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Gargantua (With Scott Owen & Andy Strachan From the Living End)
Trouble's Door
Hot Mama Vibes
Live At the Fly By Night
Fish Out of Water
Give Signs
Live at the Corner
I Don't Believe
Ash Grunwald Feb 22, 2019
So stoked to say all of my back catalogue is now available on CD and for the first time ‘Troubles Door’ is available on Vinyl. You can buy copies here:
Ash Grunwald Feb 21, 2019
Wow the feedback has been over the top about this first episode! If you haven’t already checked it out, tune in to the first episode of Soulful Conversations with my special guest John Butler Trio - We’re now live on iTunes podcast too. Listen to the full podcast here:
Ash Grunwald Feb 21, 2019
Here it is, Podcast Number 1, Episode 1. I honestly can't think of a better guest for my first podcast, John Butler Trio. Please listen to this Soulful Conversation and share it. Full Episode Here:
Ash Grunwald Feb 20, 2019
I am so excited to be doing this collaboration with @earthbottles and @fairfoodforager a great app that promotes sustainable cafes and eateries. ・・・ On April 5th I will be performing at Club Sapphire in Merimbula then on April 6th we will be doing a Beach Clean Up. I strongly believe that fun things like this are the way forward and the way to get the message out there about single use plastic. I can’t wait to do more combining of this with gigs and beach clean ups. #earthbottles #ashgrunwald #fairfoodforager #surfrider #merimbula #cleanthecoasttour #australianmarinedebritinitiative #saphirecoast #saphirecoastmarinediscoverycentre #surfriderfoundation #tangaroablue #cleanaustralia
Ash Grunwald Feb 20, 2019
Every day I froth on the Hoff!!! @iceman_hof So much exciting stuff happening right now!!! reading the first draft of my book today after staying up late working on the first episode of soulful conversations with @johnbutlertrio which will be out everywhere tomorrow!!! #positivethinking #johnbutlertrio #wimhofmethod #podcast #newbook #bluesandroots #blues #now #goingdeep #frothing #growthmindset
Ash Grunwald Feb 18, 2019
Back in bali!! Thanks WA!! The shows were epic as always!!!
Ash Grunwald Feb 16, 2019
Dave Hole is Lord!!!!!! Such an original!!Great to play to a blues crowd tonight at the Ravo Blues fest
Ash Grunwald Feb 15, 2019
Joe from @oneoceaninternational we just had a rad soulful conversation about becoming a Waterman and dealing with fear....and the power of the breath...and now for the gig!!!!!!!! Froth!!!!
Ash Grunwald Feb 15, 2019
The 'River' tonight!! Margz!! #frothing #keepaneyout #johnbutlertrio #podcast #positivethinking
Ash Grunwald Feb 13, 2019
This Friday I'm playing at @the_river_pub_margs @bluechildcollective in Margaret River
Ash Grunwald Feb 09, 2019
❤️this from the king From @anonymous_truthseeker
Ash Grunwald Feb 07, 2019
Always amazing seeing @johnbutlertrio live. The Band and new songs were totally awesome but as a guitarist this little number never fails to send my froth levels through the roof! Awsome grooves by @cruisetheday as always too.
Ash Grunwald Feb 07, 2019
My podcast 'soulful conversation's is coming soon but not out yet. here's a link in the description to a recent show I was on with The Body & Mind Coach
Ash Grunwald Feb 07, 2019
Had such a ball catching up with @johnbutlertrio for my first 'soulful conversations'. We went super deep, spoke from the heart and had a laugh. I have a lot of respect for this human #greathuman #podcast #goingdeep #johnbutlertrio #johnbutler
Ash Grunwald Feb 06, 2019
So proud of @just_dannicarr today is the grand opening of the Earth Bottles Eco Store in Torquay. The shop will be open 10am - 2pm with 20% off store wide. Located at 1/12 Castles Drive, Torquay. 🌎🌍🌏
Ash Grunwald Feb 04, 2019
National Steele Camping Cups in the merch store now! They out nice!! Take this little number to your next festival or better still go camping!!! We're getting a whole lot of cool merch ideas happening over the next little while so keep an eye out on the website or sign up to the mailing list. ⚡️💥#merch #campingcup #bluesandroots #blue
Ash Grunwald Feb 02, 2019
Some cool blues tunes for your weekend. Link in my bio. ##spotify #bluesplaylist #blues #deltablues #bluesguitar
Ash Grunwald Jan 30, 2019
A little bit of ye Olde Port Campbell. I fucked it up a bit soz but you get the idea
Ash Grunwald Jan 30, 2019
Gigs in Feb at the river Margz on the 15th. And the Ravo Blues fest 16th!!!! #froth
Ash Grunwald Jan 26, 2019
It would be nice to celebrate this country together. Respect to our indigenous brothers and sisters. #changethedatemate #changethedate
Ash Grunwald Jan 23, 2019
Just under a month until I return to Margaret River to play The River on Friday 15th Feb. Tickets in bio link.
Ash Grunwald Jan 23, 2019
Don't know if I've ever actually talked about our eco company @earthbottles it spang out of @just_dannicarr getting some bottles made for a merch item for me, but has flourished over the past 4 years into successful ethical company that gives a lot back, and seeks to end the use of single use plastic. We do bottles, straws, coffee cups even bamboo toothbrushes! Basically anything you see wash up on the beach in Canggu!!! 2019 is going to be an amazing year for @earthbottles and all ethical companies that share this mission to build a better future for us and our kids.
Ash Grunwald Jan 21, 2019
😀 getting great stuff done on the book. #surfbydayjambynight #thisisgonnabeagreatyear
Ash Grunwald Jan 21, 2019
Heading out the door again back to Australia.. exciting things to annoicne, stay tuned. #surfbydayjambynight
Ash Grunwald Jan 17, 2019
R.I.P to My Hero. Chris Wilson. Whose voice blew my fuckin head off. Every time. When I first got my license and went to see him, when I had the immense privilege of sitting next to him on stage. He prowled the stage like a Lion. His pur as powerful as his immense roar. A gentleman, a mentor, and friend, but most of all always and forever my HERO. Deepest sympathies to @sarah.carroll.104 @fennwilson @_polly.man_