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Atlas Rhoads
Atlas Rhoads Aug 21, 2018
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Eric Blais and I’ve played drums in Atlas for the past 5 years. These past few years have been a season of seeking God for direction and vision as individuals and as a band. Along with seeking direction, this has also meant that we have learned in a fresh way what in means to wait on the Lord. Psalm 27:14 tells us, as people of God, that we are to “be strong, and let our hearts take courage as we wait for the Lord.” It is through this season of waiting that the doors were opened for us to move to the United Kingdom as a band with our wives and pursue a new adventure together. We could not be more excited to step into this new chapter as we follow the prompting of the Lord. Hope you will follow us along the journey as we leave America in just 10 days!
Atlas Rhoads Aug 16, 2018
EVERYONE. It's official. On August 31st, our new single will be released! Clicking below and saving this to your Spotify would help us immensely with promoting.. algorithms and stuff. Two weeks until release!! more content to come soon!
Atlas Rhoads Jul 26, 2018
Friends!! Our last performance in Lynchburg for a long time. We get the huge honor of opening for My Epic and Levi the Poet this weekend. My Epic has been a big influence in our writing (especially lyrics), and you definitely don't want to miss what they have to offer. This will be our last event before heading out to our new home in England. Speakertree has been AMAZING and has offered to help support our mission with a portion of the ticket sales, so your presence at the show directly helps us! See you there, friends.
Atlas Rhoads Jul 17, 2018
Friends!! WE’RE GOING ON TOUR!! We are so thrilled to finally announce that we will be joining Rivers & Robots on a 15 day tour throughout Europe, starting on September 26th. This post represents the first leg of the tour throughout the U.K.! When beginning our journey to England, we never imagined this would be part of the path. We couldn’t be more excited to join these guys in mission to share the beauty and Gospel of Jesus through songs. We will be updating you all very soon with more information! Much love, AR. Tickets
Atlas Rhoads May 24, 2018
We are honored to be leading worship for the Proven Men conference! “Proven Men exists to see men being set free from their sin and passionately pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus.” We couldn’t be more on board with what these guys do, and couldn’t be more excited to join them in worship as we seek the face of Jesus. ANY man desiring to pursue a deeper walk with Christ and continuing the battle against the bondage of sexual sin, just go to this conference! We are the body of Christ and are stronger together. See you on June 9th!
Atlas Rhoads Apr 02, 2018
In light of Easter, we have put together a video to go along with our song, He Cries. Partnering with John Dorr, the producer of the Palestinian Film "The Savior", we have put a visual to this amazing story. The story that has and will forever change all of humanity. Thank you for watching and sharing! Video edited by our own, the extremely talented Lauren Dorr!
Atlas Rhoads Feb 16, 2018
WE’RE MOVING!!! Friends!! So we have a pretty crazy announcement. On July 28th of this year, we (Eric & Amber Blais and Timothy & Jillian Riordan) will be quitting our jobs and moving our homes to Birmingham, England. We are joining Greater Europe Mission to bring the Gospel and love of Jesus through the music of @atlasrhoads, community, worship, and prayer. • Only 1.5% of people in Birmingham go to a Gospel teaching church! Our desire is to make Jesus known to the people of Europe; that He may be seen as the most worthy and beautiful pursuit this life has to offer. Although our day to day will be spent serving the people of Birmingham, we also have several events and performances planned across Europe with other musicians as we share the gospel through music and art. • As self-funded missionaries (or....musicianaries), we will be fundraising toward our needed budget of $91,000. We desperately need your prayers and support! For more information and to donate check out: You can also follow our journey at @atlasfam_uk on Instagram. Much, much love. -T 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 // video shot by Ryan Feister and edited by Craig Harris
Atlas Rhoads Oct 03, 2017
NEW LIVE ACOUSTIC VIDEO!! Read the story below. The Bride has dragged her veil through mud and smeared it across the face of her dearest, Jesus Christ. We are told, "LOVE. ABOVE ALL, LOVE." But the world doesn't see that. It sees the mud dripping from our veil. "To Whom It May Concern" was originally written to a specific person, and rooted from a place of sadness and pain over the secular perception of the Christian Church. Why does Christianity have such a broken and distorted identity? Our true essence is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But millions across our planet would say otherwise. This song is an apology for my actions.. and for the global Church. It's a screaming plea that the goodness and beauty of the Savior not be judged by His saved children. It's a conversation with anyone who has experienced anything but love from those who claim Christ. We claim Christ in our brokenness and because of our muddiness. He sees it all, every bit of our sin, and pursues us still. But until glory and full restoration, we will fail to reflect the perfection of our pursuer. Forgive us.
Atlas Rhoads Sep 29, 2017
Hello Friends! Tonight is the night!! We will be joining Young Oceans and couldn't be more excited. Doors open at 7:30! See you there!
