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Ghostlights (Bonus Version)
The Mystery of Time (Bonus Version)
The Scarecrow (Bonus Track Version)
The Flying Opera - Around the World In 20 Days - Live (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Angel of Babylon (Exclusive Bonus Version)
The Wicked Symphony (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Lost In Space (Chapter 1 & 2)
The Metal Opera, Pt. 2
The Metal Opera, Pt. I
Avantasia at Kloster Schiffenberg (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Kloster Schiffenberg (Giessen, Germany) Find tickets
Riverside Festival Riverside Festival 2019
Venue: Riverside Festival (Aarburg, Switzerland) Find tickets
Avantasia at Zenith, Die Kulturhalle (December 13, 2019)
Venue: Zenith, Die Kulturhalle (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia Aug 19, 2019
Bulgaria, you were great. 🙏 Next stop: GIESSEN, GERMANY! Next Friday!
Avantasia Aug 18, 2019
Three more summer festivals to go: tonight Bulgaria 23rd Germany Giessen (long show) 30th Switzerland Riverside Festival Can‘t wait to rock out with you, then a break until we‘ll do three Christmas shows in Dec! 💪💪
Avantasia Aug 16, 2019
Summerbreeze, another great shot of you guys. It was amazing!
Avantasia Aug 16, 2019
45,000 of our closest friends at Summerbreeze. Not bad for a bunch of “ABBA Schlager Metal Musicians“, right?!😉 U WERE AWESOME!!!!!
Avantasia Aug 15, 2019
SUMMERBREEZE: Tonight, we‘re gonna rock you tonight!
Avantasia Aug 14, 2019
Another great shot of Kevin Nixon from our indoor arena tour earlier this year. See you all at Summerbreeze tomorrow and then one last German Summer Open Air with the FULL SHOW in Giessen on Aug 23rd. And don‘t forget: TONIGHT 9PM - TOBIAS SAMMET ROCKSHOW ON RADIOBOB! The final Moonglow shows: 15.08. D - Dinkelsbühl - Summerbreeze Festival 18.08. BG - Varna - Varna Rock Festival 23.08. D - Giessen - Kloster Schiffenberg 30.08. CH - Aarburg - Riverside Open Air 13.12. D - Munich - Zenith 14.12. D - Karlsruhe - Knockout Festival 15.12. D - Bochum - RuhrCongress
Avantasia Aug 13, 2019
Another great shot from last weekend. Next is Summebreeze & Varna, and then the final FULL Moonglow Open Air summer show in Germany, Aug 23rd in Giessen!
Avantasia Aug 12, 2019
Thank you for a great weekend, Belgium & Spain! You were fantastic!!
Avantasia Aug 10, 2019
Villena, Spain: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?
Avantasia Aug 07, 2019
Tonight 9PM on Radiobob: TOBIAS SAMMET ROCKSHOW - 3hrs of old school, unfashionable, timeless, trendfree Classic Rock & Metal! You with me?!
Avantasia Aug 04, 2019
Sweden, you were awesome!!!
Avantasia Aug 02, 2019
Sweden, vi är tillbaka!!
Avantasia Aug 02, 2019
Tomorrow in Sweden!
Avantasia Aug 01, 2019
#tbt with Dee Snider, a perfect crossing of a peacock, a jackal and Bugs Bunny! You MUST love him, I just wish he had more self confidence on stage. 😜😎
Avantasia Jul 31, 2019
Heute 21:00 - Tobias Sammet Rockshow auf RadioBob! Today 9PM - Tobias Sammet Rockshow on RadioBob! ARE YOU WITH ME????
Avantasia Jul 28, 2019
The final Moonglow shows: 03.08. S - Rejmyre - Skogsröjet Festival 10.08. E - Villena - Leyendas del Rock Festival 11.08. B - Kortrijk - Alcatraz Festival 15.08. D - Dinkelsbühl - Summerbreeze Festival 18.08. BG - Varna - Varna Rock Festival 23.08. D - Giessen - Kloster Schiffenberg 30.08. CH - Aarburg - Riverside Open Air 13.12. D - Munich - Zenith 14.12. D - Karlsruhe - Knockout Festival 15.12. D - Bochum - RuhrCongress
Avantasia Jul 27, 2019
Life is so fragile and precious. I just listened to some of the music we played together and I still get goosebumps. Your heart stopped beating way too early, my friend. When we did Reach Out in the Czech Republic two weeks ago - I had such a fleshback and it was hard to continue the song. You were an integral part of Avantasia. You were a musician as they are rare to find, you were a great human being. You were unique! And you had your crosses to bear. We will never forget you, André!
Avantasia Jul 26, 2019
20 years ago in summer 1999 these four long haired gentlemen met to do "büschn Rock'nRoll Operette" (quote, Markus Großkopf). Who knew that "büschn Rock'n Roll Operette" would turn into what Avantasia has become. The first incarnation Markus Großkopf, Henjo Richter, me and Alex Holzwarth. I could write a book about that time. During those rehearsals at Kai Hansen's studio in summer 1999 we arranged two albums within 6 days! We were young (not so much Markus, he was 34 and stone old even back then! Ha!!!) :) Have a lovely day, Tobi Edit: I just checked it up, Henjo is older than Markus, but back then Markus seemed to be older. Maybe Henjo has caught up on him lately?! Although amongst all of us Markus' hair style was the only one that hadn't changed since 1982. Maybe Henjo just SEEMED younger because Henjo has always been soooo young at heart. Like, 11 years old. ;) Ha! I love those pictures, so many great memories!!!
Avantasia Jul 24, 2019
Was warm hält, hält auch kalt! Tonight 9PM - HOT SUMMER SPECIAL: Tobias Sammet Rockshow on RadioBob
Avantasia Jul 23, 2019
20,000 fireflies! I am a blessed man, thank you for letting me do what fills me with joy. I have always been doing things restlessly, and chasing the future and making plans, we tend to forget to be appreciative of what we have here and now. That picture - done by Kevin F* Nixon - is showing such a “here and now“ moment. Life is too precious to take beautiful moments for granted. Celebrate every precious moment and try to remember to fight as hard as you can to get as close as possible to living YOUR dream, whatever that may be! But while on your journey, take your moments to breathe and appreciate! Thank you all who give me the chance to be creative and play heartfelt, old-fashioned quirky music for you!
Avantasia Jul 22, 2019
#myohmy-Monday A picture done almost two decades ago - Trying to be f*cking Paganini or what? :) Good old days - we didn't even have a logo back then... Note the ERNIE reference the label put on there. Dropping names to get Sesame Street viewers. ;)
Avantasia Jul 21, 2019
Folks, you and me are a great team, aren’t we? If you wanna connect a little closer, come over and follow me on Instagram: tobiassammetofficial That‘s the ONLY account of me! 👍
Avantasia Jul 21, 2019
This is YOU during our past German indoor tour. Without YOU our job would be pretty boring. 🙏
Avantasia Jul 20, 2019
Shout out a happy 50th birthday to a great member of the family: FRANK LINDENTHAL He did some early work with Avantasia, he recorded Edguy’s Vain Glory Opera in two days without rehearsal, saved the production and paved the way for all our careers because he was professional when no one of us was. He is the friend who made it possible for me to see my first Helloween concert in the early nineties when I was too young to drive. And quite Fränkly - ha: One of the greatest people out there. Here we are hanging out during the production of one of our early Edguy demos. And now this young curly man is 50… Time flies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKLIN DENTAL!
Avantasia Jul 19, 2019
“Let the storm descend upon Europe“ - the open air season has started. Catch Avantasia live at one of the few selected dates this summer. Find the dates on the official website!