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Sixth Sense (feat. Avishai Cohen, Francesco Bearzatti & Doug Weiss)
Duende (with Nitai Hershkovits)
Seven Seas
Captain Black
Gently Disturbed (Bonus Track Version)
The Dreamer
East Coast Love Affair
Sun Sol
Sea Inside
At Home
Devotion (Reissue)
Avishai Cohen Apr 17, 2019
Thank you to all my fans at home for their support. All shows are sold out! I am looking forward to start the tour today and share with you some new music! Best wishes. Avishai Zappa זאפה Photo D Peron
Avishai Cohen Apr 16, 2019
תודה לכולם! שמח ונרגש תמיד על ההזדמנות לפגוש את הקהל שלי בארץ. מתחילים בתנופה מחר בהרצליה ונסיים ביום ראשון בחיפה (אזלו הכרטיסים לחמשת ההופעות!) 17.4- זאפה הרצליה (אזלו הכרטיסים) 18.4- זאפה ירושלים (אזלו הכרטיסים) 20.4- זאפה ת"א- צהריים (אזלו הכרטיסים) 20.4- זאפה ת"א- ערב (אזלו הכרטיסים) 21.4- זאפה חיפה (אזלו הכרטיסים)
Avishai Cohen Apr 11, 2019
Looking forward to present my new music from my upcoming album ‘Arvoles’ for you with my trio Elchin Shirinov & Noam David + Celebrating my birthday with you on 20th April! 17/4 Herzliya: Sold Out 18/4 Jerusalem: Sold Out 20/4 Tel Aviv Birthday concert: 2.30pm - Last few tickets - 9.30pm - Sold Out 21/4 Haifa: Last few tickets - Zappa זאפה ynet (Photo C: Didier Péron)
Avishai Cohen Apr 09, 2019
Thank you Moscow for your warm welcome. We had a great time sharing my new music with you. Photo S Jouin
Avishai Cohen Apr 07, 2019
Thank you London, we had a blast! Now on our way to Moscow where I perform with my trio tomorrow at 7pm at the Moscow International House of Music. Last tickets via : Photo: Transientlife
Avishai Cohen Apr 04, 2019
London we had so much fun yesterday at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club We are still around till Saturday so looking forward sharing my new music with you. 4/4 : sold out 5/4 : 1st show sold out 2nd show last few tickets 6/4: 1st show sold out 2nd show last few tickets Photo : S Jouin
Avishai Cohen Apr 04, 2019
"הוא בנה קריירה בינלאומית וממעט להופיע בישראל, אבל נגן הקונטרבס אבישי כהן תמיד נושא בשיריו עקבות של מקורותיו" ראיון חדש עם אבישי לקראת ההופעות בישראל באפריל. 17.4 | זאפה הרצליה 18.4 | זאפה ירושלים 20.4 | זאפה ת"א | 14:30 20.4 | זאפה ת"א | 21:30 21.4 | זאפה חיפה כרטיסים *9080 |
Avishai Cohen Apr 02, 2019
Check out my latest newsletter to find out more about new album 'Arvoles' coming soon , new concerts and much more....
