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Reflective, Pt. 3
Into the Sun
Noise vs. Beauty
NVSB Remixes
Divergent Spectrum Remix
Vava Voom
Divergent Spectrum
Cozza Frenzy (Remix Pack) Vol. 1
Remixed Vol. 5
Cozza Frenzy
Underground Communication
Bomb the Blocks
Om: Miami 2007

Cozza Frenzy

Yo (feat. Kristina Maria)
HiJinx Festival HiJinx Festival 2018
Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
HiJinx 2-Day Festival Pass HiJinx 2-Day Festival Pass 2018
Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
BASSNECTAR, G Jones, Eprom, Manic Focus, and 1 more… at Greensboro Coliseum Complex (December 31, 2018)
Venue: Greensboro Coliseum Complex (Greensboro, NC, US) Find tickets
Bassnectar Dec 12, 2018
During our walkthrough of this massive resort we discovered a water park built atop a Pirate Ship (plus a Surf Rider wave pool!) 🌊😜 we decided to put together a special day party here for Deja Voom! Help us choose the artists for this mini daytime banger by nominating three of the names off our late night lineups and we’ll put together something rowdy 😈
Bassnectar Dec 07, 2018
Bassnectar Dec 04, 2018
⚡️🌲 ELECTRIC FOREST 🌲⚡️ Looking forward to another magical weekend in the forest 💚 Tickets go on sale Friday, December 7th:
Bassnectar Nov 30, 2018
💥❤️️🚀❤️️💥 Bass Center XI pics + memories:
Bassnectar Nov 23, 2018
New Bassnectar Gear Sale In The Online Store Vinyl Lovers Items + Bundles Mystery Boxes For The Holidays And More! Get It While It's Hot!!!
Bassnectar Nov 20, 2018
BASSNECTAR CHOCOLATE!!! 🍫🎫 8 of our Golden Tickets have been found!!! Congrats to Zach, Hunter, Chris, Mary, Jarrett, Hunter, Craig, and Devin! You and a guest will be getting the VIP treatment at every 2019 Bassnectar special event in the U.S. 🤘 There are still a few Golden Tickets out there hidden within our delicious bars of organic Bassnectar Chocolate! If you haven't gotten yours yet, they're available here:
Bassnectar Nov 16, 2018
DEJA BOOM!!! Our team has been deep in the labs dreaming up all the details for our first-ever destination event: a tropical adventure down in Mexico. We will be taking over the Barceló Resort in Riviera Maya, with multiple pools, nightclubs, a water park, and a giant stage directly on the stunning white sands beach. In addition to The Haven, our late night Sanctuary Pool, and multiple exploration zones, we have curated a dynamic lineup spread across multiple spaces: The Beach Stage, Day Party Pool, The Voom Room, The Deja Room, The Oasis, The Lo Fi Room, and a newly discovered Pirate Ship Water Park. OH YES!!! Please also stay tuned for info on the lineups for The Waterpark, the Lo Fi Room and our open deck slots - we will be featuring daily sets from up-and-coming musicians and DJs from the community - Spread. The. Word. Along with the release of the schedule, you can now pick and choose the menu of offsite adventures which you and your crews can embark on during your vacation experience! From exploring ancient ruins, to cruising on a catamaran, to admiring underground caverns, healing and wellness retreats, and ziplining... there's lots of options for you to choose-your-own adventure all weekend long 😍 check out the full list and reserve yours: Our next updates will feature news on our charity initiatives, greening, Be Interactive programs, carbon offset, workshops, and other ways to get involved :)
Bassnectar Nov 15, 2018
We’ve been loving breakfasts on the beach in Mexico 😎 Deja Voom walkthrough in full effect! Stay tuned...
Bassnectar Nov 13, 2018
NYE360 is approaching! We're about a month and a half away from closing out 2018 together aboard a revolving spaceship in Greensboro 🔊🌀🚀💯 We expect our end-of-the-year throwdown to sell out in advance, so don't sleep on getting tickets! Grab yours here: Let's play a game... SHARE if you're coming to NYE360 COMMENT with your favorite memory from this year LIKE if you're excited for 2019 Any and all participation will enter you to win a pair of passes to our 6th 360 event! And if you've already purchased your tickets, you can still enter for a chance to gift the passes to your friends + family ❤️️ Best of luck!!
