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Time Tourist (Expanded Edition)
Electro-Soma I + II Anthology
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Time Tourist
Electro Soma
B12 Feb 20, 2019
B12 Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Spread the love! πŸ’–
B12 Feb 03, 2019
B12 Jan 21, 2019
Photos from B12's post
B12 Jan 19, 2019
Jalan Jalan!
B12 Jan 16, 2019
See you later Discovery1
B12 Dec 31, 2018
What a year it has been! Wishing you all the best this 2019! Happy New Year everyone! ❀❀❀ #B12BandPhilippines
B12 Dec 29, 2018
Thank you so much Bauan High School Batch '93! 😍 #highschoollifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
B12 Dec 29, 2018
B12 Dec 28, 2018
Thank you so much Boss Dondon & Ma'am Malen Balina! God bless you more! πŸ’–
B12 Dec 28, 2018
Happy birthday Pangulong Jeff Berberabe! Thank you for having us! ❀
B12 Dec 26, 2018
Merry Christmas Everyone! ❀
B12 Dec 22, 2018
For 5 consecutive years, Thank you Primestar Group of Companies! We love you! 😍 Thank you JMC Lights and Sounds and #YourBEvents! ❀
B12 Dec 21, 2018
Maraming Salamat po Aquino Family! πŸ’– Thank you so much JMC Lights and Sounds! 😍
B12 Dec 20, 2018
Thank you so much Batangas Medical Center! ❀
B12 Dec 16, 2018
Thank you so much Jasmig Construction Corporation Unicorn Readymix Inc! ❀
B12 Dec 15, 2018
ALOHA Presnet Christmas Party 2018! ❀
B12 Dec 12, 2018
Gig done! Thank you so much po BATMC! 😍 #winterwonderlandmsochristmasparty2018
B12 Dec 11, 2018
B12 back to back with Four Seasons Acoustic! Thank you so much Bureau of Immigration! ❀
B12 Dec 08, 2018
Happy birthday Sir Rodel Macatangay! Thank you for having us! ❀
B12 Dec 07, 2018
Thank you so much AG&P! #OhanaYearEndParty
B12 Dec 01, 2018
Happy Birthday to the best drummer we could ever ask for! We love you! ❀
B12 Nov 25, 2018
Hello everyone!!! We still can't get over with the success of our show last night! It was really a night to remember! Many thanks to all of you who made everything happen. First of all, we thank God for the gift of talent, and opportunities He is always giving us to share it! All glory to Him! To Ma'am Tara and Sir Gholem of Cafe de Alps who made this event possible! Thank you for always believing in our talent. To our brother, JL Cuasay of JMC Sounds and Lights, for the amazing sound and stage setup. Thanks to you and your crew! To Ciudad Food Avenue and our sponsors; Smirnoff & Marlboro, thank you very much! To DJ Gelow and our brother, DJ Curly, you guys and your music are amazing! To our guest singers, you made the night more exciting! Thank you for sharing your talents with us! You are all amazing! And of course, last but not the least, to all our friends, family, followers and supporters who came last night! What an amazing crowd! We can't thank you enough for all the love and appreciation you are giving B12 for over a decade now! Its really overwhelming that you are still there to support us! We love you all! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you!!! What a WELCOME! We are looking forward to see you again in the future!! We love you all, we'll always do! -B12 #BBB #B12BackInBatangas #B12bandphilippines #cafedealpsph
B12 Nov 24, 2018
See you all tonight! 😍😍😍 #B12BackinBatangas #BBB #CafeDeAlpsPh #CiudadFoodAvenue
B12 Nov 23, 2018
Bukas na to! See you all there! 😍😍😍 #BBB #cafedealpsph #ciudadfiodavenue