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Ash Grunwald at The River (February 15, 2019)
Venue: The River (Margaret River, WA, Australia) Find tickets
Ash Grunwald Dec 11, 2018
Sunny surfed the Bells Bowl today! #proudad #rightofpassage
Ash Grunwald Dec 08, 2018
Beautiful Bells Beach, it's good to be back.
Ash Grunwald Dec 06, 2018
Leaving Bali saying goodbye to each guitar! This is an old one I wrote for @just_dannicarr who's been in Aus on Earth Bottles biz and we're seeing in zero sleeps!! Thanks to Sunny for filming! #byebyebali
Ash Grunwald Dec 05, 2018
Couple more from yesterday on the Jim Banks Surfboards 'Magic Carpet' V bottom keel fin fish. SO fun!! So much projection off the bottom. There really is nothing like a tuned in Keel fin fish for down the line section making and carving bliss!! Ironic that I took a break from my book to get a few waves with Jim and the chapter I was working on was Jim's! The books going well to BTW! The day I interviewed Jim we surfed waves double this size on guns and I got the barrel of my life!! Thanks for everything Banksy!!!
Ash Grunwald Dec 04, 2018
Had a ball with @jimbanksurfboards testing some new boards today. Great signoff for another great year in Bali!
Ash Grunwald Nov 28, 2018
Had an amazing interview with this young legend @jaleesavincent yesterday for the book! #surfer #drummer #artist #epichuman #surfbydayjambynight
Ash Grunwald Nov 28, 2018
Happy Birthday #jimihendrix #thegreatestofalltime
Ash Grunwald Nov 27, 2018
A Massive congrats to now 7 times World Champ Stephanie Gilmore !!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. So amazing to interview her for my book, about how to manifest your dreams in life, and then see her go out and do it...again!! #amazinghuman And she ripps on the guitar as well!!
Ash Grunwald Nov 20, 2018
My wife @just_dannicarr is an inspiration!! (And so is sunny) for organising the kids from @balimotherandbabyhouse to get a term of swimming lessons starting today. Thanks to all of our friends and family who donated so generously. ♥️😍😃👍🏽👍🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼. It's so great for these little kids to get out and such a vital skill, and Maybe they'll end up ripping!!
Ash Grunwald Nov 20, 2018
Got a lot out of recently talking to Coach Dris, inspirational mindset coach and keen surfer. If you want to know about my book and lifestyle check out his latest podcast with me at:
Ash Grunwald Nov 16, 2018
Morning coffee in paradise!! Kids playing in still lagoon while clean 3 footers reel off at Shippies in the background. Time to do some more writing for the book....maybe after a quick paddle! Sorry but I'm going to have to do it...... #blessed
Ash Grunwald Nov 11, 2018
Ash Grunwald Nov 11, 2018
@dangelicony @ianstergram @bullhornbrassband @blackcockatoosurfboards @_uncletio_
Ash Grunwald Nov 11, 2018
Freedom Sounds for armistice Day. Honoured to have @therealkateceberano up with @bullhornbrassband @ianstergram (filming and playing) @blackcockatoosurfboards and @_uncletio_ #megaband #honoured best of luck to @kevinthemix and @ianstergram smashing it out the park with @xavierruddofficial
Ash Grunwald Nov 10, 2018
What a fun gig last night along side the mighty @kaseychambersmusic at @airliebeachfestivalofmusic was honoured to get the message out there to @stopadanimovement #stopadani
Ash Grunwald Nov 06, 2018
Looking forward to playing at Freedom Sounds on Brisbane’s Riverstage this Sunday with Kate Ceberano + Pete Murray. Armistice Day was a momentous day in our history. The end of the First World War. I've had the opportunity over the years to play in Belgium in many towns where a lot of Aussie's lost their lives. I was able to visit many of the First World War museums and see the horror that they went through. I'm stoked to be celebrating this momentous occasion. Limited (free) tickets available at the gate on the day. Details:
Ash Grunwald Nov 06, 2018
Couple of fun clean waves this morning with Ed from @prosurfcoaching_ I lways love surfing people who love to share knowledge. So great to be back on the Island! It has a special place in my heart. Thanks to everyone for that amazing gig last night!! @westernportsanremo has a lot of fun memories for me like having Ben from @booseeka and the @piercebrothersmusic support. These guys are world beaters these days but they're still humble cats. It's inspiring to see. Wishing the same for @steve_cousins_music and @lucafogale
Ash Grunwald Nov 05, 2018
Great little pre gig night surf with @steve_cousins_music love playing at @westernportsanremo #livingthedream
Ash Grunwald Nov 04, 2018
My neice Indigo modelling our new t-shirts! For sale tomorrow at tge @westernportsanremo !!!! And there are waves around for anybody thinking of a trip down to the island!!!!
Ash Grunwald Nov 04, 2018
So great to surf pumping waves in Victoria again on a @garymcneillconcepts Loved it!! for a few waves until a dickhead S.U.P ran me over!! Then I changed to my yeh Olde 6'4 @jimbanksurfboards and had a great session! Actually found a few barrels out there...and many on the head. Mostly it was great to surf clean, open faced waves again!! And my brother and I got a set party wave!! Great to take a surf down memory lane!
Ash Grunwald Nov 03, 2018
On the way down the coast for a 🏄. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be leafing through #thepowerofnow by @eckharttolle at @oliversrealfood at a servo just outside Geelong!!!!
Ash Grunwald Oct 31, 2018
Can't wait for Port Fairy Folk Festival next year. March 9th-11th, 2019. Early Bird Tickets:
Ash Grunwald Oct 30, 2018
Whispering voice. Sorry bout the demon possession eyes! Sookie Lounge Belgrave this week with @thiswaynorth and @alparkinson
Ash Grunwald Oct 29, 2018
Tickets are selling fast for my upcoming intimate shows next month! Stoked to announced if you purchase a ticket you will go in the draw to win a T-Shirt, Cap and Meet & Greet at Soundcheck. Sooki Lounge is happening this Thursday 1st Nov. BUY TICKETS: Ash Grunwald at Sooki Lounge Ash Grunwald at The Westernport Hotel Ash Grunwald at The Jack
Ash Grunwald Oct 27, 2018
Very sad to hear of the passing of one of my all time hero's Tony Joe White. I love his simple, powerful, poignant songwriting. Deep vocals and massive presence. We played the Melbourne Blues and Roots festival in the early 2000's together. It's the only time I've lined up to get my cd signed. And the only time in my whole life that I've been star struck. A few years later I had the honour of supporting him and having a little chat. It meant a lot to me. He was a true original. The Swamp Fox! I was just playing 'Even Trolls Rockn Roll' to my daughter on the end of her bed the other night. I think I played her 'taking the midnight train', which I love doing. I remember @iancollard doing an amazing version when we were doing a duo together back in the day. His style was so hard to define. Blues, singer songwriter, swamp funk, rock, folk, storyteller. Thanks for everything big fella. Your contribution meant the world to me and a lot of us down in Aus. You will be remembered and covered by people all around the world for many years to come.