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Liquid Assassin Feb 18, 2019
42 Records
Liquid Assassin Feb 15, 2019
Liquid Assassin Feb 15, 2019
Live Tomorrow Night in Greeley CO
Liquid Assassin Feb 14, 2019
haha 😭
Liquid Assassin Feb 06, 2019
I am performing TONIGHT in Anoka MN at Misfits... So come on down, you are the next contestant on the price is right.
Liquid Assassin Feb 04, 2019
Liquid Assassin Jan 29, 2019
hahaha 😂😂😂
Liquid Assassin Jan 27, 2019
*NEW* Single “ENGRAVED” is Available on itunes, spotify, google play and more NOW. Pick that up and tell a friend for me 🦍🌊👹. Engraved (feat. Jamie Madrox) - Single by Liquid Assassin
Liquid Assassin Jan 26, 2019
This track is out on youtube NOW. Should be up on itunes, spotify and other distributers soon. Who has heard it? The album Tsunami is coming along slowly but surely. I cant wait to drop this on ya’ll. Appreciate everyone who REALLY supports what I do.
Liquid Assassin Jan 26, 2019
Liquid Assassin Jan 25, 2019
Feb 23 - Roxy - Denver CO
Liquid Assassin Jan 22, 2019
Liquid Assassin Jan 19, 2019
*NEW* Liquid Assassin - “Engraved” featuring Jamie Madrox Please Share
Liquid Assassin Jan 17, 2019
New track ENGRAVED featuring Madrox dropping TOMORROW! Much luv to Madrox for coming through for ya boy!
Liquid Assassin Jan 17, 2019
's cover photo
Liquid Assassin Jan 16, 2019
This droppin Friday! Engraved Featuring Madrox of Twiztid Share this for ya boy 💯
Liquid Assassin Jan 16, 2019
New Single droppin this week 🌊
Liquid Assassin Jan 14, 2019
Damn, crazy how time fly by. Youngin out there ready to catch a case over some dumb shit lol. Learned alot over the years, became smarter and gained a lot more knowledge.... But still ready to catch a case fuckin with the boy 😂🔫💨
Liquid Assassin Jan 12, 2019
Liquid Assassin
Liquid Assassin Jan 12, 2019
Liquid Assassin Jan 10, 2019
Got alot of New Music coming, so let me just say that first. #Tsunami #BloodOfHades Im honestly looking into working with artists here in the future. Writing for artists, Lyrics, Song Concepts, Hooks, etc. I want to maybe make myself (CARDELL TOOMBS not LIQUID ASSASSIN the Artist) available to a label or artist who would be interested in these services. Also maybe looking into developing a younger artist. Someone that is looking to make music and might have the right tools but needs a lil guidance. Not that I am rich and famous or anything. I just think I know enough knowledge to help someone in the right direction and can learn from my mistakes. Also basically sit in the studio and create bangers through THEIR VOICE. I think eventually I want to do that FOR SURE. These are definitely some things I am looking to do in the future
Liquid Assassin Jan 09, 2019
Throwback when I got to meet some of Three 6. Grew up listening to these dudes. World Domination is a piece of my childhood, CLASSIC! One of the blessings of doing music is the people you meet. 💯
Liquid Assassin Jan 03, 2019
NEW MUSIC ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Liquid Assassin Jan 01, 2019
Verse for $250 (One Only) Hook for $150 (One Only) Still have an 2 Exclusive tracks for sale as well- (I would prefer these tracks go to a homie or someone affliated with me but cant do FREE anymore lol.) (Dark/Horrorcore Type) LA - 16 Bar Verse LA - Hook Exclusive Beat $500 (Hip Hop/Anthem Type) LA - 20 Bar Verse LA - Hook Exclusive Beat $500 Soon I will be done doing features and working with other artists. I will 100% be focused on myself and 42. Happy 2019 🎇🎆