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Ghostlights (Bonus Version)
The Mystery of Time (Bonus Version)
The Scarecrow (Bonus Track Version)
The Flying Opera - Around the World In 20 Days - Live (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Angel of Babylon (Exclusive Bonus Version)
The Wicked Symphony (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Lost In Space (Chapter 1 & 2)
The Metal Opera, Pt. 2
The Metal Opera, Pt. I
Bang Your Head!!! Bang Your Head!!! 2019
Venue: Bang Your Head!!! (Balingen, Germany) Find tickets
Masters Of Rock Festival Masters Of Rock Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Vizovice, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Skogsröjet Festival Skogsröjet Festival 2019
Venue: Skogsröjet Festival (Rejmyre, Sweden) Find tickets
Leyendas Del Rock Leyendas Del Rock 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Villena, Spain) Find tickets
Alcatraz Metal Festival Alcatraz Metal Festival 2019
Venue: Alcatraz Metal Festival (Kortrijk, Belgium) Find tickets
Summer Breeze Summer Breeze 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Dinkelsbuhl, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Kloster Schiffenberg (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Kloster Schiffenberg (Giessen, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia Jun 20, 2019
Ronnie Atkins and me doing Book Of Shallows in Paris! Can't wait to hit the road with you guys again - one more FULL SHOW! Giessen, Kloster Schiffenberg, August! pic (c) Kevin Nixon
Avantasia Jun 19, 2019
Shooting my arrow of love at you! And some great songs - TOBIAS SAMMET ROCK SHOW RADIO BOB! Tonight - 9PM to midnight. Who‘s tuning in?
Avantasia Jun 19, 2019
Avantasia Moonglow World Tour - next stop: Masters Of Rock & Bang Your Head.
Avantasia Jun 18, 2019
23. August - Giessen - Kloster Schiffenberg - one historic Open Air Location - AVANTASIA LIVE with full production and one more full set - who‘s coming?
Avantasia Jun 12, 2019
Tonight, Wednesday, 9PM Central European Time: Tobias Sammet Rockshow on RADIO BOB! You can stream and listen to it on radio.
Avantasia Jun 11, 2019 That‘s how I will always remember André. He was a great man, an outstanding talent, a funny person, intense character, very sensitive, a true artist. Technically an out of this world singer and when you were around him, you had to laugh a lot. He was a loveable, humble human being who cared a lot about his environment. He was sensitive and he worked hard to deliver outstanding quality. He will be sorely missed and remembered forever. As much as your loss hurts, remembering the moments we shared will always put a smile on my face! Safe travels, my friend!
Avantasia Jun 08, 2019
I am devastated by the tragic news about the passing of my friend André Matos whom I shared the stage with only five days ago. I am in shock. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace, André Matos
Avantasia Jun 07, 2019
14 musketeers and couple of thousand friends... Have a great weekend everybody!
Avantasia Jun 06, 2019
Last sunday in Brazil: a nice little family reunion with the incredible Andre Matos. Pic by Kevin Nixon.
Avantasia Jun 06, 2019
Still speechless! Here‘s another shot of our show in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday. What a show, what an audience, what a band, what a tour... 🙏
Avantasia Jun 05, 2019
Prior go going on stage in Sao Paulo. I am missing the mad bunch already. What a group of lovely people with extraterrestrial skills! There are no better musicians in the world than those. Period! I love everyone of you, my Avantasian brothers and sisters! Pic by KNixon1
Avantasia Jun 04, 2019
Another great shot of last night in Brazil by Kevin Nixon. What a concert photographer! 👍👍💪💪 and WHAT A CROWD!!!
Avantasia Jun 03, 2019
What a great ending to the first leg of the tour! BRAZIL, you were incredible! Thanks to the band, to the vocalists, to the crew, the whole Avantasia family - and that‘s what it is: a HUGE family! I am a blessed man THANK YOU ALL!!!
Avantasia Jun 03, 2019
I could hug the whole world. Empty, tired and happy. Thanks to our crew, to the Avantasia family, to the legions of fans and friends around the world - what an amazing ride this was. The biggest tour I‘ve ever been on. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! 🙏♥️
Avantasia Jun 03, 2019
Look at my peacock friend Geoff‘s tail feathers!!! 🤪😜👍👍
Avantasia Jun 02, 2019
SAO PAULO - BRAZIL! Tonight we're gonna let the storm descend upon you. Few tickets left until sold out, if you wanna come by short notice, call in, COME BY & CELEBRATE WITH US! Can't wait to see ya all!
Avantasia Jun 01, 2019
Buenos Aires, you were fantastic! Thank you!
Avantasia Jun 01, 2019
Hey folks, check out Sascha‘s new band:
Avantasia Jun 01, 2019
Buenos Aires! You were LOUD! And great! Thank you!!!!!
Avantasia May 31, 2019
Happy birthday Jorn Lande, the striking viking, the thunder from the Tundra! (Geoff & Ronnie also say “Happy b’day“ in the back!). WHAT AN AMAZING VOCALIST & HUMAN BEING JORN IS, one must love him! So proud to share the stage with him every night!!! Cheers from BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA!!!
Avantasia May 30, 2019
Santiago de Chile - WHAT A CROWD! Thank you so much! Avantasia loves you!!!
Avantasia May 30, 2019
Good leg room on Avianca flights. 😎
Avantasia May 29, 2019
Santiago, Chile! Tonight is the night! We have been out in town yesterday, beautiful city. See you all tonight! Come by, you won‘t regret it!!!
Avantasia May 29, 2019
Mexico City, what an amazing crowd you were!!! Thank you sooo much! Pic by knixon1
Avantasia May 27, 2019
MEXICO CITY - you were amazing!!! We were so tired and burned out and done, YOU got us through!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