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Ásgeir Nov 10, 2018
We’re live now with Between Mountains for our final Straight To Vinyl Session for Iceland Airwaves! Watch here:
Ásgeir Nov 10, 2018
We’re live now: #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 10, 2018
We’ll be going live at 2pm for our final straight to vinyl sessions with BRÍET and Between Mountains! Watch live: You can also watch on RÚV: #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 09, 2018
Straight to Vinyl is live now with Charles Watson at 4pm and Hilang Child at 6pm: #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 08, 2018
We’re live NOW: #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 08, 2018
We’ll be going live at 4pm with the next Straight to Vinyl with JFDR and aYia @ Iceland Airwaves Watch here: We are also live on RÚV: Also live on #Ras2 #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 07, 2018
Straight to Vinyl is live NOW: #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 07, 2018
Ásgeir curates a series of live recording day shows, where he’s invited a select number of acts, Icelandic and international, to record sessions cut live to vinyl and given away exclusively to a handful of very lucky Airwaves ticket holders. The first Straight To Vinyl session starts today at 4pm with Axel Flóvent! Watch LIVE: Also live on RÚV:
Ásgeir Sep 10, 2018
Excited to be premiering my upcoming album by playing two very intimate shows in a beautiful church downtown Reykjavík as a part of Iceland Airwaves 20th celebration in November. I will also be curating a series of day shows, where a selected number of Airwaves acts will record sessions cut live to vinyl at studio Hljóðriti í Hafnarfirði. The vinyls are then given away exclusively to a few lucky guests in attendance. Hope to see you in Iceland this fall for something very special!🍁 Festival website: Get your tickets:
Ásgeir Jul 24, 2018
Hey guys! Come over to Instagram if you want to follow me on a small tour around Iceland. We're playing in a beautiful church in Seyðisfjörður tonight. ⛪️🎤 Insta @asgeirmusic
Ásgeir Apr 20, 2018
Happy Friday, friends. My performance of 'Unbound' on INAS NACHT is being broadcast again tonight from 0.15 am - 1.15am CEST. Tune in!,sendung765294.html
Ásgeir Apr 06, 2018
Thank you Australia, we had a great time! Photo credit: @jacksonloria #asgeir #asgeirmusic
Ásgeir Apr 03, 2018
!ALBUM IN A BOTTLE ANNOUNCEMENT! My Album in a Bottle washed upon a beach on the east coast of Iceland a few days ago and was found by Sigrún Sigurpálsdóttir who now owns this very special album. Congratulations! I recorded the album as part of my Straight to Vinyl project where I recorded 30 x 7" vinyls during a live 24h broadcast on Icelandic National Television and my Youtube channel. Initially, we dropped the album (encased inside a bottle and equipped with a satellite transmitter) in the ocean from a helicopter during the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival last November but after two weeks it stranded on an uninhabited island in Breiðarfjörður on the west coast of Iceland. With the help of a few good men who went to pick up the album and Eimskip who were kind enough to let us put it in on board their container ship Lagarfoss on route to Rotterdam the album then embarked on a new adventure when it was thrown overboard just south of Höfn í Hornarfjörður on November 24th. Since then the album travelled over 5.000 km before washing up on shore, even crossing the arctic circle at one point! You can see the details of the travels here: And here you can see Sigrún and her family opening up the bottle with the album which luckily proved to be whole and not damaged at all: There are still some of those rare 7" vinyls in the world that remain to be hidden for some lucky people to find but on my website you can find a list of all the winners to date and which albums they own: For The Album in a Bottle project we collaborated with engineering firm Verkís Verkfræðistofa, Ævar vísindamaður and Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV. In addition to the fun factor of the project, the aim was to raise awareness on the negative impacts of marine pollution while simultaneously contributing to a scientific study on how winds and currents affect how things drift in the ocean. Big thanks go out to all collaborators and everyone interested in the project. -Ásgeir & team #albuminabottle #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Mar 29, 2018
Australia, I like you. #goodtobeback #bluesfest #beach #asgeir #asgeirmusic
Ásgeir Mar 26, 2018
Pleased to announce that Woodes will be joining me at the Australian recital shows. Last few tickets >>> Who is coming?
Ásgeir Mar 24, 2018
Remember my performance of 'Dreaming' for Mahogany? It's now available to stream & download x Listen here:
Ásgeir Mar 09, 2018
Excited to share this blissful rework of ‘I Know You Know’ by post-classical musician Niklas Paschburg. You can listen here now: And Australia, I'll be seeing you soon.
Ásgeir Feb 17, 2018
My view this morning #draumur
Ásgeir Feb 03, 2018
Going away for a little while. Photo @helgikriss
Ásgeir Feb 02, 2018
Studio time #newmusic
Ásgeir Jan 28, 2018
Don’t forget, tickets for my intimate recital shows at City Recital Hall & Melbourne Recital Centre go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am AEDT! Can’t wait to see you all. TIX + INFO here 👉🏿
Ásgeir Jan 25, 2018
Australia! I'm super excited to be coming back to Sydney and Melbourne for recital shows in April. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Tickets + info here →
Ásgeir Jan 12, 2018
Thank you for having us Berlin! Tune in tonight to watch the full live performance of "Afterglow" on Arte, or catch it online below.
Ásgeir Jan 03, 2018
Ásgeir performing "Head In The Snow" live in studio at Relix Magazine last September.
Ásgeir Dec 15, 2017
Where's the album in the bottle heading? To the Farao Islands, to Scotland or even Norway? #albuminabottle #asgeirstraighttovinyl Verkís Verkfræðistofa RÚV Ævar vísindamaður