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Paper Dolls
Pretty Plastic Mess EP
Plastic Makes Perfect (Bonus Tracks Version)
Plastic Makes Perfect
Into the Game
Sounds from the Matrix 005
Audio Blender (Limited Edition)
Square Matrix 004 (Limited Edition) [Bonus Disc] [Out of Print,Digital Only]
Square Matrix 001 (Disc 2)
Square Matrix 002 - Limited Edition Bonus Disc (Out of Print,,Bonus Tracks)
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 14, 2018
Seeing that our wonderful Jenn will be soon on the rails again, we'll do the same. Let's celebrate the 15 years of her music! Which was the very first Ayria's song that you listened to? In my case, the very first song I listened to was 'Lovely Day' Here one of the best fragments from the song: " I'm almost nauseous Maybe I'm dying? Over dramatic, but that's what happens When you have too much time to think about the end The lights look blurry now And the cars pass by me on an energetic street That I have no part of... "
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 14, 2018
<3 <3 <3
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 07, 2017
Okay, we are in 2017 . The last post was from a year ago and because of this , Ayria Argentina's Fans annouces its departure from Facebook. I'm sorry guys, I can't keep up with this anymore. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was kidding! It was a white lie . I will never give up on this. However, I must confess that I was about to do it. Many problems in my life related to depression overwhelmed me. The few energy or enthusiasm that I had to keep up with everything was almost none. Little by little, during the last months of 2016, my willingness and let's say... "My happiness" started to take shape... but Why shape? It's because there were some solutions and good news that began to flourish and "my sky= My Life" which was overcast with nothing but despair started to clear itself.And my life that was bland, plain and aimless started to see this "light of hope" , making me trace my aims in a more sensible way. When you are leaving and trying to deal almost your whole life with that burden of pain, it's almost impossible to find the key to scape from this. When the more you are looking for the key, the more difficult it is and you suffer double. As a result, I decided to take time for me. I decided to be more determined and clearer with my aims. My part-time job helped a lot. I improved a lot in my course. Now I'm more dedicated in a lot of things and my marks have improved considerably. It's difficult to explain how I found "that key" . Here I sum up everything in order not to be so extensive an dull. It think that the very first thing is not to disregard what you are suffering and to learn to bear the burden of pain and accept it because it's part of oneself . What I did was to embrace and understand it and little by little I tried to look different things that made me feel better. It's (for me) important not to forget about "that darkness or aloofness" that resides in you because not only is a shelter for you but it also is a big part of your own person. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OKAY! Lets's move into a new chapter , I won't bore you anymore. As I said ... WE ARE IN 2017! YEEES! From now on, I will try to bring back the spirit of the page again! I will share and post more information, pictures, quotes and news from our beloved Jenn. I won't deny that this will be difficult for me but well...It's the beginning so...I have a whole year in front of me ...Let's do it!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 12, 2016
"I’ve learned to accept it I know that that’s pathetic I can’t explain to others I know that they’ll reject it" <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 #WELOVETHISDISSECTION!!!!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 11, 2016
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! GOOD NEWS!!! We have a preview of the track "Paper Dolls" and the new album's pre-release on February 14!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 11, 2016
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 11, 2016
:D :D :D
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 01, 2016
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 01, 2016
Ayria Argentina's Fans Feb 01, 2016
Ayria Argentina's Fans Nov 04, 2015
Ayria Argentina's Fans Nov 04, 2015
And now, the english version! #ILoveAyria!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Nov 04, 2015
I think that every fan from Southamerica or Spain should share this :D Spread the word for our amazing and beautiful Jenn! #ILoveAyria!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Oct 28, 2015
Too gorgeous!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Oct 28, 2015
Feed Her To The Wolves EP, by Ayria
Ayria Argentina's Fans Oct 17, 2015
's cover photo
Ayria Argentina's Fans Oct 16, 2015 YEEES!!! Let's support Ayria!!! Our heroine is back with two new amazing songs! I can't wait till 2016!! Who will pre-order the EP?
Ayria Argentina's Fans Aug 07, 2015
"I cannot mend I'm just divide inside" -Ayria, Counterblow-
Ayria Argentina's Fans Aug 07, 2015
It's amazing how this little community has grown during the last months! Thanks to all! And spread the word so Ayria and this little community grow everyday more and more... Because. . . WE LOVE GOOD MUSIC! WE LOVE AYRIA!!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Apr 27, 2015
Copyright Derek Brad Photography 2009
Ayria Argentina's Fans Apr 27, 2015
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 15, 2015
Guys!! Thanks for the new likes!! It's amazing!!! Yes! We are from all around the world! We LOVE AYRIA!!
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 14, 2015
I see atmospheric extinctiom Leading to planetary revolution All the while threarening annihilation We're facing a colonized obliteration.
Ayria Argentina's Fans Jan 09, 2015
"I saw something in your eyes that drew me into this light . There's desire in this pounding club but alcohol and dancing don't mean love"