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Art of Dying
Art Of Dying Jun 19, 2019
Summer tank tops celebrating the new release of the full length #ARMAGEDDON are in the store at artofdyingmusicdotcom (link below in the comments) We now have unisex so all you dudes can rep;) tanktop #unisex #merchstore #artofdying2019 #artofdying #sideboob
Art Of Dying Jun 18, 2019
Get the new full length album #ARMAGEDDON in our store. We have vinyl! Link to site below
Art Of Dying May 28, 2019
We have vinyl! Order the brand new full length ARMAGEDDON at today!
Art Of Dying May 15, 2019
Winner Announcement! David Bahle Vincent Daniel Garcia and Killian Laws were the first 3 to comment the correct lyrics from 0:29 in #CutItAllAway! #Congrats. Message Tavis Stanley with your mailing information!
Art Of Dying May 13, 2019
Listen to brand new song #CutItAllAway on this cool playlist! #NuJavlar
Art Of Dying May 08, 2019
We have vinyl now at ! PRE ORDER the new full length LP ARMAGEDDON today
Art Of Dying May 07, 2019
What does Jonny whisper at 0:29 on the new song Cut It All Away? Signed poster to the first 3 correct answers! #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying May 06, 2019
PreSale On now! get your #Armageddon gear for the summer direct from the band. Signed Vinyl and CDs too!
Art Of Dying May 05, 2019
Thanks The MARR Army Rock Show Our new Song #CutItAllAway is charting on the show!! . #NewSong #ArtofDying2019 #AlbumOutSoon!
Art Of Dying May 04, 2019
Diehards the wait is almost over!! The new full length album ARGMAGEDDON is now available for pre sale at Get signed bundles and more! #armageddon #artofdying2019
Art Of Dying May 04, 2019
Changing of the guard! For years now, Get Thru This and Die Trying have been our most popular songs... but today Tear Down The Wall has surpassed both on Spotify! Creeping up on 10 Million streams! Thanks for listening!!
Art Of Dying Apr 23, 2019
Listen to #CutItAllAway on the #RockHard Spotify playlist! Allison Hagendorf spins the best tunes!
Art Of Dying Apr 21, 2019
New Song #CutItAllAway featured on the #NewMusicFriday playlist Thanks Spotify #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Apr 20, 2019
NEW SONG out now! #CutItAllAway #ArtOfDying2019 Streaming everywhere now
Art Of Dying Feb 08, 2019
Proud to unveil the album art for Armageddon, the new full length record from @artofdying! We commissioned New York City artist Stefano Losi to paint Pharaoh Thutmose III for the cover. Thutmose lead the 15th Century BC Battle Of Megiddo (Armageddon) 1481 BC - 1425 BC (age 56) Buried in The Valley Of Kings Official Release Date Coming Soon...
Art Of Dying Feb 08, 2019
Art Of Dying - Armageddon - Pharaoh painting by Stefano Losi Release date to follow
Art Of Dying Feb 08, 2019
The 7th Studio Album from @ArtofDying is called... #Armageddon! #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Feb 07, 2019
The #AlbumTitle is coming in the next one!! Album Art Reveal #ArtOfDying2019
Art Of Dying Feb 07, 2019
Thanks to all who #pledged to help this album come to fruition! Some of you received the CD in the mail this week! #CoreSupporters #MuchLove
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2019
Can u guess who this is? #ArtofDying2019
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2019
Album Art Reveal #ArtOfDying2019
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2019
Any guesses? #Artofdying #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2019
If you received a copy in the mail today.... you already know! #spoileralert
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2019
Now that the #SuperBowl is over... Album Art Reveal! #Artofdying2019
Art Of Dying Jan 27, 2019
Hey diehards, so the time is come to mail out the new CDs any day now from the pledge campaign. If you have moved in the last two years you might want to message me your new address, otherwise expect a package soon !!! -Tavis