Bassnectar Nov 10, 2018
THANK YOU EDC ORLANDO!!! We gathered to vibrate under the beautiful Florida sky - now our team heads to Mexico to scout out special OPs for Deja Voom! Then we go full mad scientist mode to prepare for NYE 360 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Bassnectar Nov 03, 2018
WHY DOES VOTING MATTER?! It's so easy to get distracted by arguments, fake news, and politics. Instead of tuning out... step up and tune in! WHAT MATTERS TO YOU? If you are a first time voter, a woman, a student, a person of color, LGBTQ, or someone who simply believes in equal rights for all If you believe in free health care regardless of pre-existing conditions If you believe in free, quality education paid for by taxes If you want a government who focuses on protecting our environment If you want more love for the people, and less political corruption YOU MUST VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATES & ISSUES THAT MOST REPRESENT YOU! Be Interactive is unveiling our first Interactivity Grant - $2,000 and a collaborative team of artists joined Rio Tazewell [the winner] to create this video! Please take a moment and watch this, please share it with friends, and please please please get out and VOTE Find info on your local candidates, your polling place, and more here:
Bassnectar Oct 26, 2018
Bassnectar Oct 22, 2018
Bassnectar Oct 18, 2018
Bassnectar Oct 16, 2018
Check out the results from our Song Election at Bass Center XI…
Bassnectar Oct 15, 2018
Huge thanks to everyone who supported the Be Interactive fundraiser! We have limited event merch remaining from the show now available in our online store, which benefit our non-profit projects <3 AND not to forget that we have another batch of hand-crafted organic Bassnectar Chocolate for sale, suitable for vegans and oompa loompas alike. Along with those chocolates, we have another round of Golden Tickets hidden inside randomly selected bars! Each one grants you and a guest VIP access to all Bassnectar-hosted USA events in the year 2019. Good luck and happy munching! 🍫
Bassnectar Oct 10, 2018
The last piece on Reflective Part 3 is a remix of the Naux Faux track “Enchanted”, with sampled vocals from Ashel Seasunz. “old school, new school, and combine the two” - a perfect phrase to summarize my approach to this track, and the Reflective collection in general…
Bassnectar Oct 09, 2018
Today is last day to register to vote in many states! This is all about YOU. Turn up for the midterms and make sure The Future Is Voting 🇺🇸 And shoutout to everyone who registered at BassCenterXI - we broke Headcount’s record for highest 2018 single day voter registration!
Bassnectar Oct 08, 2018
Reflective Part 3 vinyl has hit the streets! 180-gram colored marbled vinyl with gatefold sleeve and liner notes - DELICIOSO! You can order direct from our store, or from any of these wonderful independent retailers - see below. As always we want to thank everyone supporting analog culture, physical formats, and keeping vinyl alive and record stores in business 🙏💙
Bassnectar Oct 02, 2018
Be Interactive
Bassnectar Oct 01, 2018
Last night was the final stop in a long, beautiful journey. Our team has been in Go Mode since last Spring, and now we can finally unplug, unwind, and recharge. We want to express deep gratitude to the many individuals who came out to our events this past year, to the many creative collaborators and extended team and staff, to the many wonderful bass heads for the support, dedication, and participation in our traveling sonic carnival. The next few months will be spent watching hummingbirds, exploring nature, unplugging from the grid, getting creative, focusing on our charity efforts with Be Interactive, working on our New Years Run and the return of 360, planning and preparing for Deja Voom, and all that lays ahead in 2019. Our online team will be posting updates and necessary info, but other than a quick blitz to Florida for EDC Orlando in November, we will be off the road and off the grid. These past few months have seen countless exchanges of kindness and creativity, relentless outpourings of support and enthusiasm, and a seemingly never-ending supply of passion from an ever-growing base of bass heads. With our world constantly churning through the evolutionary process, we ask that you take deep care of yourselves and each other over the next few months. We hope that you stay mindful and grateful of all the blessings in your lives, and we implore you to stay awake and alert and thoughtfully engaged - that you register to vote and that you turn out to participate in democracy. We wish you the most healthy, happy, nourishing and beautiful few months. Please continue to participate with Be Interactive, Love Here, and Bass Network. Welcome new friends, lead by example, seek to learn new lessons, think critically, share your opinion through respectful expression, practice random acts of kindness, promote peace and justice - and stay thankful. We are all truly blessed. Thank you for everything!
Bassnectar Sep 30, 2018
BE INTERACTIVE! Thank you to everyone who descended upon San Francisco to help launch our brand new charity organization “Be Interactive” - a non profit dedicated to promoting charity, giving, and social engagement.
Bassnectar Sep 29, 2018
Hometown Throwdown in San Francisco tomorrow ✊❤️️📡 Ready to launch our new non-profit project 'Be Interactive' - Bay Area style 🙏 See you soon :) Our entire crew is donating all time & energy for this event & you can grab these posters along with an exclusive run of Be Interactive merch to help raise money for our charity efforts!
Bassnectar Sep 27, 2018
This tune is dedicated to dark, underground warehouse hot-boxes: Conrank and I reached out to Illaman for some vocals and he brought his grandfather along to record some Jamaican dubplate vibes at the end 🇯🇲 Also sampled is a sermon from Cowboy Ras Ranger about how every sound is special and sacred, with infinite potential, yet also totally ephemeral…
Bassnectar Sep 26, 2018
DEJA VOOM! With almost every room sold out, there are very limited packages available - and HEADS UP: two weeks to go if you want to take full advantage of our DEJA VOOM payment plan and get in on the ground floor before first payment Oct 10. Scope the remaining packages & join your friends for an unforgettable tropical adventure: