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Bad Lip Reading Aug 01, 2019
13 worse things Joe Biden could have said to Kamala Harris during that handshake #demdebate #joebiden #kamalaharris
Bad Lip Reading Jul 10, 2019
Trump pals around with world leaders at the G20 Summit before popping over to North Korea to visit his good buddy Kim Jong-un
Bad Lip Reading Jun 10, 2019
What that viral baby was actually saying... #babytalk
Bad Lip Reading Apr 30, 2019
If you're one of those people that have been asking for a Medieval Land Fun-Time World shirt for six years, you're in luck! Shirts and mugs now available:
Bad Lip Reading Mar 20, 2019
Into the Chocolate Lagoon...
Bad Lip Reading Feb 12, 2019
In hindsight, Trump made some interesting points during his State of the Union address...
Bad Lip Reading Feb 02, 2019
Bad Lip Reading Dec 24, 2018
Nobody can accuse Apple of not innovating this holiday season...
Bad Lip Reading Dec 21, 2018
It will be interesting to see which of Apple's newly announced products becomes the biggest hit this holiday season...
Bad Lip Reading Oct 29, 2018
A look back at some things that players (probably) never said during the 2018 baseball season.
Bad Lip Reading Sep 26, 2018
Hillary Clinton shares revealing personal stories from her life.
Bad Lip Reading Sep 14, 2018
If the recent record-breaking BTS music video sounded how it actually looks...
Bad Lip Reading Aug 23, 2018
How White House press briefings sound in Sarah Sanders' head
Bad Lip Reading Jul 04, 2018
Had a lot of people asking for the full-length version of Fergie's song from the NBA All-Star game. So please enjoy "Nobody Wants My Bread" in its entirety
Bad Lip Reading Jun 20, 2018
Just a couple of buddies, out for a stroll...
Bad Lip Reading Jun 11, 2018
The NBA finals didn't last very long, but here's a look back at some moments from the recent season
Bad Lip Reading Jun 06, 2018
Leaked audio from Donald Trump's live microphone during performance of "God Bless America"...
Bad Lip Reading May 22, 2018
These modern royal weddings are really something...
Bad Lip Reading Apr 24, 2018
The most important moments from Mark Zuckerberg's congressional testimony
Bad Lip Reading Mar 12, 2018
Here’s a new song to add to the BLR Star Wars library, brought to you by GEICO #Ad
Bad Lip Reading Feb 05, 2018
Revisit some moments that never actually happened...
Bad Lip Reading Feb 04, 2018
Bad Lip Reading Feb 03, 2018
Another Super Bowl, another BLR. Thanks for watching people!
Bad Lip Reading Jan 09, 2018
Lot of requests for this one…
Bad Lip Reading Dec 27, 2017
Over the course of this year, I don’t think a single day has gone by without multiple people requesting a karaoke version of “Seagulls! (Stop It Now!)”. This is for all those people. Have fun!