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Good Mood
Good Mood
Every Night the Same Dream
Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs
Ball Park Music Aug 12, 2019
This post is for Sam who turns 19 today! Happy birthday legend ❤️ The world has been a better place for 19 years because of your existence 🙌🏻
Ball Park Music Jul 25, 2019
Yo MELBOURNE 🔥 We’ll see you on the Push stage at White Night on the 25th of August- FREE AND ALL AGES - 🔥🔥 There’s a very big group of legends playing the show so there’s no reason to not come 🤘🏻
Ball Park Music Jul 18, 2019
SUNSHINE COAST and TOOWOOMBA! Ball Park is coming back much bigger and better than ever before! Don’t miss out on tickets! 1st and 2nd of August and it’s going to be special! 🤙🏻link on FB events or on google.
Ball Park Music Jun 26, 2019
JINDABYNE! Ball Park are coming for a one off special show in what critics have labelled “Unbelievable” and “Too good to be true” make sure it is true by securing your ticket today 🙌🏻 Also featuring the excellent @imbithegirl Poster 📸 by @jessgleeson
Ball Park Music Jun 20, 2019
Ball Park Music Jun 08, 2019
COFFS HARBOUR, we haven’t been here in years, don’t let us play CEX by ourselves. Sort it out, get tickets for TONIGHT now! Should be a fuckin’ ripper 👊
Ball Park Music Jun 07, 2019
Central Coast you absolute legends, tonight’s the night and tickets are nearly all sold out 👍🏻 get down early to have a blinder ❤️ let’s do it Australia! @the_beery Doors 8pm @butternutsweetheart 8:30 @tiagostelow 9:20 @ballparkmusic 10:30 📸 @daniel__hildebrand
Ball Park Music Jun 06, 2019
The Blue Mountains are sweeeeeet as. Let’s do it Australia!!!! 🙌🏻🔥🥶 Playing Bathurst tonight 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ball Park Music Jun 03, 2019
Looking forward to playing Bunbury tonight but first..... are you a peel guy or a flesh guy?
Ball Park Music Jun 01, 2019
Ball Park Music
Ball Park Music May 27, 2019
Very excited to announce that we’ll be playing the opening night of @thefortitudemusichall in Brisbane on the 26th of July! We’ve got some spicy stuff planned and we’ll see you there - tickets on sale now
Ball Park Music May 24, 2019
On the way Byron Bay #rhymes #obviouslysongwriters #poetry See you tonight 🔥 📸 @dean_snaps
Ball Park Music May 22, 2019
This weekend we kick off the most important tour of our lives in Byron Bay and Port Macquarie. Critics are saying it’s “The defining tour of this generation” and “would be super shit to miss this”. Head to the Facebook events for tix.
Ball Park Music May 13, 2019
GOLD COAST & FRANKSTON less than 100 tickets left 🔥 don’t miss out. Kicking off this weekend in Darwin fffuuuuuuck yeah ❤️ Everywhere else selling fast derrrr 🎥 filmed by @maguirenick
Ball Park Music May 06, 2019
It is with disbelief and tremendous sadness that we say farewell to our dear friend and devoted tour manager Greg Weaver, who died suddenly this week. Greg was a kind, intelligent and humble man who brought an unmatched level of professionalism to the often chaotic and alienating world of touring. ‘Professional’ may not seem the warmest possible term, but in Greg’s case it was part of his truly unique character and a genuine expression of his passion for music and for the artists he worked with. His fastidiousness, his preparedness and his unbreakable good attitude helped create an environment of trust, respect and happiness. As Daniel described it to me on the phone today, ‘a home away from home’. Greg was so full of integrity. He has made such a lasting impression on us and it is with total devastation that I write these words. He cared for us so genuinely, he mentored us and he helped steer us when we needed it. I insist that these are not empty platitudes but rather a true appraisal of a man that made us proud to call ourselves musicians. He was a one-of-a-kind person and an unsung hero of the Australian music landscape. We will miss you so much Greg. I look forward to when we can all meet again at the great Lobby Call in the sky for - as you would say - the “continuation of the glorious rock ’n’ roll adventure”. Rest in peace friend.
Ball Park Music Apr 29, 2019
This one’s for all* the fans (mainly top fans) where u at Fixed it
Ball Park Music Apr 25, 2019
Writing some BIG tunes for the new record, it’s going 2B incredible 🔥🙌🏻
Ball Park Music Apr 12, 2019
Yo ADELAIDE! Huge huge huge lineup coming your way including your best mates @ballparkmusic 🔥 @spinofffestival
Ball Park Music Apr 10, 2019
Fremantle! We’re coming back in June with legends @aliceivymusic @tiagostelow @mosquito._.coast lock it in for the best night of the year! Tickets on sale now and they won’t last ❤️ 📸 by @xpress_mag
Ball Park Music Apr 03, 2019
If you’re a band in 2019 without a picture in a rotunda, you’ve cooked it and it’s time to rethink everything 🔥 #gatekeeping 📸 @jessgleeson
Ball Park Music Mar 22, 2019
🍃 🍂
Ball Park Music Mar 14, 2019
Damnnnnnn this will be a fantastic time 🙌🏻
Ball Park Music Mar 12, 2019
WE’VE DECIDED TO QUIT being lazy and work on some new songs. More info as it comes to hand.
Ball Park Music Mar 12, 2019
See you this weekend Newcastle! @thedropfestival is going to be sensational 🏄🏻‍♀️❤️🔥 📸 by photographer to the stars @jessgleeson
Ball Park Music Mar 05, 2019
Can’t wait to get in a van and zoom up and down and across this great sunburned country. Getting back into some smaller sweatier rooms will be absolutely ideal 👌🏻❤️