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Believe (feat. Lady B & Ash)
Live on Mars: London Astoria 1997
Little Infinity
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Ash at Cyprus Avenue (December 18, 2018)
Venue: Cyprus Avenue (Cork, Ireland) Find tickets
Ash at Academy (December 19, 2018)
Venue: Academy (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Ash at Limelight (December 20, 2018)
Venue: Limelight (Belfast, UK) Find tickets
Ash Dec 18, 2018
‪THIS WEEK we’re back home playing three Irish shows supported by brand new friend. Limited tickets available for Dublin and Belfast ‬ 18/12 Cork, Cyprus Avenue SOLD OUT 19/12 Dublin, The Academy 20/12 Belfast, The Limelight 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Dec 16, 2018
Tonight it’s our last show (for now) with Indoor Pets at La Maroquinerie #Paris. Be sure to get down early to see them rock your socks off. Stage times: ASH - 8:30pm / Indoor Pets - 7:30pm
Ash Dec 15, 2018
We were joined on stage last night by Ryan McCloskey who was celebrating his stag do in Cologne! What a great sport 🤘🏼 #teenagekicks #fourthmember #ashtag #ashband
Ash Dec 14, 2018
NEWS FL-ASH!! Ash will be playing an intimate acoustic gig at Le Pop Lingerie in Cologne at 1pm. Free entry!! 🤘🏼🎸 Early show tonight at Luxor. The amazing Indoor Pets at 7.20pm and we’re hitting the stage at 8.20pm. #ashtag #ashband #music
Ash Dec 13, 2018
If you weren’t there, then you weren’t there... don’t do it again!!!! Rub-a-dub-dub, #DASHBUB in a pub...lic performance theatre Death By Unga Bunga 📸 Tina Price
Ash Dec 13, 2018
Highlights from last nights show at Parkteatret in #Oslo. Joined onstage by Stian of Death By Unga Bunga to cover ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and then the rest of the #DBUB gang (Sebastian, Ole & Even 😍🤩😍🤩, minus Preben 😢) for ‘Does Your Mother Know’. Antics Galore 🐒🤘🐒🤘 📸 Rebecca Bird
Ash Dec 10, 2018
We're excited to announce that we'll be returning to Camp Bestival next summer! Tickets are on sale now at
Ash Dec 07, 2018
Thanks Berlin for your amazing energy last night!! Tonight we’re in Hamburg at Logo. Get your tickets now 🤘🏼🎸 📷 @lordhagos #ashtag #ashband #tourlife #germany #berlin #hamburg
Ash Dec 07, 2018
We're very excited to announce that we'll be supporting Snow Patrol at Ward Park next May! Tickets go on sale next Friday (14th Dec)
Ash Dec 04, 2018
Tonight we’re in München playing the first of four German shows. Indoor Pets are on stage at 9pm
Ash Nov 29, 2018
EUROPE - our December dates start on Sunday with support from the fantastic Indoor Pets. Tickets 2nd Zurich - 3rd Milan 4th Munich - 6th Berlin 7th Hamburg - 8th Eindhoven 10th Copenhagen - 11th Stockholm 12th Oslo - 14th Cologne 15th Antwerp - 16th Paris 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Nov 24, 2018
Soundcheckin’ at Hard Rock Cafe Bali
Ash Nov 24, 2018
TONIGHT! We're playing Hard Rock Cafe Bali. Get your ticket on BookMyShow Indonesia
Ash Nov 22, 2018
Ash live feed from Club Quattro, Shibuya, coming soon! 🎸🤘🏼
Ash Nov 21, 2018
Thank you so much for hosting us Australia! We had an absolute blast. Now on to our first of two shows in Japan, kicking off tonight at Janus in Osaka. Get your tickets now from🤘🏼🎸 📷 @becca.bird
Ash Nov 20, 2018
Japan shows - Osaka (21st) and Tokyo (22nd). Amazing pixel art courtesy @takekiyo666. Then on to Bali (24th) and Bangkok (27th) 🤘
Ash Nov 19, 2018
‪The Australian shows have been brilliant as always ❤️ We’re sad to leave. Big love to our Aussie fans! This week we’re playing Osaka (21st), Tokyo (22nd), Bali (24th) and Bangkok (27th) 🤘Tickets
Ash Nov 17, 2018
Tune in soon for Ash live at the Factory Theatre, Sydney!
Ash Nov 14, 2018
NOVEMBER - Shows across Australia, Japan, Bali and Bangkok. Tickets at 14/11 Adelaide, Fowlers Live 15/11 Perth, Rosemount 17/11 Sydney, Factory Theatre 18/11 Melbourne, Corner Hotel 21/11 Osaka, Janus 22/11 Tokyo, Club Quattro 24/11 Bali, Hard Rock Cafe 27/11 Bangkok, Live Arena 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Nov 13, 2018
BALI - we’re coming for you! LIVE IN BALI at Hard Rock Cafe Sat, Nov 24 2018 Get your ticket on BookMyShow Indonesia 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Nov 12, 2018
The Flying V has made it to Australia, this baby has racked up a few air miles in it’s time. Brisbane tonight, followed by Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne 🙌
Ash Nov 12, 2018
THIS WEEK - We’re playing five Australian shows! Grab your tickets at Tuesday - Brisbane, The Zoo Wednesday - Adelaide, Fowlers Live Thursday - Perth, Rosemount Saturday - Sydney, Factory Theatre Sunday - Melbourne, Corner Hotel 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Nov 09, 2018
MoustASH - Hey! what’s up? Just lying here in a pile of leaves growing a moustache for Movember to raise money for men’s health. Here’s the link if you’d like to donate. Any donation will be appreciated! 🤵🏻🙏 Globally, more than 1.4M men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. The Movember Foundation is working to halve the number of deaths from prostate cancer by 2030 and I want to help them get there. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Ash Nov 08, 2018
TOUR - We’re heading back to Australia next week! Grab your tickets at 13/11 Brisbane – The Zoo 14/11 Adelaide – Fowlers Live 15/11 Perth – Rosemount 17/11 Sydney – Factory Theatre 18/11 Melbourne – Corner Hotel 📷 Ila Desai
Ash Nov 07, 2018
🇯🇵 JAPAN - Get your tickets now at