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Luna (feat. As Patria)
Hyperborean Land
As Patria May 25, 2018
Here's our version of "Oxygen Swamp" by Induction ! Glad to be on this remix EP alongside great guys like Samuli Kemppi, Zadig, Tadeo and Birth of Frequency !!
As Patria Mar 19, 2018
Ladies and Gentleman, here's the full preview of our remix for our technolovefriend Foreign Material ! Release on his own label NORITE really soon !!
As Patria Mar 08, 2018
Here's our contribution to Foreign Material's EP on NORITE 🌙 : Fat EP for fat Label for fat Guy !!
As Patria Oct 26, 2017
Merci Delighted pour ces doux mots, nous aussi on vous aime ❤️
As Patria Jul 21, 2017
Our remix for Mister Benvol is finally out on Diffuse Reality Records ! Glad to be part of this album alongside the great guys like Antonio Vázquez & Datura Dilema !!
As Patria Jul 05, 2017
An upcoming remix for Benvol on Diffuse Reality Records is coming soon ! Some sweet beats for techno party / after party / pool party (because it's summer) / and other things with party !!
As Patria Apr 17, 2017
Check this amazimodular version of our track "Hyperborean" cooked by the master In Aeternam Vale !!
As Patria Mar 25, 2017
🚨TECHNO LOVE ALERT🚨 We proudly announce that our upcoming release including two versions of modular's master In Aeternam Vale is out on Ravage !! From Amsterdam to Paris to Bordeaux to Lyon ❤
As Patria Mar 21, 2017
.As Patria - Hyperborean Land EP (w/ In Aeternam Vale Versions) [RWS003] .Artwork by Djoa Lekatompessy .Release date: 24th March 2017 .Pre-order:
As Patria Mar 10, 2017
🚨ALERT - ALERT 🚨 Here are the previews of our forthcoming release on our friends' label RAVAGE. It includes two original tracks and two remixes of the one and only In Aeternam Vale ! Out end of march !!
As Patria Feb 09, 2017
Check out our upcoming release on Ravage around 20' ! Release coming 1st of March !!
As Patria Jan 26, 2017
Just heard the preview of our forthcoming release on Ravage including two remixes of In Aeternam Vale. Be ready the 1st of march !
As Patria Oct 04, 2016

As Patria Sep 27, 2016
Thanks to everyone involved in this HUGE party at CONCRETE on Friday night, was a pleasure to warm the woodfloor for Antigone ! After few days to recover we're glad to announce that we're now part of Ravage's family !! For any booking please contact : Website : Contact : [email protected]
As Patria Jul 11, 2016
Here is our latest podcast for Esh. Enjoy this atmospherical and tribal journey !
As Patria Jun 10, 2016
As Patria May 24, 2016
We were playing most of all his tracks, one day we've made one with him. Just for love, unreleased, free listening.
As Patria Apr 18, 2016
Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus au Social Club jeudi dernier, grosse fête !
As Patria Apr 01, 2016
We wish you a nice week-end with our last podcast for our dear friends from Ravage ! The story with us is just beginning...
As Patria Mar 06, 2016
2 ans plus tard mais il fallait du temps pour se remettre de cette BLOCAUS x PRECEPT à La Machine du Moulin Rouge ! Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus et soutenir un des plus gros line-up que nous ayons organisés, et merci aux copains de BLOCAUS c'est toujours un plaisir de faire des trucs avec eux !! En attendons notre prochaine tournée dans les salles des fêtes, voici notre dernier podcast avant le prochain.
As Patria Mar 06, 2016
As Patria's cover photo
As Patria Feb 26, 2016
Le grand jour est arrivé ! BLOCAUS x PRECEPT x La Machine du Moulin Rouge x Techno Timetable Central 00 - 02 : EXAL 02 - 03 : Headless Horseman 03 - 04 : Ugandan Methods (Ancient Methods & Regis) 04 - 07 : AX&P (Perc & Adam X) Chaufferie 00 - 02 : As Patria 02 - 03 : Alexey Volkov (live) 03 - 06 : Korridor (live)
As Patria Feb 17, 2016
As Patria Feb 15, 2016
Un peu tard mais merci à tous ceux qui sont venus au Social Club pour la NYMPHONY RECORDS Winter Session Release Party, c'était coule de retourner là bas après tant d'années ! Prochain rendez-vous le 26 février pour la collab annuelle avec nos amis de BLOCAUS. Pour l'occasion on vous ramène tout ce qu'il se fait de mieux dans la Noise Techno et dans la Deep Techno !! Bon chance. Event : BLOCAUS x PRECEPT : AX&P (ADAM X & PERC), UGANDAN METHODS (ANCIENT METHODS & REGIS), HEADLESS HORSEMAN, KORRIDOR (3 HOURS LIVE) & MORE
As Patria Feb 01, 2016
◊ TOUGH MONDAY ◊ First, here's our last podcast for LUNACY including ambient, deep techno, techno, acid and noise ! Then, you can catch us at Rinse France around 10pm alongside our lovely EXAL who invited us in order to promote the next BLOCAUS x PRECEPT at La Machine :