Avishai Cohen Mar 30, 2019
🇬🇧London fans see you 🔜 Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club Tickets are selling out fast! 3/4 :sold out 4/4 :sold out 5/4: 18h sold out 📌5/4: 22h30 last tickets 6/4: 18h sold out 📌6/4: 22h30 last tickets ✍️🖌✏️H. Poisson
Avishai Cohen Mar 26, 2019
Thank you so much for coming out to my last tour in France and Germany. We had such a great time bringing you my new music and we were thrilled to share with so many of you out there ! Looking forward now to sharing all with my London fans at Ronnie's , you’re next! See you soon. 3-6 April Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club 8 April Moscow Loop Prod F-Cat Productions
Avishai Cohen Mar 23, 2019
Thank you Backnang ! We so much fun performing for you last night. Now on our way to our last show of this tour. Tourcoing Jazz here we come! ( sold out )
Avishai Cohen Mar 22, 2019
Thank you all for your warm welcome the last week 🇩🇪Now on our way to Backnang ( near Stuttgart) for our first trio show this year in Germany. Can't wait to play some new music for you. See you there 8pm, Baumgärtner-Saal Photo S Jouin
Avishai Cohen Mar 20, 2019
📣Thank you France! We had some great shows so far. We continue our tour and happy to bring you some new music, enjoy! 🇫🇷Tonight 20/3 Fontenay sous Bois : sold out 🇫🇷21/3 Bagneux : sold out 🇩🇪22/3 Backnang first show in Germany this year 🇫🇷23/3 Théâtre Municipal Raymond Devos Tourcoing Jazz last tickets! 📷Yanis Baybaud /
Avishai Cohen Mar 17, 2019
Thank you for the good vibes yesterday at Chelles. Ready for our gig today at Pont l'Abbé show is at 5pm Last tickets available
Avishai Cohen Mar 16, 2019
Merci Conflans -St Honorine , we had a wonderful time yesterday with you. On our way to Chelles now, hope to see many of you there! ( sold out) 📷 Patrick Martineau
Avishai Cohen Mar 15, 2019
📣On the road again! Very much looking forward to continue our trio tour in France and Germany. Will be sharing with you the new music, hope to see many of you out there! TICKETS SELLING FAST FOR ALL SHOWS THIS MONTH 🇫🇷15/3 Conflans- St Honorine : sold out 🇫🇷16/3 Chelles : sold out 🇫🇷17/3 LE TRISKELL - Centre Culturel last tickets 🇫🇷19/3 Rouillac La Palène 🇫🇷20/3 Fontenay sous Bois: sold out 🇫🇷21/3 Théâtre Victor-Hugo Bagneux!/pages/avishai-cohen-trio 🇩🇪22/3 Backnanger Bürgerhaus 🇫🇷23/3 Tourcoing Jazz Théâtre Municipal Raymond Devos F-Cat Productions Loop Prod Photo : Philippe Colliot Photograhie
Avishai Cohen Mar 13, 2019
📣🇫🇷 Important message about the Angouleme show ! Due to a recent local technical problem at the venue, the show at Angouleme - 19/03 will now take place at La Palene, Rouilac Existing purchased Tickets and bookings remain fully valid La Palene 139 Boulevard d'Encamp 16170 Rouillac The show was previously SOLD OUT ! due to the larger capacity in Rouillac some Good News ! There are now some extra tickets on sale via ticket office number: +33 5 45 38 71 25 infos number: + 33 5 45 38 70 06 We look forward to seeing more of you at the show. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ! Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Mar 12, 2019
הכרטיסים אוזלים במהירות! אני שמח להביא אליכם כמה יצירות חדשות מתוך האלבום החדש Arvoles שייצא מאוחר יותר השנה ב RazDaz Recordz בנוסף אני נרגש מהידיעה שאחגוג את יום ההולדת שלי יחד עם רבים מכם במהלך ההופעות בישראל! 🎉 נתראה בקרוב פרטים:
Avishai Cohen Mar 08, 2019
🇫🇷France ! We are on our way ... see you tomorrow . First stop at Jazz À l'Etage Festival , Rennes à demain ! Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Mar 05, 2019
Thank you Tokyo, we had a great time at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Tokyo, thank you for your warm welcome as always. Next stop is Rennes. First show in France in 2019 , hope to see many of you at Jazz À l'Etage Festival this Saturday at 9.15pm ,bringing new music to you with my trio partners Elchin Shirinov and Noam David Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Mar 01, 2019
Another great day at BLUE NOTE TOKYO Thank you for coming out, we had so much fun performing for you. We are here till Sunday 3/3 Ticket via Photo Yuka Yamaji
Avishai Cohen Feb 28, 2019
We had a great first night at the BLUE NOTE TOKYO Still around with my trio fellows Elchin Shirinov and Noam David till Sunday 3/3 for more gigs. Tickets via Photo : Blue Note Tokyo | S Jouin
Avishai Cohen Feb 22, 2019
כמה צלילים מהאולפן בשוודיה. מחכה בקוצר רוח להביא אליכם קצת מהמוסיקה החדשה שאנחנו מקליטים. זה יקרה ממש בקרוב בהופעות שלנו בישראל במועדוני זאפה. פרטים: Nilento Studio
Avishai Cohen Feb 20, 2019
Excited to share a sneak preview direct from the Nilento Studio earlier today..
Avishai Cohen Feb 18, 2019
Sharing a small taster of the new music we are recording today for the new album at Nilento Studio Razdaz Recordz