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Automatic Writing II
Automatic Writing
ATAXIA Feb 21, 2019
ATAXIA Feb 18, 2019
We've been keeping pretty quiet. It's about to get loud. Lots of music in 2019 coming from the ATAXIA camp, starting with our first EP for Refused., a Canadian minimal techno label ran by our oldest friend Justin James. Previews coming soon - for now you can scan our remix we did for Justin's album on the label back in 2017 - link in comments :)
ATAXIA Feb 14, 2019
Sometimes no news is good news...but this reunion is hoped for by many, every day of our lives
ATAXIA Jan 23, 2019
Thank you Paxahau for inviting us back to play Movement Electronic Music Festival (OFFICIAL)! Honored to be on the lineup amongst such talent. Psyched for Detroit 2019, it’ll be our 6th time playing Movement 😬Catch us on Sunday, May 26th! #DetroitTechno #MovementDetroit
ATAXIA Jan 18, 2019
TONIGHT Marble Bar presents: Loren, Mister Joshooa, Ted Krisko-all night <---- info #DETROITTECHNO
ATAXIA Jan 08, 2019
Thanks to the nice folk over @ The Random Rave Project for getting us to start their 2019...some late night Detroit renegade jams for your personal home rave
ATAXIA Jan 08, 2019
Listen to Detroit Techno
ATAXIA Jan 07, 2019
Tite look
ATAXIA Jan 04, 2019
Thanks to our family @ VQ for dropping our "Kodak Moment EP" in 2018 :)
ATAXIA Dec 31, 2018
Timetable for Marble Bar tonight w Interdimensional Transmissions Detroit heads into the future...
ATAXIA Dec 31, 2018
DETROIT - Last tix for NYE up now on RA: Lineup is not for the faint of heart...let's get 2018 closed out and start 2019 with a bang
ATAXIA Dec 17, 2018
We play Interdimensional Transmissions NYE @ Marble Bar Detroit - time to close out 2018 with a bang Tix on RA, link in comments xx
ATAXIA Dec 14, 2018
This Friday, our own Ted Krisko DJs in Detroit @ Marble Bar with friends Kate Simko & EC.Rowe! Tix on RA for low dough - see you around the pool 😉 Tix:
ATAXIA Dec 12, 2018
Thank you NYC & Miami! We had a blast @ Mixmag, Output & Where Are My Keys! To think we were invited to play Output in Brooklyn for one of their last parties is an overwhelming honor, and we are truly grateful to their team for treating us as family throughout nearly 6 years of playing there. There are no words to describe how much Output will be missed. Rest ez 74 Wythe...see you on the other side x p.s. Much love to Natalie Szczechowski for the nice shot from Mixmag NYC ;)
ATAXIA Dec 09, 2018
Art Basel Miami we are up in ya! Come out to WRMK on Sunday! Party starts at 7am and goes 22 hours. We play 7pm-10pm Tix on RA:
ATAXIA Dec 07, 2018
Friday night heater...back at our home away from home. Catch us at Output in Brooklyn, NY for our midnight set time before Maya on Dec 7!
ATAXIA Dec 04, 2018
YO - we head to Art Basel this weekend after NYC...catch us with the gang @ WRMK MIA on SUN - our Detroit crew Omar S & Daniel Bell are on it with a nice lot of our friends & family. Resolute & Un_Mute are hosting...going to be tite X Check replies here for tix link ;)
ATAXIA Dec 03, 2018
Dropping a DJ set streaming from the Mixmag Lab this Friday in NYC before we head to Output later that night. Much love to the folk at Mixmag for supporting Detroit Techno!
ATAXIA Dec 01, 2018
Come find us...
ATAXIA Dec 01, 2018
Late night Detroit ride shit - LTJ @ TV - one of the very best sets of the weekend Movement Detroit 2018
ATAXIA Nov 30, 2018
Our new DJ mix is up on Carl Craig's Detroit Love WWFM show! You can catch a link in the remarks section of this post ;) #DetroitLove #PlanetE
ATAXIA Nov 29, 2018
What does Detroit Techno mean to you?
ATAXIA Nov 28, 2018
Attack Magazine scoped out the studio situation...Detroit sounds coming out of the city :)
ATAXIA Nov 27, 2018
A recent mix, recorded at the Promise Cherry Beach Soundsystem Toronto party this past summer. Revisiting the summer warmth mix coming soon though 🙂
ATAXIA Nov 25, 2018
We #love our #city #Detroit