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We Are for the Wild Places
Avalanche City Nov 21, 2018
This shot was taken from sometime in the middle of the recording. Most of these new songs were written on piano or juno. There is still a lot of guitar in there but the process started differently this time
Avalanche City Nov 20, 2018
Just a little something to wet the appetite 😉
Avalanche City Nov 19, 2018
It’s been a very good and a very busy year for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent a lot of it in my happy place, the happiest place of all, 🌟🌟studio land🌟🌟
Avalanche City Nov 18, 2018
Avo harvesting with the gang 🥑 🐑
Avalanche City Nov 13, 2018
fun times ahead...
Avalanche City Nov 13, 2018
fun times ahead
Avalanche City Sep 26, 2018
Meet Billy Baxter, my new favourite human 😊 Born two weeks ago. This whole year I’ve been racing to finish my next album before this little dude arrived. And now he’s here it’s hard to think about anything else. Couple of weeks off and then back into it 😉
Avalanche City Jun 24, 2018
Me and mark debating flat earth theory. "I know it looks curved, but don't row too far just in case..." #behindthescenes
Avalanche City Jun 08, 2018
Hello friends! It's been a very very long time and I've been very very busy lately. I hope you've all been well! I sure have been. New music is not too far away at all 😉
Avalanche City Feb 22, 2018
About to play at the NZer of the Year awards. But before I do, can I get anyone a drink?
Avalanche City Dec 12, 2017
I’m playing a show in Auckland tonight :) it’s cheap as chips and it’s for a great cause. Let’s encourage these kids to pursue music! 😸🎉🎶 Tickets: Event:
Avalanche City Dec 07, 2017
Crazy Auckland show announcement: Last week I got an unusual request from a young guy I’d never met before, Matthew Goldsworthy. He’s enthusiastic about music and decided to put on a final show for all his fellow high school students. He booked a theatre, booked some talented young musicians to play the show and has been waiting for tickets to sell but those tickets never really sold. They’ve worked so hard for this and he was worried about it being disheartening for everyone involved. He asked me to play the show and I thought, what the heck, let’s do this! Buy tickets and come along to see some super talented musicians next Wednesday, it’ll be heaps of fun, and we’ll all play something together at the end. Let’s do something cool for these kids that love music :) Tickets: Event:
Avalanche City Dec 06, 2017
Hello friends :) just a little announcement for those who live down in Tauranga, I’ll be playing at Tauranga's Christmas in the Park this Saturday. Come hang out! Also some exciting news for next week for Aucklanders, stay tuned 😉
Avalanche City Oct 05, 2017
Hey friends :) this is a little message to say that if you're up north, don't miss the 'it' Bay of Islands Festival in Paihia this Saturday. I'm playing with the full band, Tiki Taane Tikidub Productions is playing. It's gonna be an epic day!
Avalanche City May 05, 2017
We're playing on Radio New Zealand in 5 minutes! Tune in. The Luke Thompson Trio 👌🏻 Luke Thompson RNZ
Avalanche City May 03, 2017
I'm playing guitar for my mate Luke Thompson, he's doing a small tour around NZ starting this Friday in Auckland. He plays beautiful music and I think you'll all love it. Come along :) Tickets:
Avalanche City Apr 20, 2017
Opening up for The Doobie Brothers tonight in Wellington!! @doobiebrothersofficial
Avalanche City Apr 08, 2017
Hawkes Bay, what an amazing crowd you guys were! Such a pleasure to play at the mission estate. Thanks for an epic last show of the tour and a big thanks to the Dixie Chicks for having me along :)
Avalanche City Apr 05, 2017
Man I love Perth crowds!! ❤️ That was a great last Aussie show with The Dixie Chicks. See you guys tomorrow at Bar 459! The Hunting Birds opening up :)
Avalanche City Apr 04, 2017
We're playing at The Gasometer Hotel tonight in Melbourne with Harrison Storm doors at 7:30. Then Perth, then home to these two little fuzz balls! 🐕🐰
Avalanche City Apr 01, 2017
Amazing show tonight Melbourne!! See you guys again tomorrow :)
Avalanche City Mar 31, 2017
It was a memorable night Sydney! Such an epic show, thanks you guys for coming out and singing along to every song ❤️
Avalanche City Mar 31, 2017
Playing at the Hudson Ballroom tonight in Sydney, the wonderful The Tambourine Girls on first :) Doors at 8pm. 📷: @sasmoore
Avalanche City Mar 29, 2017
Are the Dixie Chicks the nicest band in the world? Yes ❤️
Avalanche City Mar 28, 2017
In Sydney with the crew. You know, technically we're a boy band. We have a show on Friday at the Hudson Ballroom if you want. Promise we won't dance.