Atlas Rhoads Sep 12, 2017
Suuuuper excited to announce that we will be joining @youngoceans September 29th at 8pm. These guys have truly influenced our spiritual journey. They have crafted beautiful intimate and ambient songs of worship that help you reflect on the greatness of God. We hope you don't miss this night! And go give them a follow!
Atlas Rhoads Sep 09, 2017
Friday night band hangs.. "Tim" just being his animated self 😂😂😂
Atlas Rhoads Aug 30, 2017
Hello Friends and fam! Many of you enjoy our music from time to time, and then some of you really understand what we are doing, and the heart behind our music. • Our mission is two-fold: 1) To worship the Creator of the world through creating beauty. 2) To impact our world through this art; songs founded on the truths of the Gospel. • For those of you who have been directly impacted by what we do, and would like to help us increase our ministry, we would love for you to consider joining our street team. If you would like to know more, please shoot us a message! As a member, you will receive our new album before ANYONE hears it, you'll get free merch from time to time, win tickets and more. Much much love! -AR
Atlas Rhoads Aug 28, 2017
NEW SINGLE OUT NOW. Listen now on Spotify! ---> In short, "Here We Go Again" is a song revealing the battle of the flesh. To read the full story of the song, see our previous post! What a week. We released the first single from our upcoming album, and joined the Raging Storm Records family! Thanks for listening and sharing, friends! Video by Colin Mukri!
Atlas Rhoads Aug 26, 2017
CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!! We had planned to announce this Monday, but we had a little something arrive a bit early. Our new single "Here We Go Again" is out on Spotify (and nearly all other online stores)!! This is our first song from our sophomore record "I'm Just A Child." It's definitely the most rockin' one we have released to date, produced and mixed by our singer, @timriordanmusic. Enjoy friends!! // This song came from a deeply rooted reality that each of the band members face in different ways. I believe when a human presses into a relationship with the holy Creator of the world, the journey of sanctification and the pursuit of holiness is met with a very heavy and violent battle of the flesh. I believe the awareness and hatred of the flesh directly correlates to one's nearness to and love for the Father. I think that's what we were experiencing during the season of writing this song. • We have each grown in our spiritual journey immensely this year, and have continued to grasp the seriousness and weight of this battle. The battle may look very different for each Christian... whether it's fighting the lust in your eyes, facing depression, fear, laziness.. or whatever it may be. Here We Go Again simply portrays the life of a follower of Jesus, and the many monsters we agree to face in this beautiful journey of KNOWING Him. There is a specific line I would like to highlight: "But oh, there is hope within the fight, this struggle brings one truth to light; a dead man does not fight, he has forsaken life. What you feed will truly grow, and what you starve will surely die. Resistance won't survive, it must not survive." • Simply stated, the reality that we ARE facing this "resistance" should bring hope and joy to our spirits. James encourages us by saying, "Find it pure joy my brothers when facing trials of various kinds." The second line in the bridge was inspired by the story of the two dogs that were always fighting each other (one was named spirit, and the other named flesh). The man who owned these dogs was once asked "which one of these dogs wins the fight?" He responded, "the dog I feed the most." Run the race, hold onto Hope, and press into Jesus.
Atlas Rhoads Aug 23, 2017
We may have something coming soon.. And If you follow us on Spotify, you may be the first to know.. Much Love, AR
Atlas Rhoads Aug 21, 2017
Yeah... we're pumped. TOMORROW!
Atlas Rhoads Jul 16, 2017
Atlas Rhoads
Atlas Rhoads Jul 16, 2017
's cover photo
Atlas Rhoads Jul 13, 2017
Chill game night with the fam + spontaneous Rayland Baxter cover. #trouble @raylandishere
Atlas Rhoads Apr 19, 2017
friendzzzz! Only a few days left!! The Lynchstock team has been working crazy hard to make this a year you won't forget. Head over to Lynchstock Music Festival 2017 to get your tickets! See you Saturday!
Atlas Rhoads Apr 05, 2017
Hey Southwest Baptist University! We are excited to be with you all tomorrow! 7pm at The Pike Auditorium. Be there!
Atlas Rhoads Mar 16, 2017
We are honored to be part of Lynchstock Music Festival 2017!!! We have a feeling this will be the best year yet. See you there, friends!
Atlas Rhoads Feb 27, 2017
Missouri Folks! We will be performing In Bolivar, Missouri on April 6th. We would love to set up one or two more events while we are in town. We are available April 7-9th! Bring us in, Friends!
Atlas Rhoads Jan 25, 2017
We are thrilled to announce we will be playing at our 4th consecutive Lynchstock Music Festival alongside @jennyandtyler @dawestheband @oddisee @deltaspirit and many other incredible acts! Get your tickets soon, folks!
Atlas Rhoads Jan 25, 2017
We are thrilled to announce we will be playing at our 4th consecutive Lynchstock Music Festival alongside @jennyandtyler @dawestheband @oddisee @deltaspirit and many other incredible acts! Get your tickets soon, folks!