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True: Avicii By Avicii
I Could Be the One (Avicii vs Nicky Romero) [Remixes]
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My Feelings for You (Remixes)
Avicii Presents Strictly Miami (DJ Edition) [Unmixed]
Avicii Jun 06, 2019
"I will never let go of music – I will continue to speak to my fans through it" Tim, 1989 – Forever
Avicii Apr 20, 2019
“Spread positivity through my music, in message and enjoy success but not materialistic success” - Tim, 2018 Forever in our hearts, minds and ears ❤️
Avicii Apr 17, 2018
Honored to be nominated for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards! Don't miss the show, LIVE May 20th on NBC. #BBMAs
Avicii Mar 11, 2018
Unplugged 🎧
Avicii Mar 08, 2018
Studiomode 🎵
Avicii Mar 04, 2018
My latest episode #007 of #AviciiFM is here for you to check out 🎵🤙
Avicii Feb 18, 2018
So I invested in Swedens first cold brew coffee company. Pretty cool startup that's innovating the Swedish way of coffee drinking. You should definitely check them out Mode Cold Brew ❄️☕️✊️🇸🇪
Avicii Feb 10, 2018
Here's a song I co-wrote with my friend Daniel Adams-Ray a few years ago. HUMAN - GHOST OUT NOW!
Avicii Feb 09, 2018
My talented friends and collaborators Vargas & Lagola released a new track today!
Avicii Feb 02, 2018
Hey guys, my GRAVITY app just relaunched on iPhone/Android and it stems from my love of gaming and my wanting to continue to create better and better music driven gaming experiences for my fans. GRAVITY HD lets you enter a sort of flow-like state while riding through perpetual, visually stunning environments inspired by my music, and allows you to have a supercool experience no matter your skill level 🤙🎮🏆
Avicii Jan 27, 2018
Hey Brother ✌️
Avicii Jan 23, 2018
Top 5 definition of "MINT" on urban dictionary = Something cool, spiffy, sweet, excellent. That's exactly what I think of when I think of the 'Mint list' on Spotify . See my video for 'Without You', hear my song picks, Tune in to the Mint List and my take over
Avicii Jan 11, 2018
I recommend everyone to put Table Mountain on their bucket list and be amongst clouds ⛰☁️
Avicii Jan 01, 2018
Hey all you friends of mine out there! Hope you had a good new years eve and that this will be a great year for all of you. I wanted to kick it off by sharing the video for my song with Vargas & Lagola 'Friend Of Mine'!
Avicii Dec 22, 2017
Proud of friend and brilliant director Levan Tsikurishvili. His film "True Stories" is nominated for the Audience Award at "Guldbaggen - The Swedish Peoples Movie Award". I wish him all the luck for his hard and awesome work. Show this talented man of perseverance some support and go vote!
Avicii Dec 20, 2017
Since it's the holidays I wanted to give you guys a treat and release the video for 'You Be Love' ft Billy Raffoul. It's a pretty special one where the characters are completely frozen in time and you can only understand the mode they are in by expressions and poses.
Avicii Dec 08, 2017
This feeling is anything but real! I actually have my own PS4 game in collaboration with Hello There called "Invector" and it's out now 👊Besides this game being really awesome, I'm really glad that people get to experience my music in this way 🎵 So go ahead and jump into the character Stella and explore the universe 🤙🌑🛰🌕👊🌏🚀
Avicii Dec 01, 2017
One of my longest relationships is with this one ❤🎹
Avicii Nov 20, 2017
To be mentioned together with Sandstorm is just an honor in itself.
Avicii Nov 17, 2017
Your Friday just got alot better with these awesome remixes of Lonely Together. Enjoy! Jaded Alan Walker Dexter Music
Avicii Nov 12, 2017
Great job on this!! Loving the great covers out there of #lonelytogether
Avicii Nov 10, 2017
My documentary just got released not long ago… Levan Tsikurishvili, who’s the director of the documentary, has followed me for the past four years I think, four or five years. He’s had so much material from both in the studio, from behind the scenes on concerts, during good and bad times. I’m really excited. I’m also a bit nervous because it is kind of gritty sometimes. It’s very personal. There’s a lot of ups and downs. It’s going to be interesting to see what people say.
Avicii Nov 04, 2017
LA ❤ What's your favourite city?
Avicii Oct 31, 2017
After 2 years of awesome work, the Avicii game INVECTOR is finally launching on PS4! I'm really excited for you to experience my music in this new way.
Avicii Oct 28, 2017
Thank you for all the love and support on the amazing song Rita Ora and I made, #LonelyTogether 🙏❤️ I love this acoustic version and hope you do too 🎼