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Guilty Pleasure
About That Life
Soundtrack to a Party
Soundtrack to a Party (Bonus Track Version)
ATTILA Dec 13, 2018
💥2018 went OFF!💥 where did you catch us this year?! 📷: @marcsharpvisuals
ATTILA Dec 12, 2018
ATTILA Dec 11, 2018
No ribs were removed in the making of this image💦 📷: @ljrphotographyblog
ATTILA Dec 11, 2018
's cover photo
ATTILA Dec 09, 2018
🤔🤔🤔What should we call the new album?
ATTILA Dec 08, 2018
We aren’t going to give away specific details just yet, but just know that we are bringing the motherfuckin heat 😉🔥
ATTILA Dec 07, 2018
Only a few of our limited edition Middle Fingers Up long sleeves left! These will NOT be restocked😰💦 🔥🔥
ATTILA Dec 07, 2018
Thank you guys for taking us with you in 2018. Our first year as an independent artist exceeded our expectations, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next😈🔥
ATTILA Dec 05, 2018
If you’re a V I L L I A N... this ones for you😈 📷: @marcsharpvisuals
ATTILA Dec 04, 2018
Drop a 🥜 in the comments if you’ve seen us this year👇👇👇 📸: @gazdaviesmedia
ATTILA Dec 02, 2018
ATTILA Dec 02, 2018
‪We hired this young, upcoming model, from a far exotic country, to show off these DOPE trippy long sleeves! Only $15!!‬ 🗡🗡‬
ATTILA Dec 01, 2018
We’ve been doing this for years, and each year you guys get crazier and crazier. Thank you for letting us have as much fun at these shows as you’re having🙏
ATTILA Nov 30, 2018
“I seen a million faces and I guac them all.” - Jon Bovi 🥑 #iplayslinky 📸: @marcsharpvisuals
ATTILA Nov 29, 2018
These booklets are going in ALL orders today!🔥 💚💚
ATTILA Nov 28, 2018
Comment a line of the lyrics to PIZZA in order. Start from the comment above you. 🍕1-2-3-4!!🍕
ATTILA Nov 27, 2018
Anyone else notice how perfectly square this moshpit is?🤯 📷: @marcsharpvisuals
ATTILA Nov 26, 2018
Extremely limited supply of these HARD AS NAILS long sleeve shirts, grab yours before they’re gone! 👊😠🔥 🤜🤛
ATTILA Nov 26, 2018
ATTILA FACT: We blew up when we stopped playing shows barefoot👣 📷: @marcsharpvisuals
ATTILA Nov 25, 2018
‪⚠️VERY BEWARE!⚠️‬ Our super fucking mega sale is ENDING SOON!!! Most items are close to selling out so DON’T MISS OUT🔥‬
ATTILA Nov 25, 2018
We have the best fans in the world🙌
ATTILA Nov 24, 2018
🎈Happy Birthday, Guilty Pleasure🎈 Bang your fucking heads, eat some fucking cake, masturbate, do whatever you’d normally do to celebrate. Just blast this record while doing it💕
ATTILA Nov 23, 2018
ALL HOODIES ARE NOW ONLY $25!!! We only have a few left, so BUNDLE UP YOU FREAKS!☃️✨
ATTILA Nov 22, 2018
xATTILAx MOTHERFUCKERS!🖕 Grab this Middle Fingers Up Hardcore long sleeve while supplies last! They’re here a good time, not for long time, ya dig?!
ATTILA Nov 22, 2018
💖Come and get it you freaks💖 No codes necessary, supplies are limited, just head on over to and go CRAZY!🔥