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Bad Brains
The Youth Are Getting Restless (Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987)
Rock for Light
In Dub – Arranged by Kein Hass Da
Into the Future
Live At the Fillmore 03/20/1982
Build a Nation
I & I Survived (Dub)
Live At CBGB 1982 (The Audio Recordings)
Black Dots
God of Love
Bad Brains: Live
I Against I
Bad Brains Nov 02, 2018
40th Anniversary line of limited apparel and more is now available!
Bad Brains May 16, 2018
Bad Brains's cover photo
Bad Brains Mar 30, 2018
Fly the soul craft, on your own.
Bad Brains Feb 24, 2018
36 Years of the #BadBrains Self-Titled album.
Bad Brains Feb 11, 2018
Happy Birthday, HR!
Bad Brains Feb 07, 2018
"Don't care what they may say..."
Bad Brains Feb 06, 2018
Who's still rockin' their #BadBrains cassettes?
Bad Brains Feb 05, 2018
Self-Titled album was released this month in 1982. What are your favorite tracks?
Bad Brains Jan 25, 2018
Experience Bad Brains on Spotify:
Bad Brains Jan 24, 2018
Alternative Press
Bad Brains Dec 28, 2017
#TBT to Darryl's cover of Bass Player Magazine.
Bad Brains Dec 23, 2017
Pick up some #BadBrains winter merch here:
Bad Brains Dec 22, 2017
Listen to Apple Music's Bad Brains: Essentials playlist.
Bad Brains Dec 22, 2017
CBGB's December 1982 | Photo: Glen E. Friedman
Bad Brains Dec 12, 2017
Bad Brains Nov 24, 2017
Check out the new 'I Against I' merch line that just dropped.
Bad Brains Nov 17, 2017
Doc | Riot Fest | Chicago, IL Photo credit: Fret12
Bad Brains Nov 17, 2017
Tune-in to Darryl's interview with Randy Blythe today at 3pm ET / 12pm PT on Gimme Radio. Listen on the app or at
Bad Brains Nov 15, 2017
Artwork by Chuy L. Hartman
Bad Brains Nov 14, 2017
What's your most played track on Quickness?
Bad Brains Nov 10, 2017
New feature in the UK's Down For Life Magazine:
Bad Brains Nov 08, 2017
San Pedro, CA - 10.29.2017 Photos by Alyson Camus
Bad Brains Oct 22, 2017
Happy Birthday, Darryl!
Bad Brains Oct 16, 2017
The "Quickness" merch line is here. Take home some flannels, tees, skate decks + more from the official Bad Brains store:
Bad Brains Oct 14, 2017
Check out the new "Quickness" merch line at