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Liquid Assassin Nov 17, 2018
Imma do somethin I rarely ever did before. If u are interested in havin me featured on your album, I am doing an exclusive package. Im not gonna do this often but my album is about finished and I figure lets do it. Exclusive Beat w/Verse w/Hook This is a track that did NOT fit my record. This is not a wack track by any means. Its a legit Liquid Assassin song/concept/VERSE/HOOK/ and Beat Choice. So its basically a song created by myself that you own for your album exclusively. If this interests you, let me know. No I am not sellin this deal for cheap. Aint no homie hook ups! This is my work and ideas and the closest thing you could get to workin in the studio with me and having me do a song for you. Lets Work and talk business.
Liquid Assassin Nov 14, 2018
If you are a promoter and book shows and underground events, hit me up. Im interested in ALL locations. I am really interested to see if anyone has shows on lock down south. Carolina’s, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee etc. Hit me up and lets build, I would luv for you to show me your fishing holes down there on a day off 😂. Lets work! 🦍👹🎤🎣
Liquid Assassin Nov 12, 2018
My first solo album APOCALYPSE 2009 Thank you Stan Lee 🙌🏼 #MarvelLegend
Liquid Assassin Nov 11, 2018
Wanted to take a second to shout out my dog Kraziak . Seriously one of the hardest workers in the underground. Constantly releasing music and updating his knowledge of music. Mixing, Videos, Recording etc. Im proud to have you on the team my dude! 42!
Liquid Assassin Nov 11, 2018
😂😂😂 🌊TSUNAMI🌊 Coming Soon
Liquid Assassin Nov 05, 2018
Liquid Assassin Nov 01, 2018
He is the MAN!
Liquid Assassin Oct 29, 2018
Who is ready for my next album Tsunami? Imma hit ya’ll with the track list soon 🌊🌊🌊
Liquid Assassin Oct 28, 2018
Bout to get up with the homie Kraziak . Hit the studio for his ep coming soon. Hit me up if you are looking to get a feature from me. I will get it back to you this week 💯. [email protected]
Liquid Assassin Oct 22, 2018
I wonder what I was thinkin about... 🤔How many songs on the next record? 🤔Damn I wanna be home playing 2k... 🤔Why the fuck is there not a white castle in Colorado?... 🤔Why you still rap neega?... lol
Liquid Assassin Oct 18, 2018
If the rap game is a woman im like fuck that bitch, but I still fuck with the bitch. Smh I aint shit...
Liquid Assassin Oct 16, 2018
Liquid Assassin Oct 08, 2018
Hard to Imagine imma be like this for 6 weeks smh. Knee surgery aint no joke. Im glad I made it through it and moved on to this recovery stage tho. I appreciate everyone that hit me up and checked on me. “Im Upset” *In my Drake Voice* lol, Imma be coo tho. Time for alot of writing music and NBA 2k19 👹
Liquid Assassin Oct 01, 2018
I feel like I was put on this earth to make music. I need to stop letting the business and industry destroy the love and passion I have to do it. Imma try to focus on making music and avoid the rest. Tsunami Album Coming Soon!
Liquid Assassin Sep 28, 2018
Its Official, my next Album will be “Tsunami” Lookin for ideas for graphics. So hit me up if you are interested in doing my next album cover. Send me some of your work to my email: [email protected]
Liquid Assassin Sep 26, 2018
#koba #valak 🖕🏼🔫💨
Liquid Assassin Sep 14, 2018
Facebook Notification: “16,802 people haven’t heard from you in a while. Make a post” Me: “Quit hating on my reach and let them 16,802 people know that this rap game aint shit” 🖕🏼😂
Liquid Assassin Aug 31, 2018
This is truly man’s best friend. I talk to this neega and hangout with him 24/7 lol. He literally stays with me every move. Wake up out a dead ass sleep if he hears me get up and do anything 😂. He is the definition of Love & Loyalty.
Liquid Assassin Aug 30, 2018
Liquid Assassin Aug 29, 2018
Man Charles Bradley was the truth! So much Soul this man put into everything. 🙌🏼
Liquid Assassin Aug 27, 2018
Who is really rockin with me tho? Who wants more music?
Liquid Assassin Aug 16, 2018
Yo SDP (Snypa Da Prophet) New Video All My People dropped, check it out! Shot and Edited by Kraziak 42 Records
Liquid Assassin Aug 14, 2018
Yo SDP (Snypa Da Prophet) New Video Drops THURSDAY! #AllMyPeople
Liquid Assassin Aug 14, 2018
This dude was there the very first time I EVER laced vocals in a recording studio. Saw me rappin on the corner to some friends on the East Side of Saint Paul. Asked me if I wanted to rap in a studio on a track. Since that day it changed my life and I never looked back. Gave me the name “Liquid” and I ran with it. Im glad this dude still represents for me and we still fam after SO MANY years. Much luv Jimmy Donn
Liquid Assassin Aug 11, 2018
New Video from SDP (Snypa Da Prophet) Coming Soon!!! 42 Records