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Starfire Burning Upon the Ice Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Battle Magic
The Chthonic Chronicles
Atlantis Ascendant
The Power Cosmic
Battle Magic
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Bal-Sagoth Feb 12, 2019
Also coming soon from Plastic Head... the "Chthonic Demon" hood. Release date to be announced shortly!
Bal-Sagoth Jan 11, 2019
Two of the most requested Bal-Sagoth t-shirt designs are being reissued with new backprints. The Chthonic Demon and Caylen-Tor designs will be available via Plastic Head from March 25th.
Bal-Sagoth Dec 19, 2018
BAL-SAGOTH "Cthulhu" Woven Patch available December 26th from Rotten Zombies Productions. Size: Approx. 3.74" x 5.11" (9.5 cm x 13 cm.) For ordering information visit and
Bal-Sagoth Oct 29, 2018
In 1998, the third Bal-Sagoth album was unleashed. Two decades of "BATTLE MAGIC"!
Bal-Sagoth Aug 28, 2018
"The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium" from the album "The Power Cosmic" (1999).
Bal-Sagoth Aug 14, 2018
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (from the debut Bal-Sagoth album "A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria", recorded in 1994 and released in 1995 by Cacophonous Records).
Bal-Sagoth Aug 13, 2018
The late summer of 1993 saw the first ever Bal-Sagoth rehearsal. 25 years of sinister splendour!
Bal-Sagoth Aug 06, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers" from the album "Atlantis Ascendant".
Bal-Sagoth Jul 23, 2018
"By blood and steel I rule!"
Bal-Sagoth Jul 04, 2018
Recorded 24 years ago, during the summer of 1994 at Academy Music Studio.
Bal-Sagoth Jun 18, 2018
"I give you my hail, I give you my blood, I give you my life, o' sylvan liege..."
Bal-Sagoth Jun 09, 2018
"Here, beneath the eternally shifting sands, I sought enlightenment... but found only damnation."
Bal-Sagoth Jun 06, 2018
Bal-Sagoth May 10, 2018
Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Power.
Bal-Sagoth Mar 29, 2018
New fan-art from skulldiamond94 depicting Caylen-Tor, the character from "To Dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The Legend of the Battle of Blackhelm Vale)" from the album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" and also the cover star of the original edition of "Battle Magic".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 16, 2018
Epic fan-made video for "Atlantis Ascendant".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 09, 2018
A new addition to the Fan Art Gallery... this undeniably unique interpretation of the Bal-Sagoth logo and Cthulhu courtesy of Kosta Atanasov.
Bal-Sagoth Feb 23, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "In the Raven-Haunted Forests of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign and the Hues of Sunlight Never Dance".
Bal-Sagoth Feb 11, 2018
More shots from the Brutal Assault festival 2010.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 17, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu".
Bal-Sagoth Jan 16, 2018
Available now from Diabolicurst Productions: A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria: cassette version (Exclusive Asia Edition limited to 100 copies). Under license from Cacophonous Records.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 02, 2018
The sages at Rummage-Drawer Apocrypha delve deeply into the arcane secrets of "The Chthonic Chronicles"...
Bal-Sagoth Jan 01, 2018
Coming soon from Diabolicurst Productions... the limited edition cassette version of "A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA"
Bal-Sagoth Dec 29, 2017
An epic "Bal-Sagoth meets Fire and Ice" video courtesy of Rognvaldr. Always worth a re-post. #balsagoth