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Gargantua (With Scott Owen & Andy Strachan From the Living End)
Trouble's Door
Live At the Fly By Night
Hot Mama Vibes
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Fish Out of Water
Give Signs
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I Don't Believe
Russell Morris with Blue Heart and Ash Grunwald at Main Room, The Gov (April 26, 2019)
Venue: Main Room, The Gov (Hindmarsh, SA, Australia) Find tickets
Russell Morris with Ash Grunwald and Blue Heart at The Triffid (May 11, 2019)
Venue: The Triffid (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Ash Grunwald at Harrington Hotel (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Harrington Hotel (Harrington, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Ash Grunwald Apr 18, 2019
Easter update #vanlife playing solo supporting @realthingrussellmorris over the next little while and playing a band gig in Geraldton on the 20th in two days.
Ash Grunwald Apr 17, 2019
I was stoked to get my good mate Harry James Angus from @The Cat Empire in the studio for a Soulful Conversation!! Listen to the podcast here:
Ash Grunwald Apr 09, 2019
Bit of rad drone footage of the cleanup at Port Kembla on Sunday. Awesome aerial view from our sand and sea clean up at Port Kembla on the weekend. Thanks to all involved @ashgrunwald @fairfoodforager @surfriderfoundation @greencaffeen and all the local legends and divers who came down to lend a hand. We removed 300 kilos of plastic from the this beautiful beach which actually already looked really clean because it had been cleaned a month ago! #wealllivedownstream #surf #portkembla #plasticsucks #australianbeaches #positivemindset #cleanthecoast #positivemind #beachlife #beachlovers #makeadifference #family #community
Ash Grunwald Apr 08, 2019
Ash Grunwald Apr 06, 2019
Happy Birthday to @just_dannicarr ❤️of my life!!! 😍😍. Who spent her birthday doing a cleanup in Merimbula! Last year's birthday was spent doing the same thing in Canggu. Your such an Inspiration to us all!!! What an amazing year you've had. If this next year contains half as much continual self improvement and learning as this one it will be mind-blowing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @cleaningtheseas @earthbottles
Ash Grunwald Apr 02, 2019
Cannot wait for the Clean The Coast Tour to start this weekend! If you're in the area be sure to come lend a hand and come to one of the shows! April 4th Lizotte's, Newcastle April 5th Club Sapphire, Merimbula April 6th Spencer Park, Merimbula April 7th Servo Bar, Port Kembla Details and tickets in my bio link. . . . #beach #beachcleanup #positivemindset #positivemind #merimbula #spencerpark #portkembla #portkemblabeach #cleanthecoast #cleanthecoasttour #familygoals #australianbeaches
Ash Grunwald Apr 01, 2019
Shot and directed by Sunny! This week Lizzotes Newcastle, 4th, Merimbula 5th, beach cleanup 6th, then back to Port Kembla for beach cleanup and gig the servo check out @earthbottles @fairfoodforager @pauljaysway for more details thanks to @tarongablue @surfrider @saphirecoastmarinecentre
Ash Grunwald Mar 30, 2019
Lights out Y'all!! I'n one hour!
Ash Grunwald Mar 28, 2019
Excited to announce I'm hitting the road with Russell Morris on his Black and Blue Heart tour in April & May. I'll be opening the Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide show. Tickets Here:
Ash Grunwald Mar 27, 2019
Whenever I'm able to weave Terrence Mckenna Into a conversation it's a good day! Weaving it into a Soulful Conversations with @Ziggy that gets my froth on. So many insights on modern life from this young brainiac, crooner who shreds on anything from traditional longboards to pointy nose thrusters. Check out our Soulful Conversation Here:
Ash Grunwald Mar 25, 2019
I am stoked to announce the the Clean The Coast Tour is beginning in April! Earth Bottles, myself and Fair Food Forager founder Paul Hellier are hitting the road and we are on a mission to remove as much plastic waste from the Australian coast and waterways as we can. I will be doing a bunch of intimate shows in regional coastal areas and within the same area we will be planning a beach or water way cleanup with other local clean up groups within that town. We can not wait to share all of the details with you soon and more info here:
Ash Grunwald Mar 20, 2019
Wow! I'm starting to feel like a grown up author now! This was taken two days ago at the Leading Edge book conference. Massive thank's to @lexhirst at Pantera Press for sending me down this rabbit hole. The night before I did my reading I couldn't sleep!! This is that uncomfortable feeling I'm chasing in my life these days. Ironically that's one of the many lessons I learned in interviewing the legends in this book. My good mate Dave Rastovich - Rasta was confiding in me how terrified he was back in the day when he would jump up with me at Bluesfest Byron Bay So many amazing stories in this book, and I'm enjoying using the lessons to propel me forward into this next phase of life. Lately I've been loving this little saying from @briodyscholes at Earth Bottles 'I'm a freight train'! The other one I love from GaryVee Video Experience is 'im not fucking around'. A simple but powerful mantra!
Ash Grunwald Mar 19, 2019
#sotrue @babaramdass
Ash Grunwald Mar 18, 2019
Episode 3 is now live with Ziggy Alberts Tune in to iTunes, Spotify or Youtube to listen! Ziggy's wisdom is way beyond his years and I absolutely loved this Soulful Conversation! Listen here:
Ash Grunwald Mar 17, 2019
Thanks to @donna1008 for this pic of last night at Global Beats and Eats. 8k thousand people having a ball. Heaps of kids dancing. Such a great family experience. I loved catching up with Mia Dyson such a great night
Ash Grunwald Mar 14, 2019
Ziggy Alberts is absolutely killing it, playing sold out shows all over the world. Wisdom beyond his years, this was indeed a Soulful Conversation! Listen here:
Ash Grunwald Mar 13, 2019
Tune in to Stir It Up on Double J with Sarah Howells - tonight from 8-10pm. Listen online, on the app, on your TV or digital radio. I'm talking about Soulful Conversions, my book 'Surf by Day, Jam by Night' and the new Album!
Ash Grunwald Mar 12, 2019
📸 Mushroom Creative House
Ash Grunwald Mar 12, 2019
Jamming out with Josh from The Teskey Brothers. Our love for the Delta Blues runs deep.
Ash Grunwald Mar 12, 2019
Exclusive board shorts made from recycled water bottles! Now available from my store:
Ash Grunwald Mar 10, 2019
Haha. @kaseychambersmusic Port Fairy Folk Festival
Ash Grunwald Mar 10, 2019
What a great Port Fairy Folk Festival thanks so much to @kaseychambersmusic for being the legend you are!! This was super fun!
Ash Grunwald Mar 09, 2019
Thanks to all for tonight for the tribute to Chris Wilson. It was a very emotional but warm musical family experience. it’s been too long. I felt honoured to pay my respects to my hero. Here’s a little bit of the ultra talented and spooky chip of the ol block @fennwilson and guitar maestro @carbonfuzz
Ash Grunwald Mar 09, 2019
Thanks David Harris Photography for this shot of this morning Port Fairy Folk Festival I’m reliving some fond memories of my first Port Fairy. I was just along for the ride playing guitar with @just_dannicarr who was doing the festival and ended up guitar texting for Xavier Rudd - Official some great memories. I feel truely blessed to be creating more of them today!! I hope I play this Fest for another 20 years!! #lovinglife #thesearethegoodolddays
Ash Grunwald Mar 09, 2019
Thanks Port Fairy Folk Festival that was fun! Chris Wilson Tribute tonight at 10.30 and 10 am tomorrow stage 1!