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Art of Dying
Art Of Dying Dec 10, 2018
Something is coming... #artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Dec 06, 2018
Something is coming... #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Nov 24, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Go to and use offer code AOD44 at checkout to get 44% off your entire order! Only until Nov 26 at 8 PST
Art Of Dying Nov 23, 2018
Black Friday sale!! Everything at is 44% off until nov 26. Use code AOD44 at checkout;))
Art Of Dying Nov 22, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Go to and get 44% off your order when you use offer code AOD44 . Hoodies, beanies, (toques for you Canadians!) signed Cd’s and more!!! Offer ends Nov 26!
Art Of Dying Nov 18, 2018
SNEAK PEEK! “Cut It All Away” from the 2019 full length Cale Gontier talks about the Bass and Vocals in this #BehindTheScenes Vid
Art Of Dying Oct 21, 2018
I spoke with #VoicesInMyHead recently about he new Art of Dying record. Check it out. ~Jonny
Art Of Dying Oct 20, 2018
Voices In My Head
Art Of Dying Oct 16, 2018
I wonder if the NEW Art of Dying record will sound more like the old stuff or more like the last record?? #hmmmm
Art Of Dying Oct 15, 2018
Long nights working on art work for the new record. I love doing this!!
Art Of Dying Aug 17, 2018
Our brothers in Disturbed have released new music! Are you ready??
Art Of Dying Jul 26, 2018
Hello friends and Die Hards. Today I am humbly asking for your help to save our beautiful dog Stevie Nicks Stanley. My wife and I adopted her in Jan and she came with a chronic nasal infection. Trupanion pet insurance has denied our claim (i urge u not to do business with them) and she now requires an invasive procedure to diagnose and treat the issue in her head. Shes doing ok right now but she has her good and bad days. We greatly appreciate any donations and please SHARE this post. Thank you -The Stanleys
Art Of Dying Jul 17, 2018
New music from our friends in OTHERWISE !!
Art Of Dying Jun 29, 2018
Our friends Code Red Riot have just released their new record! What do you think?!
Art Of Dying Jun 12, 2018
SPRING CLEANING SALE at use offer code AOD26 and get 26% off everything!!
Art Of Dying Jun 10, 2018
Tracking vocals all day! #Studio
Art Of Dying Apr 30, 2018
Art Of Dying Apr 23, 2018
Listen to our latest EP on applemusic and all other digital platforms!
Art Of Dying Apr 06, 2018
Nice to see people enjoying our gear!! Send us your pics!
Art Of Dying Mar 20, 2018
The Producer knows wrestling in Las Vegas!
Art Of Dying Mar 19, 2018
Art Of Dying Mar 16, 2018
Do you have our new music on your playlist? #spotify #nevermore #acousticrecord
Art Of Dying Mar 13, 2018
What's your fave Art Of Dying music vid?
Art Of Dying Mar 07, 2018
What a fun record to make! Four voices, an acoustic guitar, a cajon and a piano.
Art Of Dying Feb 25, 2018
The winners of last week's contest are Doug Hamann and Megan Frazier congratulations! You both win a Nevermore hoodie and a cd woo hoo!!:))