls” in a stripped back synth and vocals set at Rough Trade East in London on the 22nd August. Capacity is limited. Rough Trade are now stocking these amazing ‘Sunset Edition’ vinyl albums which are tie-dye red and purple. To get a ticket to this event, and to pre order one of these special vinyl copies please follow the link 💋♥💋
Bat For Lashes Jul 26, 2019
We just dropped a new track from ‘Lost Girls’ onto all streaming platforms, listen to ‘’Feel For You” now! The track will also be available immediately if you have ordered ‘Lost Girls’ via iTunes. #feelforyou #lostgirls
Bat For Lashes Jul 25, 2019
The Lost Girls are taking over! ...want to hear a new track? 🌚♥🌚😱
Bat For Lashes Jul 24, 2019
“I feel for you...”
Bat For Lashes Jul 22, 2019
The limited edition ‘Lost Girls’ cassette album designed by Natasha with hand drawn art inside is now available to pre-order through the Bat For Lashes store these are super limited so snap them up quick! 🖤
Bat For Lashes Jul 19, 2019
Nikki is going to add something special on the messenger app very soon.... join at the link! 🤭🤔🛸
Bat For Lashes Jul 18, 2019
Dearest lost boys and girls, I have made a mix for you! Listen to it while driving at night, flying over moonlit oceans or making out in the back seat... 😉💋⚡️🛸 The link to listen to it is below! Hope you love it, and watch for more tracks being added. Thank you to all my secret messenger friends for the suggestions 🤫 Xxxx