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A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Battle Magic
Starfire Burning Upon the Ice Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
The Chthonic Chronicles
Atlantis Ascendant
The Power Cosmic
Battle Magic
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Bal-Sagoth Apr 18, 2019
If anyone has been wondering what the members of Bal-Sagoth have been up to lately... here's a quick update on their activities! The first album of Chris and Jonny's new musical project Kull, entitled "Exile" will be released soon by Black Lion Records, and Byron's new novel "The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor" (featuring the character who first appeared in the lyrics of the second Bal-Sagoth album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" back in 1996) will be published in May by DMR Books.
Bal-Sagoth Feb 12, 2019
Also coming soon from Plastic Head... the "Chthonic Demon" hood. Release date to be announced shortly!
Bal-Sagoth Jan 11, 2019
Two of the most requested Bal-Sagoth t-shirt designs are being reissued with new backprints. The Chthonic Demon and Caylen-Tor designs will be available via Plastic Head from March 25th.
Bal-Sagoth Dec 19, 2018
BAL-SAGOTH "Cthulhu" Woven Patch available December 26th from Rotten Zombies Productions. Size: Approx. 3.74" x 5.11" (9.5 cm x 13 cm.) For ordering information visit and
Bal-Sagoth Oct 29, 2018
In 1998, the third Bal-Sagoth album was unleashed. Two decades of "BATTLE MAGIC"!
Bal-Sagoth Aug 28, 2018
"The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium" from the album "The Power Cosmic" (1999).
Bal-Sagoth Aug 14, 2018
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (from the debut Bal-Sagoth album "A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria", recorded in 1994 and released in 1995 by Cacophonous Records).
Bal-Sagoth Aug 13, 2018
The late summer of 1993 saw the first ever Bal-Sagoth rehearsal. 25 years of sinister splendour!
Bal-Sagoth Aug 06, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers" from the album "Atlantis Ascendant".
Bal-Sagoth Jul 23, 2018
"By blood and steel I rule!"
Bal-Sagoth Jul 04, 2018
Recorded 24 years ago, during the summer of 1994 at Academy Music Studio.
Bal-Sagoth Jun 18, 2018
"I give you my hail, I give you my blood, I give you my life, o' sylvan liege..."
Bal-Sagoth Jun 09, 2018
"Here, beneath the eternally shifting sands, I sought enlightenment... but found only damnation."
Bal-Sagoth Jun 06, 2018
Bal-Sagoth May 10, 2018
Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Power.
Bal-Sagoth Mar 29, 2018
New fan-art from skulldiamond94 depicting Caylen-Tor, the character from "To Dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The Legend of the Battle of Blackhelm Vale)" from the album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" and also the cover star of the original edition of "Battle Magic".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 16, 2018
Epic fan-made video for "Atlantis Ascendant".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 09, 2018
A new addition to the Fan Art Gallery... this undeniably unique interpretation of the Bal-Sagoth logo and Cthulhu courtesy of Kosta Atanasov.
Bal-Sagoth Feb 23, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "In the Raven-Haunted Forests of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign and the Hues of Sunlight Never Dance".
Bal-Sagoth Feb 11, 2018
More shots from the Brutal Assault festival 2010.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 17, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu".
Bal-Sagoth Jan 16, 2018
Available now from Diabolicurst Productions: A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria: cassette version (Exclusive Asia Edition limited to 100 copies). Under license from Cacophonous Records.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 02, 2018
The sages at Rummage-Drawer Apocrypha delve deeply into the arcane secrets of "The Chthonic Chronicles"...
Bal-Sagoth Jan 01, 2018
Coming soon from Diabolicurst Productions... the limited edition cassette version of "A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA"