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Attack! Attack! UK Sep 18, 2018
The Cardiff Arches Rehearsal Studios
Attack! Attack! UK Jan 30, 2018
Neil’s band , Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons debut album is out now , check it out
Attack! Attack! UK Apr 12, 2017
Please go and check out our Norwegian buddies in Vandrar and give them a like. They're releasing their debut EP next week!!
Attack! Attack! UK Dec 27, 2015
Attack! Attack! UK Jul 17, 2015
So A!A! split up and we started States and Empires . Today our debut album is released in the USA through Rock Ridge Music , US friends please go check it out x
Attack! Attack! UK Jun 25, 2015
You and me aren't thinking the same way
Attack! Attack! UK May 17, 2015
Attack! Attack! UK Dec 31, 2014
Remember to enjoy yourselves every day
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 29, 2014
£3 tshirts at 8 left in size small only
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 28, 2014
£3 tshirts at
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 24, 2014
£3 tshirts still left
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 23, 2014
£3 tshirts still left
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 23, 2014
Attack! Attack! Tshirts just £3 each, 9 left
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 23, 2014
Attack! Attack! Tshirts just £3 each
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 23, 2014
Also found 11 of these tshirts , 1 size large and 10 size small You can have them for just £3 each . We ship worldwide
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 23, 2014
Was clearing out yesterday in our unit and found one of these in Size medium , never been worn if you want it £10
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 09, 2014
Use discount code 'FREE' and get free shipping on ALL Tshirts and CDs on the States and Empires store today
Attack! Attack! UK Nov 03, 2014
Hey guys we have 8 of these left , you can get girls and guy sizes up to 5XL , tshirts £10 , sweaters £18 , FREE POSTAGE
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 27, 2014
LIMITED edition , STAKES AND VAMPIRES ( States and Empires halloween special ) Tshirts and sweaters are available, Tshirts £10 , Sweaters £18 , FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE . Only 5 sweaters being made and only 20 Tshirts being made
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 26, 2014
We have signed copies of all of our albums over at we ship worldwide
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 22, 2014
We need 25 more people to go and pre order our acoustic album to make the dream reality ! Only 2 days left to make it happen
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 21, 2014
We need 60 people to go and pre order the States and Empires acoustic album other wise it isn't going to happen only 3 days left !
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 15, 2014
Really wanna make an acoustic version of the states and empires album but it looks like we won't get enough funding . You have 7 days to change this
Attack! Attack! UK Oct 09, 2014
Hey USA friends ,@statesandempires who are the new band from Neil and Will from A!A! have released an EP in America this week. You can get it now from all digital outlets including iTunes
Attack! Attack! UK Sep 24, 2014
Get involved on this States and Empires tshirt, only £10