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Austin Plaine
Austin Plaine at The Nick (February 13, 2019)
Venue: The Nick (Birmingham, AL, US) Find tickets
Austin Plaine Dec 14, 2018
on Stratford Rd
Austin Plaine Dec 13, 2018
fear and loathing
Austin Plaine Dec 07, 2018
shooting today
Austin Plaine Dec 06, 2018
I know it’s a been a quiet year, but thank you all for the continued support. I promise you, new album and a heap of shows on the horizon in ‘19. Let’s get growing! #newalbum2019 #Stratford
Austin Plaine Dec 04, 2018
headed to Tampa for @whigfest in February! Great lineup this year 🖤🤘🏻
Austin Plaine Dec 01, 2018
me and Hercules
Austin Plaine Nov 26, 2018
Telling Ernie all about @mosalah goal the other day #ynwa #liverpoolfc
Austin Plaine Nov 25, 2018
This is an 1896 advertisement poster by Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha
Austin Plaine Nov 23, 2018
Happy day ya turkeys
Austin Plaine Nov 22, 2018
me walking up for thirds tomorrow
Austin Plaine Nov 10, 2018
a mural in Glasgow for the late Scott Hutchison. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months. @frabbits
Austin Plaine Nov 07, 2018
@markmaggiori is releasing 3 prints this upcoming Sunday, at 11am LA time!! The sale will be up for 3 hours only @maxwellalexandergallery website,, so be ready!! #markmaggioriprint @staticmedium PS - Mark is my favorite artist at the moment and I think you will be glad to check his work out
Austin Plaine Nov 07, 2018
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest, @jonimitchell
Austin Plaine Nov 05, 2018
I will be performing a solo set on Nov. 10 at Track One Nashville for Project 615’s Nashvember! Free event // more info in link below!
Austin Plaine Nov 05, 2018
and the music he had in him so very few possessed
Austin Plaine Nov 03, 2018
front yard in Brooklyn 📷: @phojoh
Austin Plaine Oct 30, 2018
aside the cross street on Stratford Rd, two blocks down from where we made record 📷: @bettynarducci
Austin Plaine Oct 28, 2018
Thank you New York. Always a pleasure to come back to @rockwoodmusichall. Special thanks to these guys for laying it down on stage with me @brinoceros @toddedwardcaldwell @alexbrumel @mypalfootefoote till next time! 📷 @aw.amundson
Austin Plaine Oct 26, 2018
Meetings and a lil @citywinerynyc session w/ @bettynarducci
Austin Plaine Oct 26, 2018
NYC TOMORROW NIGHT @rockwoodmusichall 9pm! Debuting a bunch of new songs off the new album —- brings friend and let’s have a few
Austin Plaine Oct 25, 2018
NEW YORK CITY! I’m playing a bunch of new songs off my new album “Stratford” with an incredible band this Saturday 9pm at Rockwood Music Hall. Please share/invite and I hope to see a bunch of you there!
Austin Plaine Oct 24, 2018
We are going live at Paste Sessions here in NYC at 12:30p ET! Tune in on FB or YouTube Live. Link below
Austin Plaine Oct 24, 2018
Moon hanging low killing the blues
Austin Plaine Oct 22, 2018
Lil pupper, Ernie, is gonna break some hearts 🐕 🖤
Austin Plaine Oct 21, 2018
Thank You Texas for a hell of a week. And thank you @ironrangemusic for backing me on this run! NEXT SHOW Rockwood Music Hall October 27th New York City 🖤🃏