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We Are for the Wild Places
Our New Life Above the Ground
Avalanche City Dec 10, 2018
Juno love ❤️❤️ Hope you guys enjoy this next lot of music I’ve been working on 😊
Avalanche City Dec 08, 2018
Summers finally here, time to get out on the water!! ☀️☀️
Avalanche City Dec 07, 2018
So grateful for each and every one of you lovely people for appreciating the music I’ve made ❤️ I spent most of this year locked away in a studio preparing something new for you guys. Pretty excited about next year tbh 😉 . . #spotifywrapped2018 #2018wrapped
Avalanche City Dec 06, 2018
Getting DIY at Life FM using the guitar case as a kick drum. Went in to talk about the new song Prayed For Love 😊 Full interview online soon!
Avalanche City Dec 06, 2018
Such an honour to play for Nathaniel at @theedgenz this morning. What they’re doing for him and his family is amazing. Nathaniel has a genetic condition and will eventually go blind. He’s an avalanche city fan and we managed to tee up a little surprise solo performance for him ❤️
Avalanche City Dec 04, 2018
Thanks Happy Mag 🙏
Avalanche City Nov 30, 2018
Happy Friday! Here is a solo performance of Prayed For Love I did earlier in the week for RNZ. Hope you like it ☺️☺️ Beautifully put together by Andre.
Avalanche City Nov 27, 2018
Drum recording crew! Earl had a studio in Auckland for 9 months of this year and for that time it was one of the best in town! Feel privileged to have been able to record there. @earlypops and the maestro on drums @stephenthomas________
Avalanche City Nov 26, 2018
Hey guys I’m playing Prayed For Love live on @radionewzealand at 1:10pm in like 20 minutes. Tune in!
Avalanche City Nov 23, 2018
These guys with their perfect tans and me with my pasty white ‘spent too long in the studio’ face 😂 @hilary.barry @jeremywells77
Avalanche City Nov 23, 2018
Getting ready to play on @sevensharptvnz tonight. Tune in from 7pm 👍🏻👍🏻
Avalanche City Nov 22, 2018
Prayed For Love is out now! Go take a listen here 🎉🎉
Avalanche City Nov 22, 2018
Pretty excited about my new single 'Prayed for Love'! Out Tomorrow!
Avalanche City Nov 22, 2018
Avalanche City Nov 22, 2018
Hey friends! This is happening tomorrow 🎉🎉
Avalanche City Nov 21, 2018
This shot was taken from sometime in the middle of the recording. Most of these new songs were written on piano or juno. There is still a lot of guitar in there but the process started differently this time
Avalanche City Nov 20, 2018
Just a little something to wet the appetite 😉
Avalanche City Nov 19, 2018
It’s been a very good and a very busy year for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent a lot of it in my happy place, the happiest place of all, 🌟🌟studio land🌟🌟
Avalanche City Nov 18, 2018
Avo harvesting with the gang 🥑 🐑
Avalanche City Nov 13, 2018
fun times ahead...
Avalanche City Nov 13, 2018
fun times ahead
Avalanche City Sep 26, 2018
Meet Billy Baxter, my new favourite human 😊 Born two weeks ago. This whole year I’ve been racing to finish my next album before this little dude arrived. And now he’s here it’s hard to think about anything else. Couple of weeks off and then back into it 😉
Avalanche City Jun 24, 2018
Me and mark debating flat earth theory. "I know it looks curved, but don't row too far just in case..." #behindthescenes
Avalanche City Jun 08, 2018
Hello friends! It's been a very very long time and I've been very very busy lately. I hope you've all been well! I sure have been. New music is not too far away at all 😉
Avalanche City Feb 22, 2018
About to play at the NZer of the Year awards. But before I do, can I get anyone a drink?